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Chapter 612: Not Being a Weakling

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Ye Jiushang did not declare his wealth to her. In fact, even he did not know very well. He only had a rough idea.

“You only need to know that you won’t lack money here. Don’t always spend your time on that. The most important thing for you now is to work hard to increase your strength. Otherwise, I’ll have to pave the way for you. Although I don’t mind it, is this what you want?”

Xue Fanxin shook her head. “No. I want to walk my own path. In the future, I must become someone who can fight alongside you.”

She did not want to be a weakling who always hid behind men and needed protection.

“Then work hard at cultivation. Don’t think about money all day. When you have strength and ability, money will naturally be easy to obtain.”



“Since Ah Jiu says so, I have to work hard. Ah Jiu, there’s something I have to tell you.”

“About the Consort Dowager?”

“How did you know?” Xue Fanxin was shocked. She was speechless at his intelligence.

She had yet to say anything, but he had already guessed it. This guy was too smart.

“If I didn’t even know this, how could I have gotten to where I am today? Even if I don’t have high hopes for her recovery, I still understand her. Even if she is sick, it won’t be so serious. At the very least, her condition wouldn’t deteriorate so quickly. Did you discover anything when you treated the Consort Dowager today?”

“Consort Dowager Jing’s pulse looks weak, but there’s actually nothing wrong. The reason she’s unconscious is that she was given a slow poison. This poison won’t be fatal. It will only cause people to fall into a long-term coma and only die when their bodily functions are exhausted. It can’t be discovered by ordinary doctors. The victim will appear to be extremely weak, so ordinary doctors will prescribe some nourishing prescriptions to deal with it.”

If she had not done some research on poisonous things, it would be very difficult for her to discover that Consort Dowager Jing’s coma was caused by poison.

This was a serious matter. At that time, the emperor and empress were both present, so she did not tell the truth, choosing to disclose it in private.

Ye Jiushang was not surprised by the truth. He looked like he had expected it. “It’s not much different from what I guessed.”

“Ah Jiu, what do you think the person who poisoned Consort Dowager Jing is up to? They poisoned her but don’t want her life. They only made her fall into a coma. What’s the point of doing this?”

“The advantage is that they can lure me out.”


Everyone in the Ye Dynasty knew about his relationship with Consort Dowager Jing. She was not a threat to anyone. If someone wanted to harm her, their goal must be him.

“Lure you out for what?” Xue Fanxin asked in confusion. She felt that the poisoning of Consort Dowager Jing was not simple.

“No matter what they want to do, I won’t fall into their trap. I’ll make them regret it. Alright, I’ll deal with the Consort Dowager myself. I’ll take you to your living quarters now.” Ye Jiushang pulled Xue Fanxin’s hand again and walked towards the inner courtyard.

A man in a black robe suddenly appeared. He knelt on one knee and reported, “Master, a phenomenon has appeared in the Moon Burial Ridge, attracting the attention of many factions. All the large families and sects have sent people to investigate. The royal family has also started to take action.”

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