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Chapter 875: 875

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875 I’ll Clean You Up

Xue Fanxin raised her head to look at Ye Jiushang and asked in confusion, “What are you going to do? Go back and take revenge on your enemy? Although I don’t know who your enemy is, when you were chatting with Hua Zhaimei back then, it sounded quite powerful.”

“I have never treated those people as enemies, because they are not qualified,” Ye Jiushang said disdainfully. “If I really wanted to go back and take revenge, I would have had enough ability five years ago.”

“You mean you don’t intend to take revenge? That day in the Peach Blossom Villa, I vaguely heard you talking to Hua Zhaimei. From what Hua Zhaimei said, the people over there seem to be preparing to cause trouble for you. There’s also the fake Dragon Star and the Phoenix Star. They sound very impressive.”

“You can deal with those people.”



“Because they’re very suitable for you to practice on.”

He had never taken those so-called enemies to heart. Otherwise, with his orders, even if the power of the Nine Cloud Palace and the Purple Cloud Tower was not enough to resist them, as long as he used his brain a little and used schemes, those people would suffer even if they did not die.

Over the years, all his focus had been on finding the Phoenix Star. Furthermore, he had been sleeping for a long time. How could he have the time to waste on those unimportant people?

But now… After returning to the Deity Position, destroying those people was as easy as flipping his hand for him. Instead of wasting them, he might as well leave them for Xin’er to practice on. After all, she lacked too many things. Apart from strength, she also had to fight with others.

“Alright, leave your enemies for me to practice with. I’ll take care of them for you,” Xue Fanxin waved her small fist and said with high fighting spirit.

Ye Jiushang looked at her cute appearance and was in a good mood. “Then you have to become stronger quickly. Otherwise, they’ll be finished before you can deal with them.”

“No way?”

“Most people’s luck will be exhausted at some point. Those people’s luck has already bottomed out, especially that pair of fake Dragon Phoenix Stars. Even if no one deals with them, they will die from misfortune.”

Because those were people who were about to die, he could not be bothered to waste time with them. Of course, the biggest reason was that he did not have time.

“Then quickly tell me who they are.”

Ye Jiushang rubbed Xue Fanxin’s head and smiled. “When you break through to the Mystic Spirit Realm, I’ll tell you these things. Now, you only need to sleep and recuperate properly. Quickly recuperate. In a few days, I’ll begin to train you like a demon. At that time, your days won’t be as leisurely as before.”

“As long as I can become stronger, I’m not afraid no matter how demonic the training is.” Xue Fanxin chatted with Ye Jiushang for a long time. Perhaps because she was relaxed, she actually felt very tired as she chatted. Unknowingly, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Ye Jiushang shook his head helplessly. He carefully placed the person in his arms on the bed and let her lie down and sleep well. He accompanied her for a while more before getting up and leaving.

Although Xin’er was important, if he still did not deal with the people outside, it would be a waste of a good opportunity.

Although Ye Jiushang had already returned, Xue Batian, Heilong, and the others were all waiting outside the courtyard, waiting to see their master. They wanted to know what was going on.

Initially, they thought that they had to wait until dawn. After all, the consort had fainted. Their master must be very worried and would probably accompany her for the entire night. Unexpectedly, after waiting for only two hours, their master actually came out.


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