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Chapter 858: 858

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858 The Sky Is About to Collapse

When Su Baifeng saw the medicine bottle in Xue Fanxin’s hand, her face was filled with fear as she shrank into the corner of the cage.

This was the medicine bottle she had given Heiyao, so she knew very well what was in it.

Since Xue Fanxin was not poisoned, the thing in the bottle must still be there. From the looks of it, Xue Fanxin planned to use the poison in it on her.

Su Baifeng imagined the horror and disgust of the Blood Corrosion Grass and her entire body was filled with fear.

At this moment, she was really afraid. If she had a choice, she was willing to listen to her mother and stay in the Ten Thousand Flower Sect and cultivate hard.

But she had no choice now.

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“This is what you gave Heiyao previously. Inside is a poison refined from Blood Corrosion Grass. Unfortunately, the refiner’s poison technique is not good enough, and the medicinal effects are greatly reduced, so I dealt with it. The medicinal effects are at least ten times stronger than before.”

Hearing Xue Fanxin’s words, Su Baifeng was very shocked and asked in disbelief, “How did you know that this was a poison refined from Blood Corrosion Grass?”

Jiushang did not know medicine or poison. She was certain of that.

If Jiushang did not have a poison expert by his side, then this could only mean that Xue Fanxin was a poison expert. Furthermore, her poison technique was far above hers.

How was this possible?

Even if Xue Fanxin had only come into contact with poison techniques since she met Jiushang, it was impossible for her to have such achievements.

“Back in the Heavenly Saint Empire, your face was disfigured. That was my masterpiece.”

Su Baifeng’s eyes widened. “You…”

Xue Fanxin continued to smile sinisterly. “Back in the Moon Burial Ridge, I cast a few bugs on that Ten Thousand Flower Sect disciple. Unfortunately, my Gu technique is not good enough and I can’t control them from afar, but now…”

Su Baifeng’s eyes continued to enlarge. “How… how could you…”

The woman from the Moon Burial Ridge was a new disciple of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect. Not many people knew that she was a disciple of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect. How could Xue Fanxin know?

Not only did she know, but she had also done something to that woman.

Gu worm… Could it be that she had a Gu worm on her?

“I did cast a Gu worm on you. As long as I move my mind now, those few little bugs will eat you clean. Do you think I should let you be eaten to death by the Gu worm, or let you be poisoned to death by the Blood Corrosion Grass?”

Only at this moment did Su Baifeng truly believe that even without Ye Jiushang, she could not win against Xue Fanxin.

Back in the Heavenly Saint Empire, Xue Fanxin had silently poisoned her. At the Moon Burial Ridge, she had also silently poisoned her… This woman was too terrifying, too terrifying, too terrifying…

Just as Su Baifeng was about to faint from panic, a man in a black robe walked in elegantly. His body emitted a powerful and mysterious aura, and his appearance was handsome.

Su Baifeng was almost frightened to death. At this moment, she was still attracted by the man’s extraordinariness and looked at him in a daze.

Why did Jiushang have so many outstanding men by his side?

If she had met these people earlier and known how terrifying Xue Fanxin was, she would have definitely changed her target and pursued the people around Jiushang.

Zimo walked in and ignored Su Baifeng’s look of admiration. He walked straight up to Xue Fanxin and said to her politely, “Your Highness, the Ten Thousand Flower Sect has already been destroyed. The Sect Master of the Ten Thousand Flower Sect, Wan Zhihua, and Su Baifeng’s parents have already been captured and are at your disposal.”

Su Baifeng was originally infatuated with Zimo, but when she heard Zimo’s words, she felt that the sky above her head was really about to collapse.


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