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Chapter 687: 687 Rock Army

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687 Rock Army

Xue Fanxin did not know what the red beam of light was. Her intuition told her that it was extremely dangerous, so she dodged it and reminded her companions. “Get out of the way. Don’t get hit by the light.”

Heiyao and Heiran were experienced people and were quite agile. Furthermore, they were prepared, so with the reminder they quickly dodged the red beams.

There was no need to mention Little Lei. He could easily dodge the red beams.

However, what happened next was unexpected.

In the beginning, there was only one rock monster and one red beam. No matter how fast it was, it was not a problem.

However, a few more rock monsters appeared in the surroundings. Their numbers kept increasing. From the original one, two, three, to finally ten, there was a huge commotion. Presumably, other rock monsters were approaching.

“Your Highness, there are too many rock monsters. Let’s retreat.” Heiyao wanted to protect Xue Fanxin, but he was unable to. The speed at which those rock monsters shot out red beams was too fast. They could also launch attacks. Every punch and kick carried destructive power, and it was not something that humans could resist. Therefore, they could only avoid a head-on confrontation.

However, dodging like this could only keep them safe. They could not do anything else.

Little Lei was the one with the greatest brute force among them. He failed to defeat a rock monster with his full strength and could not even injure it. Instead, he had beaten his hand until it hurt. It could be seen how powerful their foes were.

They had never dealt with the rock monsters before. They thought that with their ability, as long as they joined hands, they should be able to defeat them. Now, it seemed like they were dreaming.

“Your Highness, these rock monsters are too powerful and their numbers are increasing. If we don’t retreat to the sandstone pit, I’m afraid it will be dangerous,” Heiyao advised Xue Fanxin.

Heiran realized that the situation was serious and advised her, “Your Highness, there are five more rock monsters over there. Let’s withdraw.”

“You guys leave. I’ll stay.” Xue Fanxin nimbly scuttled among the dozen or so rock monsters, evading their red beams and attacks. She was almost hit a few times, and she also attacked the rock monsters many times, but it was useless. Even the Reverse Spirit Art didn’t do anything.

This rock monster was extraordinarily hard. It was even harder to fight than the Asura sacrificial soldiers from before.

The Asura sacrificial soldiers could not be killed, but they could be knocked down. These rock monsters were practically undefeatable.

The rock monsters seemed to have sensed something. The rock monsters that were running around everywhere knew that something was going on here, so they all rushed over, causing their numbers to swell. The rock monster army was densely packed, with at least tens of thousands of them.

“Your Highness, let’s go.” Heiyao couldn’t care less. He rushed in front of Xue Fanxin and ordered Heiran, “Take the consort away.”

Heiran knew the seriousness of the matter. The most important thing now was to protect Xue Fanxin. She listened to Heiyao’s orders and planned to forcefully take her away.

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