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Chapter 784: 784

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784 Strange

Guan Xiaoyan took a taxi home. The moment he entered, he saw his mother and Guan Miaoyan. Because Xue Fanxin had mentioned Guan Miaoyan previously, Guan Xiaoyan had specially paid attention to her when he returned. He accidentally noticed that Guan Miaoyan actually revealed a shocked expression when she saw him, as if she was very shocked that he had returned.

“Guan Miaoyan, don’t you usually go out to shop and drink tea with your friends at this time? Why do you have time to sit at home with my mother?”

“I…” Guan Miaoyan was about to explain, but Mother Guan interrupted him. “You brat, how can you speak to your sister like that? Your sister is worried about you. She was the one who told me what happened at the Seaview Villa and asked me to call and ask if you’re okay!”

When Mother Guan saw that her son had returned safely, all her worries were gone. At this moment, her head was filled with words for Guan Miaoyan.


“Mother, it’s okay. I’m relieved to see that Xiaoyan is safe.” Guan Miaoyan acted like a good sister, but if you looked carefully, you could tell that her expression was a little strange.

Guan Xiaoyan did not have a good impression of Guan Miaoyan to begin with, especially after seeing her shocked expression just now. The more he looked at her, the more he felt that there was something wrong with her. Hence, he did not respond to his mother for the time being. Instead, he continued to ask Guan Miaoyan, “You never cared if I was okay in the past. Why have you become so kind today?”

“Xiaoyan, what nonsense are you talking about? I’ve always cared about you. It’s just that you have some prejudice against me, your elder sister, so…”

“Stop. I’m not related to you by blood, so please don’t try to build a relationship.”

“Rascal, what nonsense are you talking about? Quickly apologize to your sister. She is my acknowledged daughter, so she is your sister. You are not allowed to speak to your sister like this in the future.” Mother Guan reprimanded Guan Xiaoyan again, her attitude clearly biased towards Guan Miaoyan.

Guan Miaoyan still acted like a good sister and spoke up for Guan Xiaoyan. “Mother, forget it. Xiaoyan must have encountered something unhappy outside and is in a bad mood, that’s why he’s like this.”

“Can he flare up at others just because he’s in a bad mood? Rascal, quickly apologize to your sister, or I’ll skin you alive.”

“Mother, am I your biological son or not? Do you know how much I’ve encountered outside recently? On the way home just now, I almost died. You only have Guan Miaoyan in your heart and eyes. You never cared about my life. Alright, you only want this daughter, right? Then I’ll leave. I’ll leave, okay?” In a rage, Guan Xiaoyan slammed the door and left. The more he thought about it outside, the more aggrieved he felt. He felt very disappointed, and his eyes were sore.

He had already been frightened out of his wits after escaping death a few times. He had thought that he would be able to obtain some warmth when he returned home, but he had not expected this outcome.

He was a man. He was not allowed to cry.

“Little Meow, I’ll treat you to fish next time. We can’t stay in this family anymore. Let’s go back to the villa first. To be honest, I don’t feel safe anywhere now. Apart from being with Ye Jiu and Fanjiu, only the two of them can give me a sense of security.”

“Meow…” The white cat glanced at Guan Xiaoyan disdainfully.

You, the Young Master of the Guan family, are doing too badly.

After Guan Xiaoyan left the house, his heart was very heavy. However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Why did the people who had assassinated him know his whereabouts so well?

For example, the assassination attempt on his way home, not many people knew he was going home today. Apart from Ye Jiu and Fanjiu, only his mother knew. How did those people who wanted to kill him get the news?

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Right, there was another person who knew. That person was Guan Miaoyan.


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