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Chapter 830: 830

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830 A Storm in the Kitchen (3)

Chunying and Chunhong were provoked by Xue Fanxin’s words again and again. Their anger grew stronger and stronger, and they completely forgot their true identities. They completely treated themselves as the consorts and concubines of the Ninth Lord’s Estate, and their words became even more arrogant and domineering.

“Hmph, who is the Ninth Lord? How can a man like him only dote on one woman in his life? Furthermore, that Ninth Imperial Consort was not officially married to the Lord at all. She has never even been married. What kind of Ninth Imperial Consort is she? If the Lord really liked that woman, he would have married her long ago. Although he announced to the public that she was the Ninth Imperial Consort, it was only verbal. When the Lord denies it one day, she will be nothing.”

“How did you know that the Lord did not officially marry the Ninth Imperial Consort? They met in the secular world’s Nanling Empire. Perhaps they have already gotten married there?” When Xue Fanxin heard Chunying and Chunhong’s words, she was indeed a little depressed, but it was only a little.

If she really wanted a wedding, Ah Jiu would definitely give it to her. Furthermore, he would give her a grand wedding.

Unfortunately, she did not want to hold this wedding too quickly, because she knew that be it her or Ah Jiu, they would never remain in the Ye Dynasty in the future.

If possible, she wanted to find her parents before her wedding.

However, if her parents could not be found after a long time, she could not keep delaying Ah Jiu, so when the time came, she would marry him.

Cough, cough… Has she gone too far?

How could Chunying and Chunhong know what Xue Fanxin was thinking? They were still talking arrogantly. “The news of the Ninth Imperial Consort being from the secular world and the Tongxuan Realm has long spread throughout the entire Imperial City. Although we don’t know why the four great clans are on the Consort’s side, her lowly status is an irreversible fact.”

“If even a lowly status like the Ninth Imperial Consort can become the Ninth Lord’s main consort, then why can’t we be his secondary consorts and concubines?”

This thought was not wrong.

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Furthermore, it was not only Chunying and Chunhong who had such thoughts. Now, anyone who had the chance to come into contact with Ye Jiushang, even if they were lowly maidservants, would have such thoughts.

Since even a lowly person from the secular world could enter the Ninth Lord’s eyes, they had grown up in the Mystic Realm and their statuses were even higher than the emperors of the secular world. Why couldn’t they enter the Ninth Lord’s eyes?

As long as they could become the Ninth Lord’s women, forget about consorts and concubines, they were even willing to wash the toilet bowl and pour the chamber pot for the Ninth Lord.

Xue Fanxin had been in the bamboo forest the entire time, and she had just returned to the Tongxuan Continent last night. She did not know much about what was going on outside. Although she had learned from Heiran and Heiyue last night that her background had been spread by the wife of the Grand Preceptor’s Estate, she had not known that this matter would actually cause another problem.

Could it be that because of her lowly background, other women thought that they had a chance to become Ah Jiu’s woman?

What kind of logic was that?

Were these women’s brains made of tofu?

They had no brains at all.

If Ah Jiu really only cared about status, why would he come all the way to the secular world to look for a woman? There were many noble women in the Imperial City.

This confirmed a saying: Women in love are idiots.

Xue Fanxin was no longer in the mood to play with these two stupid maidservants. She stored all the ingredients on the table in her space and instructed the person beside her, “Uncle Hao, I’ll see if there’s anything missing later.”

“Alright…” Uncle Hao was about to answer Xue Fanxin, but he was interrupted before he could finish.

“Hao, didn’t you say that the Rank Five demonic beast meat belonged to the consort? Why did you let this woman take it all?”


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