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Chapter 795: 795

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795 Villa Battle (3)

Guan Xiaoyan increased his speed and stepped on the accelerator. The car behind him had difficulty catching up, though he had no choice but to stop the car when he reached the entrance of the Azure Ox Villa.

More than ten cars suddenly appeared outside the door of the Azure Ox Villa. They blocked Guan Xiaoyan’s car and fired crazily.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Guan Xiaoyan’s car instantly became a hornet’s nest. The glass in the car shattered, and a good car had already been scrapped.

“Madam, this… this firepower is too powerful.” Guan Xiaoyan lay below the steering wheel of the car and hid, not daring to move. His body was covered in shattered glass, and he was panicking.

Xue Fanxin, on the other hand, sat there without moving. She stroked the little white cat in her arms as if nothing had happened and stared straight at the person who had shot at her.

Xu and Yang were sitting in a car, and with them was Guan Miaoyan.

Guan Miaoyan was currently staring fixedly at Xue Fanxin. Although she was a little far away, she recognized at a glance that the person sitting in the car with Guan Xiaoyan was the ‘little girl’ who had embarrassed her in the ice cream shop.

“Why is it her?”

“You know her?” Xu asked.

“Not exactly. I only saw her once,” Guan Miaoyan replied unhappily. Seeing that Xue Fanxin was still sitting in the car safely, she scolded angrily, “What are your subordinates doing? They shot so many times but couldn’t get rid of the two people in the car. They’re simply good-for-nothings. No wonder so many assassination attempts couldn’t get rid of Guan Xiaoyan. It turns out that your subordinates are all useless.”

When Yang heard Guan Miaoyan’s insults, he was very displeased. He wanted to retort, but he was stopped by Xu. “Since Miss Guan is so dissatisfied with us, why don’t you do it yourself and see the outcome?”

Xu handed his gun to Guan Miaoyan.

Guan Miaoyan looked at the gun Xu handed her and was a little nervous. However, when she thought of the Guan family’s assets, she had no choice but to be ruthless. She held the gun and aimed at the car in front of her. She casually fired two shots to strengthen her courage, then aimed at the person in the car and fired.

Xue Fanxin sat in the car and did not move. She clearly saw Guan Miaoyan shoot at her. She smiled coldly and said to Guan Xiaoyan, who was hiding under the car, “Guan Miaoyan is right across from you. If you want to expose her true colors, you’d best leave some evidence now, lest she talks black into white again.”

When Guan Xiaoyan heard Xue Fanxin’s words, he raised his head slightly to look forward. Perhaps because he had already awakened his spirit, his vision was much better than before. Even from afar, he could clearly see Guan Miaoyan sitting in a car and firing at him.

“That damned Guan Miaoyan. She actually wants me to die. Then make her die too.” Guan Xiaoyan took out his phone and turned on the recording first. Then, he dialed his father’s number. The moment the call connected, he said, “Dad, don’t hang up. Listen carefully.”

When Father Guan received his son’s strange call, he thought that his son was joking with him. Just as he was about to hang up, he heard gunshots coming from the phone. This made him extremely anxious.

“Little Yan, what’s going on with you?”

“Father, Guan Miaoyan wants to kill me. If you don’t believe me, listen carefully.”

“Your sister wants to kill you? How is that possible? What are you doing?”

“Dad, I know you don’t believe me, so listen carefully and see what the good daughter you raised is like.” Guan Xiaoyan did not waste his breath on his father anymore. Instead, he shouted at the person in front of him, “Guan Miaoyan, it was indeed you, a slut, who wanted to kill me. You’re the only one who knows that I came to the Azure Ox Villa. Also, you must have revealed my whereabouts during the pursuit, right?”


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