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Chapter 197

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Demimore wants to help me?

I felt a mixture of gratitude and resentment towards Demimore’s pure intention to help. I couldn’t help but wonder, what could he possibly do to help?

This is my business, and I don’t need him to get involved. At this point, he’s nothing more than an uninvited guest, considering the boundaries I’ve set for my family.


Looking at Demimore, who came all the way here with the sole determination to help me, despite his clothes being torn and tattered, made me realize how selfish my recent thoughts were. I felt deeply sorry.

I hadn’t realized before that having more people to love meant having more things to protect.

I shared laughter, tears, and countless memories with these people.

Yet, I was always preoccupied with how to avoid being hurt by them, without considering the wounds I may have caused them.

Demimore and Astina, who I had treated like main characters, were caught up in all the weirdness because of me?

With a heart seeking redemption for them, I wondered if there was something more I could do for them, especially for Demimore, to grant them a bit more freedom…

“I’ll find you at the palace.”

Given the circumstances, I could only offer one response to Demimore—a mere excuse for him to return.

Demimore narrowed his eyes, seemingly understanding my intentions.

“The first prince is currently unwell, causing some turmoil in the palace.”

“Cameron is sick?”

Cameron, falling ill. It was truly unexpected. That rascal who usually lives without a care, I never thought he would fall ill.

No, what kind of illness could he possibly have? Hearing the news of Cameron being unwell was surprising, but it also gave me a sense of relief. It’s alright for that rascal to be a little sick.

“Uh, something happened…….”

“What happened?”

When I asked, Demimore hesitated as if he was in a difficult situation.

Is it more serious than I thought? Well, it doesn’t really matter to me whether he’s sick or not, but since Demimore is his youngest sibling I should manage my expression.

“It seems like he had a nightmare. In the dream, monsters attacked him. So, it’s not a specific physical pain, but he feels a bit weakened.”

“He feels weakened because of a nightmare…”

“Pathetic, right? So you don’t have to worry about it.”

Demimore tried to brush it off. I found his attitude a bit unsettling, but I decided to let it go.

After all, I’m in this situation while he eats well and sleeps well. That’s much better news than what I’m going through…

Could it be that X is involved?

If even Bruno, who was on his side, was killed, could Cameron be in his sights too? It’s possible. He’s capable of such things.

But he wouldn’t dare to harm a prince of the country, right? Did internal divisions occur? Bruno contacted me and then met such a fate, so did Cameron show signs of betrayal?

“It’s really okay. It’s nothing serious. He’s just a bit weakened.”

Perhaps my mind was showing signs of turmoil. Demimore gently stroked my shoulder and spoke in a tender voice.

His voice was like a spring breeze settling on a branch. When did he grow up and develop such a voice?

As I looked into his red eyes, thoughts about Cameron evaporated for a moment.

Yeah, he wouldn’t kill Cameron, would he? I’m thinking positively, but Demimore whispered in my ear with a secretive voice.

“Well, it could be that due to the guilt of what happened back then, he’s having such dreams…”


“That won’t happen, right?”

“Absolutely not.”

As I firmly asserted, Demimore retreated from me with a bewildered expression.

If Cameron is really feeling guilty for something trivial, I feel like I’ll be even angry. If he suffers without offering a formal apology, then what’s the point?

“Anyway, it’s not like the palace is missing someone like me…”

“Someone like you?”

Just when I was already in a bad mood due to thoughts about Cameron, Demimore uttered words that irritated my ears.

“You’re a dignified second prince. One of only two princes in the kingdom! There’s no one in the palace who would refer to you as ‘someone like you.’ No, even if you weren’t a prince, it would still be the same.”

“…Mary, calm down.”

When I suddenly became agitated, Arsene, who was behind me, urged me to calm down while Demimore looked surprised.

Demimore might have spoken without thinking, but I didn’t like him demeaning himself like that.

Perhaps it was because I had regarded Demimore as a character from a novel and drew a line between us…

“I hope you don’t say such things, Demimore. You’re a truly precious person.”

To me and to anyone else. In my words, Demimore suddenly turned around. Arsene whistled softly and put his hand on my shoulder.

I stood there, dumbfounded.

Hm, were my words that touching? After a moment of silence, Demimore turned back around and put his fist into his mouth.

“Hmmmm. Anyway, I want to help Mary.”

“I appreciate the sentiment.”

Even if I wanted to ask for his help, there was nothing I could ask of Demimore. Because there was nothing I could do right now. It felt pathetic that I had accomplished nothing even after going so far as to run away.

While Demimore looked at me with a tender gaze, he discreetly grasped my pinky finger.

“The habit of fidgeting with your fingers when you’re worried. Rex has that too.”

“……How’s Rex doing?”

“He’s doing a lot better than you think.”

Despite the considerable amount of time that has passed since they got to know each other, there still seemed to be some awkwardness between Demimore and Rex. I was worried about that, but it seems that they have become quite close in my absence.

Demimore, who had caressed my pinky nail a few times, let go of my hand and smiled.

Seeing that smile, I felt a bit relieved because it seemed genuine, without any trace of pretense.

“That’s good to hear. As you know, he has some sensitive spots. And if I’m not around…”

“Rex Bluea has sensitive spots?”

I was trying to talk about how he might go wild without me, but Demimore, fixating on something strange, suddenly burst into laughter like a flower in bloom.

Why is he laughing? What happened while I was away?

“Oh, right? Rex Bluea has a sensitive spot… But still, he’s much stronger than you think.”

“I know.”

I was unnecessarily offended by Demimore’s tone, as if he somehow knew Rex Bluea better than I did.

Why… Rex is my younger brother… While I hoped they would become closer, it’s both ridiculous and childish of me to feel this way.

“Perhaps Demimore can help us.”

Arsene, who had been silently watching me and Demimore from behind, spoke up.

Upon hearing his unexpected words, both Demimore and I turned to look at him, and Arsene, feeling embarrassed, took a step back.

“Demimore can be of help?”

“I’m not exactly sure, but Demimore’s mother’s prayers were answered by the gods. It’s highly likely that he can be of help to us.”

“Can I really be of help?”

Arsene’s words seemed to pleasantly surprise Demimore, as his voice grew brighter.

Then it was worth coming all the way here. I put my hand on his back in gratitude. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of help I would receive from him, but just knowing that he had received God’s grace made me consider him a reliable ally.

“Oh, and.”

Demimore turned his body towards Arsene as if something had come to his mind. Then, he pursed his lower lip once and bent his waist ninety degrees.

In response to his sudden action, I turned my body and looked at Arsene, who also seemed taken aback, his eyes widening.

“What’s going on? Why are you doing that?”

“I heard you were the one who helped my mother. Thank you.”


“And thank you for helping Mary now.”

Demimore bowed his head again, as if expressing gratitude to a true benefactor.

After being dismissive earlier he is now expressing his gratitude like this. I couldn’t help but find it quite cute for some reason.

Arsene also seemed to share similar feelings and burst into laughter.

“I wish I knew your mother’s real name. I’m curious to know who she is.”

Sometimes, Arsene’s smile reveals the countless years he has lived.

As the son of a god with an immortal body, how many people has he met in this village, and how many people has he bid farewell to?

Even in the flow of immeasurable time, the fact that he had not forgotten my past life felt truly remarkable.

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