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Chapter 930: 930 Leader of the Demonic Beasts

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930 Leader of the Demonic Beasts

The First Elder and the others of the Heavenly Spirit Sect thought that the person who had appeared in front of them was only a little girl with a low cultivation level. Unexpectedly, demonic beasts of all sizes gradually appeared beside her, a wave of demonic beasts.

Those demonic beasts were Rank One, Rank Two, Rank Three, Rank Four… there were even Rank Five. Furthermore, there were quite a few of them. There were at least twenty Rank Five demonic beasts. There was no need to mention the other demonic beasts. The number was even more astonishing.

Actually, there were not many demonic beasts that usually followed Xue Fanxin, but because of the poison incident, the demonic beasts that were hiding and not coming out previously, had all come out. They decided to unite against the outside world and kill those who had poisoned the river.

However, they only wanted to kill the people who had poisoned them. They were not hostile to the little human who often gave them food.

Hence, such a scene appeared. Countless demonic beasts gathered beside a young girl. She was like the leader of this group of demonic beasts.

It was impossible for humans and demonic beasts to coexist peacefully, but why could this girl in front of them lead so many demonic beasts?

If it was just a little girl in the Great Spirit Master Realm, these people from the Heavenly Spirit Sect would definitely not be afraid. However, if there was a group of demonic beasts, the situation would be very different.

The First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect looked at Xue Fanxin in shock. Because he was afraid, he did not dare to act rashly, nor did he dare to look down on her and mock her. Instead, he had no choice but to speak politely. “Miss, may I know who you are?”

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that you’re going to be unlucky today.” Xue Fanxin blinked her beautiful eyes. Her playful and cute appearance made her appear innocent, but she also felt unfathomable.

“Little girl, I am the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. I wonder if you know about the Heavenly Spirit Sect?” The First Elder did not dare to be angry easily, nor did he have the confidence to be angry. When he saw the group of demonic beasts by Xue Fanxin’s side, his hair stood on end. He had no choice but to explain where he came from, hoping to use the reputation of the Heavenly Spirit Sect to resolve matters.

“So what if I know? So what if I don’t?”


“Did you think that by announcing the name of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, you won’t have to suffer any punishment?”

“Miss, what do you mean? We didn’t attack you or provoke you, but you want to make things difficult for us like this. Aren’t you being too unreasonable?”

“Unreasonable? When you poisoned the river, why didn’t you think of what is reasonable or unreasonable then? Do you know how many living beings will lose their lives because of this poisonous river? Demonic beasts are incompatible with humans, but they only live in their own territory and don’t provoke you. You came here to poison them. May I ask what sort of logic this is?”

“I…” The First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect wanted to argue, but Xue Fanxin did not give him a chance to speak. She continued to bombard him. “Don’t tell me that these are only demonic beasts and you can’t compare their lives to that of humans. Are the lives of beasts not lives? All things are born with spirits. Since the world nurtured them, they have the right to live. When they pose no threat to humans, you have no reason or right to kill them.”


“You what? Don’t assume that your life is extra precious. A scum like you who doesn’t know how to respect life should be taught a lesson.” Xue Fanxin did not waste her breath anymore and attacked the First Elder of the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

She wanted to see how far her current strength was from that of a Saint Realm expert.

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