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Chapter 835: 835

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835 Gathering Banquet (2)

The moment Xue Fanxin left, Ye Jiushang stood up and followed, looking very willing.

Heilong, Hai Feng, and Zimo saw this and looked at each other before following.

They wanted to see what their master, who usually seemed distant, would be like by Xue Fanxin’s side.

They were really curious!

Ye Jiushang followed Xue Fanxin to an empty place in the bamboo forest. This place was shaded by green trees and there was a slow stream by the side. The air was fresh and filled with spiritual energy. It was indeed a good place to hold gatherings in the wilderness.

At this moment, Mother Ruan and Liu Qing had already prepared a few roasted meat racks according to Xue Fanxin’s orders. The tables and chairs beside them and various fruits and snacks had already been placed neatly. Little Meow and Little White were sunbathing in a place with sunlight, and their lazy appearances were as cute as they could be.

Little Lei, on the other hand, was eating snacks in boredom. When he saw Xue Fanxin come, he immediately went forward and asked, “Woman, woman, when can we eat today’s feast?”

He had long heard that Xue Fanxin was going to organize a gathering and banquet. He did not even sleep in and quickly ran over to wait for food.

“I’ll start cooking now. I’ll definitely let you eat your fill today.” Xue Fanxin pinched Little Lei’s pink face. Then, she took out all kinds of ingredients and placed them all on the large table specially used to store ingredients. She started to do things and treated the people around her as helpers. She called out to whoever she saw. “Ah Jiu, cut the Rank Five demonic beast meat into small pieces or slices.”

Ye Jiushang was the closest to Xue Fanxin and was naturally the first to be ordered around. However, he did not have any complaints. He took the Rank Five demonic beast over, as if he had done this countless times before. He used his spirit energy to create a sharp blade. With a few slashes, a Rank Five demonic beast that weighed nearly 200 kilograms was cut into seven or eight chunks. Then, it was cut into small pieces and placed neatly on a plate.

Even if a Rank Five demonic beast was dead, its defense was still there. Wanting to cut open its flesh was not something ordinary people could do. No matter how good a blade was, it would become scrap metal if it encountered a Rank Five demonic beast.

But to a certain lord, cutting the Rank Five demonic beast meat was like cutting tofu. It was a piece of cake.

Heilong, Hai Feng, Zimo, and the others were stunned. They were not shocked by Ye Jiushang’s saber technique, but they were shocked by how ‘obedient’ he was. If Xue Fanxin wanted him to cut meat, he would really cut it obediently.

Was this the Ninth Imperial Uncle they knew?

“The three of you, wash all these vegetables,” Xue Fanxin said to Heilong and the others as she pointed at the pile of vegetables, mushrooms, and radishes on the table.

“We… wash vegetables?”

Of the three of them, one was the leader of the Black Shadow Guards, one was the financial envoy of the Nine Cloud Palace, and the other was the Tower Master of the Purple Cloud Tower. It was not difficult for them to kill, but to make them wash vegetables… This was simply overkill.

Xue Fanxin did not care what the three of them thought and continued to order, “Yes, the three of you. Quickly wash these vegetables.”

Even their master had obediently cut the meat. How could they not obediently wash the vegetables?

Alright, let’s wash the vegetables.

“Woman, woman, then what should I do?” Little Lei was not like Heilong and the others who were against working. He took the initiative to ask Xue Fanxin for work excitedly.

“Help me by my side. Do whatever I ask you to do.”

“Sure, sure!”

At this moment, Heiran and Heiyue did as Xue Fanxin instructed and moved everything they needed.

Heiyao and Heiyu also came.

After a while, Xue Batian, Gu Jinyuan, Zhuri, and Fuyun also came.

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More and more people came, but they all started working under Xue Fanxin’s arrangements. Even Xue Batian could not stay idle and started a fire.

This group of people with high cultivation levels originally felt that cooking was a disgrace to their status, but they slowly realized that it was actually quite fun for everyone to work together. The more they worked, the more excited they became. Especially when Xue Fanxin’s delicious food came out, they were all salivating.

The consort’s culinary skills seemed to be really good.


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