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Chapter 79: Strike First

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Xue Fanxin left after finalizing her deal with Gu Jinyuan. Putting on her veil again, she walked in the opposite direction of the Duke’s Estate. When she reached a deserted alley, she changed her clothes and swaggered out, successfully returning to her home.

At the same time and in a different place, some people would not be so successful.

Yan Jinlu had originally wanted to intercept and kill Xue Fanxin outside the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, but he was dragged to a corner by a group of people and beaten up. Those guys were strong. His men in the Spirit Building Realm were just small fries, easily suppressed.

“Ah… save me! Stop fighting, stop fighting. I’m the Third Young Master of the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate. Don’t hit me.” Yan Jinlu had one of his legs and hands broken. There were no fewer than twenty wounds of all sizes on his body, having suffered the most among everyone. He was beaten until he was on his last breath.

Why was he so unlucky recently?


Those people left after crippling Yan Jinlu and returned to the Heavenly Treasures Trading Company.

A man in black clothes walked up to Gu Jinyuan and said respectfully, “Young Master, I’ve already done as you instructed and dealt with Yan Jinlu and the others. He will be lying in bed for at least three months.”

“Ah Wei, I met a very interesting girl.” Gu Jinyuan held the prescription in his hand and hid it like it was a treasure. He recalled Xue Fanxin’s words and smiles just now, and they all tugged at his heart.

So even he had moments when his heart was moved.

“Has Young Master met someone he fancies?” Ah Wei asked expressionlessly. After thinking about it, he continued, “Young Master, don’t forget that Miss Hai Lan is your fiancée. This marriage was personally set up by the Gu and Hai family’s ancestors. Unless she cancels the marriage first, you must marry Miss Hai Lan.”

When Gu Jinyuan heard his so-called engagement, his brows furrowed tightly. His exquisite facial features contorted to reveal a disgusted expression. However, he quickly recovered his composure. No matter how much he disliked it, he still acted like it was a small matter and said coldly, “Pass down my orders. Hide the news that I met with a doctor in the Nanling Empire. If anyone dares to spread this news, claim their life.”

“Yes.” Ah Wei did not know what Gu Jinyuan was doing, but he had always obeyed his Young Master’s orders.

Gu Jinyuan did not care what Ah Wei thought. He looked at the prescription in his hand and could not bear to give it to his subordinates. In the end, he decided to personally get the herbs.

If Xue Fanxin could really let him live, then he would definitely pursue the life he wanted and not be a sacrifice to the family.

When Gu Jinyuan gave the orders, he did not know that his every move was seen by someone.

From the moment Xue Fanxin arrived at the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company with a mask on, Ye Jiushang had been following her secretly. When she left, he did not go with her. Instead, he continued observing Gu Jinyuan.

Sigh, his future consort was really capable of causing trouble. She had given him another love rival. And this one was not simple at all.

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But so what?

As long as he struck first, it would be useless even if Gu Jinyuan poked a hole in the sky.

It seemed like he had to work harder to charm that little girl over and win her heart as soon as possible. He couldn’t let anyone else get there first.

“Little girl, you really make me worry!”

The woman he, Ye Jiushang, had set his sights on, even the emperor could not dream of snatching her. Otherwise, he would destroy the heavens..

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