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Chapter 864: 864

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864 Go and Try

Xue Fanxin watched as Su Baifeng’s vengeful spirit disappeared from the world and shrugged indifferently. She did not feel anything about this at all. Then, she poured the bottle of poison in her hand onto Su Baifeng’s corpse, turning her body into a pool of blood, and then burned her to ashes with her spirit fire.

This troublesome white lotus had finally been completely dealt with.

Actually, Su Baifeng’s luck was not bad either. If she was not so stubborn, not so greedy, and not so vicious, she might have been able to become an impressive person in the future.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world.

After Xue Fanxin dealt with Su Baifeng’s corpse, she also dealt with Su Wanlian, Wan Zhihua, and Su Ze’s corpses. Then, she clapped her hands and left. “It’s done. Let’s call it a day.”

There were quite a few people present, including Xue Batian. Everything that had just happened was still vivid in their minds, but they did not think that there was anything wrong.

Their position determined that they would only stand on Xue Fanxin’s side.

Hence, position was very important.

Although Su Baifeng and the others had already been dealt with, everyone knew very well that there was still the largest one that had not been dealt with yet.

Xue Fanxin came to the room Ye Jiushang was in and did not dare to barge in. She waited patiently outside.

The Shadow Clan’s Old Ancestor was so powerful. Even if he had already transformed into a vengeful spirit and remnant soul, he was not a small fry.

It would definitely be difficult for Ah Jiu to refine the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s vengeful spirit, and it would also be dangerous.

Even if they could not help much, it was best to guard outside the door. This way, they could be a little more at ease.

Because the location they dealt with Su Baifeng and the others was not within the bamboo forest but in the courtyard outside the bamboo forest, even if they had already sealed the news, some word still spread

However, what spread was not a specific matter. It only said that the Ninth Lord and the Ninth Imperial Consort were currently in the Ninth Lord’s Estate.

Ye Jiushang’s identity and strength were unfathomable, so there were many people paying attention to him. They could ensure that there were no spies in the bamboo forest, but that might not be the case for the Ninth Lord’s Estate. Perhaps there were more or less some little bugs.

The Empress had always had designs on Ye Jiushang. She wanted to use Ye Jiushang’s power to pave the way for her son. Therefore, the moment she received the news and confirmed that Ye Jiushang was in the Ninth Lord’s Estate, she immediately took action.

But what should she do?

Furthermore, the emperor had been watching this matter for the past few days. If the emperor found out that she was still eyeing Ye Jiushang, that would be bad.

However, she did not want to miss such a good opportunity.

The Empress thought about it and really could not think of a good countermeasure, so she got Yu Yuefu to step forward. “Yuefu, go to the Ninth Lord’s Estate.”

Yu Yuefu naturally wanted to go to the Ninth Lord’s Estate, but she knew very well that it was not an easy place to enter. “Aunt, you know that the Ninth Lord’s Estate is not a place we can enter just because we want to. Even the emperor…”

Even the emperor could not enter that place casually, let alone her.

“How would you know if you can enter or not if you don’t give it a try? I’m not afraid to tell you that the emperor has already given up on the idea of letting you marry into the Ninth Lord’s Estate. Now, he’s looking for another marriage for you. If you still want to become the Ninth Imperial Consort, then work harder. Otherwise, even I can’t help you.”

“How could that be? Hasn’t the emperor always planned to let me marry the Ninth Lord?” Yu Yuefu asked anxiously. Her heart was in a mess, and her entire person was in a mess.

Since she was young, everyone had told her that she would be the Ninth Imperial Consort in the future. She also thought of herself as the Ninth Imperial Consort, so she would not marry anyone but the Ninth Lord.

“I only know that the emperor intends for you to marry someone else. I don’t know anything else. Now that Ye Jiushang is in the Ninth Lord’s Estate, if you miss this opportunity, I’m afraid you won’t have another chance. Therefore, it depends on how you grasp it.” The Empress did not say much to Yu Yuefu, such as the emperor’s various warnings to her.

Compared to her son’s future, those warnings were nothing.

As long as her son became the emperor of the Ye Dynasty, Ye Jiushang would be at her mercy.


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