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Chapter 93: A Bad Feeling

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Over the past two days, the news that the Ninth Imperial Uncle had proposed to the Duke’s Estate and that the Nanling Emperor had arranged marriage for the Third Prince and Yan Jinfeng spread like wildfire. Although the Ninth Imperial Uncle was much more mysterious and powerful than the Third Prince, the guy kept just too low a profile and often disappeared. It was difficult for ordinary people to find out about him, so his topic of conversation was much less popular than Ye Chenping.

With fewer topics, there was naturally less attention. Although the people outside did not know why the Ninth Imperial Uncle had suddenly proposed to Xue Fanxin of the Duke’s Estate, not many people went to investigate the matter thoroughly. On the other hand, Ye Chenping and Yan Jinfeng’s betrothal had caused quite a stir.

“Have you heard? Lian Bingyu was furious because of the marriage between the Third Prince and Yan Jinfeng. She went to the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate and caused a ruckus several times!”

“This matter has already spread. Who doesn’t know? Everyone in the Imperial City knows that Lian Bingyu likes the Third Prince. Didn’t that Li Yaoyao get together with the Third Prince previously? In the end, she disappeared without a trace. I think she must have been killed by Lian Bingyu. Now that it’s Yan Jinfeng’s turn, I wonder if her end will be better than Li Yaoyao’s?”

“How can Li Yaoyao compare to Yan Jinfeng? Li Yaoyao was only an orphan girl who lived in the Duke’s Estate. She had no authority, power, or background. She wasn’t even liked by the Duke. Without anyone protecting her, she naturally died quickly. But Yan Jinfeng is different. She is the Young Miss of the Imperial Preceptor’s Estate. Not only is she favored, but she is also a disciple of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. It might not be easy for Lian Bingyu to touch Yan Jinfeng.”

At this moment, the entire Imperial City was filled with gossip about Lian Bingyu and Yan Jinfeng. There were all kinds of rumors.

Perhaps because these two were too popular, Xue Fanxin was forgotten. There was not much gossip about her.

To Xue Fanxin, gossip was like wild grass growing outside. It had nothing to do with her. Even if it did, she had no time to care. She was busy!

Early in the morning, Xue Batian found her and prepared a lot of things. He piled them all in front of her and sent her out reluctantly, watching her climb onto Ye Jiushang’s carriage.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, don’t forget what you promised me. A month later, you must bring Little Xin’er back safely. Also, you are not to bully her. Even if she is your fiancée, you can’t act recklessly, or I’ll fight you.”

“Grandpa, don’t worry. Your granddaughter is not to be trifled with. If he dares to bully me, I’ll castrate him.” Xue Fanxin sat in the carriage and spoke to Xue Batian through the window. The content of their conversation made Ye Jiushang, who was sitting inside, speechless.

This little girl actually dared to say that she would castrate him. It seemed like he should properly educate her.

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While everyone in the Imperial City was busy thinking about Lian Bingyu and Yan Jinfeng, Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang had already gotten onto a luxurious carriage and were heading out of the city.

“Ah Jiu, where exactly are you taking me? Can’t you tell me now?” Xue Fanxin asked impatiently after leaving the city gates, wanting to know the destination of her trip.

“To the cave we first met in.” Ye Jiushang elegantly and lazily lay on the soft seat of the carriage with his eyes closed. His tone was leisurely, and after saying that, he opened his eyes and looked at Xue Fanxin solemnly. “I want to properly train you.”


Why did she suddenly have a bad feeling?

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