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Chapter 893: 893

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893 Scenery

Xue Fanxin rested on the spot for about fifteen minutes before continuing to run, but she felt tired again not long after. Her breathing became louder and louder, and her chest heaved violently.

It had been nearly two hours since she started running, but she had not even finished one lap. She had rested too much along the way. At this speed, she would not be able to finish ten laps even if it was dark.

“The mission Ah Jiu gave me is impossible to complete!

“If my cultivation and spirit energy were not sealed, running ten laps shouldn’t be too difficult, but…


“No, I can’t be discouraged, nor can I give up. If I can’t even do such a small thing, how can I fight alongside Ah Jiu in the future?”

Xue Fanxin adjusted her mindset and did not allow herself to have the thought of retreating. After resting enough, she got up and continued running.

Even if she had to crawl today, she had to finish running ten laps.

This was not only the mission Ah Jiu had given her, but also her goal. She was working hard because she wanted to become stronger, not just because of the mission Ah Jiu had given her.

Relying on her strong willpower, Xue Fanxin ran round and round. If she really could not run anymore, she would rest on the spot, eat something, drink some water, and continue running.

Hence, a scenery appeared in the forest. A beautiful figure kept running and stopping occasionally. When she stopped, she ate and drank a lot. That thing looked quite delicious.

In the beginning, some of the little things in the forest were quite afraid of Xue Fanxin. They immediately dodged when they saw her, but after their observations, this human only ran and ate in the forest. She had no ill will towards them.

After observing for most of the day, quite a few small animals started to be interested in Xue Fanxin. They hid in the dark and glanced at her from time to time. Some even ran and jumped behind her.

Many demonic beasts were actually quite curious about humans, but because they were afraid of humans, they hid when they saw humans. Especially small demonic beasts with low strength, they often hid in the deep mountains and old forests to prevent contact with humans.

Even so, they were still curious about humans, so when they sensed that Xue Fanxin had no ill will towards them, they came out to play and explore.

The little sable that Xue Fanxin had saved yesterday had also come. Like the other little demonic beasts, it hid in the distance and peeped at Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin ran another half a lap and was exhausted. She really could not run anymore and sat under a tree to rest. She took deep breaths until she recovered and felt a little more comfortable. Then, she took out food and water and casually ate and drank.

At this moment, a slightly bolder bird flew down from the tree and landed at Xue Fanxin’s feet. It pecked at the food that Xue Fanxin had accidentally dropped on the ground.

After eating a little, it felt that the taste was not bad. Unfortunately, there was no more on the ground, so it raised its head and looked at Xue Fanxin and the food in her hand.

Xue Fanxin actually knew that there were many small animals watching her from the surroundings, because they did not have any ill will towards her. She was busy running and did not have time to play with them, so she ignored them. Unexpectedly, a little bird came to her by itself.

“This is hibiscus cake. Do you want to eat it?” Xue Fanxin took out an entire hibiscus cake and held it to the little bird’s beak. “This is for you.”

The little bird hesitated for a moment. It felt that Xue Fanxin really had no ill will, so it dared to eat the food she handed it. After taking a bite, it took another bite. The more it ate, the more addicted it became.

“Eat it slowly yourself. I’m going to continue running.” Xue Fanxin placed the shattered hibiscus cake on the ground and clapped her hands. She put away the unfinished hibiscus cakes and got up to continue running.

After Xue Fanxin ran away, a few birds flew down from the tree and fought to eat the hibiscus cake on the ground. Soon, it was eaten up completely.

When the other little animals hiding in the dark saw this scene, they were even more curious about Xue Fanxin.

Would this human really not hurt them?


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