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Chapter 1: Rolling the dice for 11 years, 1 youthful luck top

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[Name: Han Jue]

[Life: 11/65]

[Race: Mortal]

【Repair for: None】

【Gong Method: None】

【Spell: None】

【Supernatural powers: none】

【Artifact: None】

[Linggen Qualification: Very Poor (click to shake the dice)]

[The first weather is as follows (click to roll the dice)]

【Earth and Wood Spirits: Enhancement of the Qualifications of Soil and Wood Spirit Roots】

【Gun Doll: Improved Gun Do’s Qualifications and Physical Enhancement]

[Click to start the game of life]


Looking at the attribute list in front of him, the eleven-year-old Han Jue was desperate.

Linggen qualifications and first weather luck can be randomly changed by rolling the dice every day, but they can only be shaken once, and they can be refreshed at 7 o'clock every morning.

Han Jue has been shaking since he was born.

It has been eleven years, and I haven't had the first luck with the best qualifications and excellence.

"How about that?"

A thought came out of Han Jue's heart.

can't do it!

After finally coming to the world of immortals and ghosts, how can mortals cultivate immortals?

Han Jue wants to be the hero of Shuangwen!

Shake again!

Han Jue raised his hand and pointed at the attribute list in front of him.

Linggen qualifications changed!

【Linggen Qualification: None】

Han Jue's immature young face turned black in an instant.

Click again!

[Lone Star of Destiny: Kelvin Kelvin Kelvin Kelvin, lonely life, life expectancy increased by a hundred years]


The lone star of destiny has come out!

Who wants to be alone for a lifetime!

Han was so angry that he lay down, rolling and kicking on the grass.

For eleven years, I have not been able to shake up the spirit root qualifications and luck!

can't do it!

Keep shaking!

I don’t believe it!

Han Jue was trembling coldly.

It took half an hour before he got up.

Han Jue is a reborn person. His previous life came from the 21st century on the earth. He was diagnosed with advanced cancer at a young age. He did not want painful treatment and went home to wait for death. In order to paralyze himself that night, he found a nostalgic immortality game. play.

I played all night and it was very hilarious. I was sleepy at dawn, and then people disappeared.

opened his eyes again, he was reborn and came to this ancient world, he was born in a sect of immortality.

Yu Qingzong, the righteous cultivating school of the Dayan Dynasty.

On the day when he was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, Han Jue was very frightened, knowing that life is so important for the first time.

You can cultivate immortals in this life!

He was pleasantly surprised!

He must cultivate immortals!

He wants to live longer than anyone else!

But he can't cultivate immortals for mortals!

Since his birth, Han Jue has lived without pressure. His parents are servants of Tie Lao, an alchemist outside the Yuqing Sect. He grows herbs for Tie Lao on weekdays.

The alchemist has a special status. In the outer door, no one dares to offend Tie Lao. Tie Lao has dozens of servants, all of whom are mortals.

Even if he had spiritual roots, Tie Lao would not allow his servants to practice, probably because he was afraid of stealing his herbs.

His herbal medicine is full of benefits for the cultivator, but it is an absolute poison for mortals.

When he was only six years old, his parents fled, leaving the young Han Jue in Tie Lao's herb garden.

Han Jue could also understand that it must have been inconvenient to run away with a child.

Tie Lao didn't care about it, and instead asked Han Jue to help him plant herbs.

After a long time, Han Jue has also known all the flowers and plants in the herb garden.

Tie Lao didn't make things difficult for Han Jue, so Han Jue continued to shake his luck.

Anyway, he is a mortal now, so it's better to wait.

"Oh, keep on shaking. If you can't shake the luck against the sky before the age of thirty, then forget it. Mortals cultivate immortals, mortals cultivate immortals."

Han Jue thought silently.

The oldest servant in the Herb Garden is over seventy years old. His name is Old Man Wang. He was selected by Old Tie when he was a teenager. Now he is the leader of the servants, and all the servants regard him as his head.

Han Jue got up, returned to the herb garden, started sprinkling water, and cleaned up the dead leaves.

The herb garden is huge, as big as a football field. Every servant is very careful when he is busy. If he accidentally destroys the flowers and plants, Tie Lao will be furious, and some of the herbs are even full of poison.

Tie Lao only went out last month, and it is estimated that it will take two or three years to come back.

For a cultivator, two or three years is nothing at all.

In the herb garden, Han Jue was very reticent and had no friends, so he communicated a lot with Old Man Wang.

After    was busy, he went back to the house and started doing push-ups to exercise his physique.


The next morning, Han Jue finished washing.

He sat on the wooden bed and waited.

Waiting until the time when the attribute list was refreshed, Han Jue was refreshed.

It feels like a lottery.

This is what he looks forward to most every day.

He rubbed his hands.

First shake the spirit root qualifications.

【Linggen Qualification: None】


This is too dark!

Han almost died of anger.

His hands began to tremble, and he continued to try luck!

One roll of the dice!

[The first weather is as follows]

【Peerless Warriors: Xianzi, Top Charm】

[Destiny Sword Madness: Top kendo qualifications, top kendo comprehension]

【Shenfa Juechen: Top-level qualifications】

[Descendants of the Immortal Emperor: After the beginning of the game life, obtain a peerless cultivation technique and a thousand high-grade spirit stones]

Han Jue was taken aback.

His eyes widened, and he was immediately surprised.

Four first weather luck!

This is the first time that the four first-time lucks have been refreshed, and they all seem very impressive.

Han Jue became more excited as he watched.

is it!

Do not!


Four top, one peerless!

is amazing at first glance.

After eleven years, day after day, Huangtian finally lived up to his painstaking efforts!

Han Jue tried his best to calm down.

Linggen does not have the qualifications, and he cannot click to start the game life for the time being.

I have to shake Linggen again.

"Finally, all the hardships are coming. UU reading has these four best fortunes. Even if I am forty years old, I still have time to cultivate. I can shake my spiritual root aptitude with peace of mind."

Han Jue thought of this, feeling happy.

has been shaking for eleven years, what about another eleven years?

Han Jue let out a sigh of relief, then got up and went out of the house to start today's work.

There are six people living in his house, each with a bed, and the others get up early in the morning.

Everyone has an area of ​​his own responsibility, so I dare not make mistakes.

Han Jue is still young, he only needs to do some simple work, and Tie Lao dare not let him take charge of an area.

Today's sunshine is especially bright.

may have something to do with mood.

The other servants didn't feel Han Jue's changes, and they hadn't started the game life yet, so naturally the bonuses of the four early weather luck hadn't appeared yet.


Two monks arrived.

The Yuqing Sect is very large, and the herb garden is surrounded by mountains. The monks are not allowed to come here. Most of the time it is the outer deacon who comes to ask for the medicine. The two monks have excellent temperament, one male and one female, like gods The servants attracted all the servants and turned their heads to look around.

Han Jue also turned to look at the gate of the herb garden.

"It's so glamorous."

Han Jue sighed.

The clothes of their servants are all tattered, and the robes of the two monks are clean and gorgeous, just like the NPCs that came out of Xiuxian online games.

Han Jue just sighed casually, he didn't envy him at all.

He has already shaken out four early days, and his future achievements are by no means comparable to those of the outer disciples of Yuqing Sect.

"From today onwards, the two of us are responsible for guarding Tie Lao's herb garden. You don't need to pay attention to us or disturb our cultivation." The male monk said to the old man Wang blankly.

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