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Chapter 807: 807

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807 I Have the Say

Father Guan was not in the mood to care about Guan Xiaoyan’s feelings now. He only knew that he had lost a lot of face. He thought to himself, Even if Guan Miaoyan was wrong, only he could deal with her. No one else had the right, or they would not give him face.

“Shut up. No matter what your sister did wrong, it’s not up to an unrelated outsider to deal with her, let alone someone with an unknown background and impure motives.”

“Father, how can you say that? Mistress has saved my life time and time again. She… she’s not an ordinary person. In the beginning, Master and Mistress were unwilling to care about me at all. I was the one who pestered them. What motive could they have? I was almost killed by Guan Miaoyan today, do you know that?” Guan Xiaoyan repeatedly emphasized that he had almost been killed by Guan Miaoyan today, in order to attract her father’s attention and hope that he could focus more on her.

However, the outcome still disappointed him.


“Aren’t you fine now? As long as you’re fine. What else do you want? Do you want me to kill your sister in front of so many people? I said that this is an internal matter of the Guan family. I’ll deal with it when we get home. Why won’t you listen? How long are you going to cause trouble with your supposed Mistress before you stop?”

Being scolded by Father Guan, Guan Xiaoyan’s heart felt like it had been cut by a knife. The pain was unbearable, and something in his heart had once again been cut apart little by little before finally shattering.

This was his father, his biological father. A father who didn’t even care about his life.

Which parent did not dote on their child like a treasure now?

But his parents…

Actually, he knew very well that his father hated him more than he loved him. After all, before his grandfather passed away, he had let him inherit the Guan family’s assets. Logically speaking, these belonged to his father and would only belong to him in a few decades.

To put it bluntly, his father loved money more than he loved him.

Father Guan did not know how completely he had hurt Guan Xiaoyan. After scolding him, he ignored him and started to bombard Xue Fanxin. “Stop right now, or don’t blame me for being impolite. Guan Miaoyan is a member of my Guan family. It’s not up to an outsider like you to deal with her.”

Xue Fanxin put away the silver needles on Guan Miaoyan’s head and stood up to look at Father Guan, but she did not speak to him. She only smiled coldly and said to Guan Xiaoyan, “Xiaoyan, you’re the real master of the Guan family, right?”

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When Guan Xiaoyan heard Xue Fanxin’s words, he was slightly stunned. Then, he came to a realization. “Yes, I’m the real master of the Guan family. I have the final say in everything in the Guan family.”

All the Guan family’s assets were under his name. This was something that his grandfather had already done when he was alive. Furthermore, his grandfather had left many backup plans. Therefore, even if he had ignored the Guan family’s assets all these years, his father had no way of transferring them to his name.

Perhaps his grandfather had made such a decision when he was alive because he knew his son too well.

When Father Guan heard Guan Xiaoyan’s cold words, he felt very uneasy and asked anxiously, “Xiaoyan, what nonsense are you talking about again?”

He Huahao, who had been silent, suddenly said, “He’s not talking nonsense. He’s telling the truth, because he is the owner of the Guan family’s assets. Everything in the Guan family is under his name, so he is the real owner of the Guan family.”

“He Huahao, you have no right to speak here. Shut up.”

“The person who really has no right to speak is you. I originally thought that the old master of our He family was disgusting enough, but I didn’t expect you to be even more disgusting than him. Your son has been repeatedly pursued and almost died a few times. And after you came to the scene, you didn’t care about your son but grabbed onto everything that was unimportant and refused to let go. How ridiculous.”

“Shut up.” Father Guan was exasperated. He was so angry that his face was filled with violence. He raised his hand and slapped someone’s face.


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