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Chapter 593: Really Panicked

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Xue Fanxin got dragged by the tree vine. At first, she was only pulled to the ground, but later, she was hauled underground. She tried to struggle, but it was futile. She even thought of using the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel’s space to escape but nothing. All the spirit energy in her body was sealed, and she could not open the space.

Although entering the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel was only a matter of thought, it required a little spirit energy to open the spatial rift. If all the spirit energy in her body was sealed, the portable space in her body would be rendered useless.

“Damn it, let go of me.” Xue Fanxin was pulled underground. Her body rubbed against the ground countless times, and many places were badly mutilated. It was extremely painful, but she did not have the time to care about this. She grabbed quite a few things along the way, wanting to stop herself. However, her strength was ultimately no match for the tree vines. Instead, her hands were covered in blood injuries.

She had a feeling that if things continued like this, she would definitely die.

With all her spirit energy sealed, not only was she unable to open the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, but she was also unable to summon the Xue You Flute…

All the power in her body seemed to be locked by another stronger force. She could not do anything.

Xue Fanxin realized that a huge morning glory was opening its mouth at her. She could see many sharp teeth. Something instantly appeared in her mind: a man-eating flower.

If she could not escape, she would definitely be eaten by this huge man-eating flower.

Just as she was feeling helpless, a purple light flew over and pierced through the vines around her ankles. However, her body continued to move forward due to inertia. Inches away from the mouth of the man-eating flower, she fell into a firm and warm embrace.

Immediately after, the huge flower was killed by a purple bolt of lightning.

Although Ye Jiushang had arrived in time to save Xue Fanxin, he still had lingering fear and blamed himself. “Xin’er, let me see if your injuries are serious.”

In his guilt, he lost some of his usual steadiness. His panic was obvious.

How could he not panic though?

He had thought that nothing in the Yunling Mountain Range could exceed his control, but he then sensed that there was a huge creature here that Xin’er could not deal with. He rushed over.

Despite hurrying over, the person in his arms was covered in injuries, all caused by his negligence. His heart ached, and he blamed himself.

“Ah Jiu, I’m fine. These are just scratches.” Xue Fanxin did not want Ye Jiushang to be too worried. No matter how painful her injuries were, she pretended that they did not hurt. However, it was too painful, foiling her attempts to hide it.

How could Ye Jiushang not see how serious Xue Fanxin’s injuries were? Without hesitation, he took out a top-grade pill and brought it to her mouth. “Take it.”

Xue Fanxin was an alchemist and more or less knew a little about pills. She was shocked to see the pill. “Ah Jiu, what pill is this? It looks very high-grade.”

“I’ll tell you after you eat it.” Ye Jiushang knew that Xue Fanxin could not bear to eat it. He stuffed the pill into her mouth.

No matter how precious this pill was, it was not as important as his Xin’er.

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