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Chapter 860: 860

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860 Old Woman Su

Those who had been called out by Xue Fanxin all raised their heads to look at her. Everyone’s eyes were filled with nervousness and fear.

Who would have thought that a little girl from the secular world back then would already be standing above them and controlling their lives?

Su Ze was once the Prime Minister of the Heavenly Saint Empire. After coming to the Mystic Realm, he realized how small he was as the Prime Minister. He was even inferior to one of Ye Jiushang’s servants.

Therefore, after arriving in the Mystic Realm and knowing Ye Jiushang’s true identity, he became quiet. He only hoped to lead a good life in the Ten Thousand Flower Sect. Who knew…


Su Wanlian, the Madam of the Xue family in the Tongxuan Realm. After being driven out of the Xue family, she had followed Su Ze and Wan Zhihua to the Mystic Realm. She had wanted to take revenge on Xue Fanxin, but when she found out how powerful her enemy was, she was not only afraid, but she also regretted it.

Now, Xue Batian was living a good life by Ye Jiushang’s side. If she had chosen Xue Batian back then, she could also live a good life by Ye Jiushang’s side now.

These three people each had their own thoughts, but no one was thinking about Su Baifeng, all of them were thinking about something related to themselves.

Especially Su Wanlian. She knew very well that Wan Zhihua and Su Baifeng were in trouble. The only person who could save her life now was Xue Batian, so she said extremely shamelessly, “Xue Fanxin, I want to see Xue Liantian.”

“Do you want my grandfather to save you?” Xue Fanxin asked mockingly. She really did not have a good impression of a hundred-year-old witch like Su Wanlian.

She was already so old, but she was still playing the romance card.

So be it. There was love in old age. Unfortunately, she was not worthy.

“Then do you dare to let me see him?” Su Wanlian asked back, her tone still filled with confidence.

“Old Woman Su, please understand the situation. It’s not a matter of whether I dare or not now. Furthermore, it’s a matter of whether my grandfather is willing to see you. If my grandfather is unwilling to see you, what can I do? Forty years ago, you caused him so much trouble, and forty years later, you attacked his precious granddaughter. Do you think he will want to see you? Furthermore… you’re old and ugly. Even if my grandfather wants to remarry, he won’t choose you.”

Xue Fanxin had the ability to anger people to death. When Su Wanlian heard these words, she was really about to die of anger. However, she knew very well that Xue Batian was her only chance to live, so she still refused to let go. “You didn’t ask him. How do you know that he is unwilling to see me?”

“I’m my grandfather’s most dearest and precious granddaughter. I naturally know what he’s thinking. Of course, seeing that you caused my grandfather to be expelled from the Xue family back then, I’ll give you face and get someone to ask my grandfather if he’s willing to see you.”

“You…” Su Wanlian really wanted to bite her, but unfortunately, she could not. However, since Xue Fanxin had said so, she would naturally seize the opportunity. “Then hurry up.”


Before Xue Fanxin could give the order, Xue Batian came. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble.”

“Grandpa…” When Xue Fanxin saw her grandfather, she was about to greet him and act cute, but Su Wanlian shamelessly rushed forward and hugged Xue Batian’s leg, begging bitterly.” Liantian, I beg you to save me. I know I was in the wrong back then, but I have nothing now. Just make Xue Fanxin let me off.

“Just… just take it that we had a relationship in the past and spare me this time, okay?”

Back then, Xue Batian was willing to fall out with the Xue family for her. It could be seen that his feelings for her were not fake. Furthermore, she knew Xue Batian very well. He valued kinship very much.

Love… could be said to be his Achilles’ heel.


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