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Chapter 821: 821

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821 Dreaming

The Black Shadow Guards, the Purple Cloud Tower, and the Nine Cloud Palace had been busy looking for Xue Fanxin recently. They thought that the Ninth Lord was still in seclusion, so they only looked for Xue Fanxin.

Even if they were busy looking for someone, they were still paying attention to the people and things they needed to pay attention to. Therefore, what happened in the Imperial City did not escape their eyes.

As part of the five leaders of the Black Shadow Guards, Heiran and Heiyue knew more internally than ordinary people, so they knew a little about what had happened in the Imperial City recently, so they told Xue Fanxin all of this.

That day, after the Grand Preceptor’s wife went to the Purple Cloud Tower to buy detailed information about the consort, she crazily spread it to the outside world, letting everyone in the Imperial City know that the consort was only a lowly person from the secular world and had no right to be the noble Ninth Consort of the Ninth Lord’s Estate.


Not only that, but the news that the Consort was stupid and useless had also spread like wildfire. Even the Consort’s identity as a collateral relative of the Xue family had been dug out. However, forty years ago, the Consort’s biological grandfather had already been driven out of the Xue family, so she had nothing to do with the Xue family now.

However, just as the negative rumors about the Consort were everywhere, the four great clans and those who had come out of the desert immediately stepped forward to clarify these rumors. Therefore, the people in the Imperial City were even more curious about the Ninth Consort.

Because the people from the four great clans had all stepped forward, everyone was more inclined to the four great clans. As a result, the Grand Preceptor’s wife’s plan was stillborn and she was still depressed in the residence.

The Grand Preceptor’s wife had spent 80 million crystal coins to buy detailed information about Xue Fanxin in order to ruin her reputation and let everyone in the Imperial City know that Xue Fanxin had no right to be the Ninth Imperial Consort. However, unexpectedly, the four great clans had appeared for no reason, and there were also those messy factions. They were all talking about how powerful Xue Fanxin was and how brave she was, saying that Xue Fanxin was completely qualified to be the Ninth Imperial Consort.

Such an outcome almost angered the Grand Preceptor’s wife to death.

As for the Ouyang family, after it was revealed that the interspatial ring revealed contained condensate iron, they only heard that Master Ouyang was enraged, but there was no more news. The Black Shadow Guard asked around and found out that Master Ouyang was extremely disappointed in Ouyang Xiangxiang and dispelled the idea of letting her be his successor. Then, he entered seclusion and announced to the public that he would not see anyone, not even his family.

Ouyang Xiangxiang had completely fallen out of favor with the Ouyang family. Because of the condensate iron, not only had she been reviled by the Ouyang family, but she had also been despised by many people. Now, she hid in her room every day and did not dare to come out.

The originally high and mighty proud daughter of heaven instantly fell to the bottom of the valley and became a rat that everyone hated. No one dared to easily show themselves.

At this moment, Ouyang Xiangxiang was in her room, trying her best to turn things around. However, without Master Ouyang’s support, she had nothing. Even her daily food, shelter, and transportation were a problem.

“Why did things become like this? Wasn’t there nothing wrong with the interspatial rings that were sold previously?”

“Miss, previously, the Ouyang family cooperated with the Golden Sea Pavilion and placed everything in the Golden Sea Pavilion for auction. However, as the Purple Cloud Tower became more and more famous, it had already surpassed the Golden Sea Pavilion. Therefore, the family head decided to put this work in the Purple Cloud Tower for display and sale. Unexpectedly, there was an expert in the Purple Cloud Tower who could tell at a glance that the ring contained condensate iron, so…” Ouyang Xiangxiang’s maidservant had already investigated the matter clearly, so she dared to speak in front of Ouyang Xiangxiang now.

She actually knew what her Miss had done. If not for the condensate iron, how could her Miss have caught Master Ouyang’s eye?

Unfortunately, good times did not last long. In just a few months, the matter had already been exposed.

“Purple Cloud Tower… Investigate that Purple Cloud Tower properly.”

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“Miss, even the Ye royal family doesn’t have the ability to investigate the Purple Cloud Tower. How can I have the ability?”

“Then think of a way for me… Forget it. It’s useless to count on you. I’ll do it myself. No matter how powerful that Purple Cloud Tower is, I’ll teach them a lesson.”

She had transmigrated from Earth. Could it be that she was afraid of the dirt here?

It was written in the books that people like her who had survived a calamity and transmigrated to another world were all dragons and phoenixes among men. In the future, they would definitely shine brightly and meet an incomparably peerless and powerful man.

However, she did not know when that man would appear.

Ouyang Xiangxiang did not believe that she would lose her composure just like that. She had always thought that one day, she would become a supreme person, so she started to often fantasize. Now, she was daydreaming again.


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