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Chapter 331: 331

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Chapter 331 Reincarnation of the Purple Emperor Star, Darkness Sect

Han Jue’s consciousness returned to reality. He wrapped the Hidden Sect Island with his Dharmic powers and controlled the island to quickly fly away. Hidden Sect Island was like a grain of sand in the Yellow Spring. It moved quickly, like lightning, covering millions of miles in the blink of an eye.

An hour later.

Han Jue felt that he had arrived at the ends of the netherworld before stopping.

This netherworld was really huge. It seemed endless.

Han Jue waited cautiously, afraid that Diamond Rage’s enemies would catch up.

Several days later, Han Jue felt the aura of battle again. It was ten million miles away from Hidden Sect Island. He felt the aura of Immortal Emperors.

The battle lasted for a day and a night before it dispersed.

Hidden Sect Island was not attacked.

The netherworld was really becoming more and more chaotic. If even the netherworld was like this, it was hard to imagine how chaotic the Immortal World was.



A full ten years passed. After confirming that Diamond Rage wouldn’t attract trouble, Han Jue released his soul and returned it to his body.

Diamond Rage was very excited to see Tu Ling’er. It was as if he had met an old friend from a foreign land. His eyes were watery.

Tu Ling’er didn’t like it and ignored him.

Han Jue said, “From now on, you will stay on Hidden Sect Island and cultivate. You’re not allowed to leave the island. If you do, I will immediately leave with this island. At that time, don’t even think about asking me to save you.”

Diamond Rage nodded.

Han Jue pulled him into the simulation trial and the two fought.

Diamond Rage was insta-killed.

He was shocked.

He remembered that Meng Po had said that Han Jue only had special methods and was not strong.

He was a Rank Nine Immortal Emperor!

But he was insta-killed!

He could feel that he could unleash his full strength in the simulation trial, just like in reality. It was just that Han Jue was too fast.

He felt the horror of facing a Deity Realm mighty figure.

He respected Han Jue more and more. At the same time, he developed a fanatical interest in the simulation trial.

The Magi were born as combatants!

In order to let him immerse himself in this, Han Jue opened up some opponents. They were all Immortal Emperors from the Great Ultimate Hall.

However, Diamond Rage was most passionate about fighting the Green Blood Ghost Deity because he had previously lost to him.

With the addition of Diamond Rage, the Hidden Sect became stronger again. The Black Hell Demon Lord and Duan Hongchen felt the pressure and cultivated even more seriously.

There were no four seasons in the netherworld, but time continued to pass.

As the battle in the netherworld raged, the order of reincarnation collapsed. The Bridge of Forgetfulness could no longer be used for reincarnation. In the two realms of living and dead, the number of wandering ghosts increased greatly.

Han Jue clearly felt the negative karma in the world increasing.

The so-called negative karma was the resentment created by slaughter, and it transformed into a form of karma. Evil was punished because of negative karma.

Being surrounded by negative karma was equivalent to being cursed by ghosts.

Year after year passed.

Thirty years passed quickly. On this day, after Han Jue told Dao Comprehension Sword to go out, he took out the Book of Misfortune and started cursing the enemy while checking his emails.

(Your good friend Dao Sovereign was attacked by a Divine Palace mighty figure.]

(Your good friend Li Daokong was attacked by your enemy Heavenly Dao Buddha.]

(Your good friend Huang Jihao was attacked by a Demon Immortal Emperor and his body was destroyed. Fortunately, a mighty figure saved him.)

[Your good friend Zhou Fan accidentally entered the Ancient Forbidden Zone and obtained the inheritance of the Slaughter God. His providence has transformed.]

(Your grand-disciple Fang Liang was attacked by demons] x120982

(Your grand-disciple Fang Liang has fallen into the Great Swamp of Dreams. His soul has traveled to the primordial era.]

(Your good friend Ji Xianshen was attacked by a Divine Palace cultivator] x459003

(Your good friend Ji Xianshen has grasped Heavenly Thunder. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

Han Jue frowned. Why was Li Daokong attacked by the Heavenly Dao Buddha?

Weren’t the Heavenly Court and the Buddhist Sect allies?

Li Daokong was really strong. He was attacked by the Demon Emperor and the Heavenly Dao Buddha, but he was not severely injured.

How terrifying would this fellow be after stepping into the Zenith Heaven Realm?

As expected of the strongest Sword Dao in the Immortal World!

Han Jue also noticed that Fang Liang’s soul had actually been sent to the primordial era?

Did he really transmigrate, or was it just his consciousness? Was he dreaming?

Han Jue checked his interpersonal relationships. Fang Liang’s introduction didn’t change or become another name. He could only pray that nothing happened to him.

A month later.

He continued to cultivate.

At this moment, he felt something and took out the Heavenly Dao Token. It burned and trembled again.

His providence had increased again?

A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue.

[Detected bearer of Connate providence, check its origin.)

Connate providence?

It had been a long time since this had last appeared. The last time it appeared was when Duan Hongchen showed up, as a person who would face the calamity.

Han Jue immediately checked.

[Lu Huaxu: Early-stage Grand Unity Earth Immortal Realm, Purple Star Emperor, Reincarnation of a Zenith Heaven Emperor. He was once one of the Four Extreme Emperors of the Heavenly Court. He reincarnated with the Supreme Treasure, the Heavenly Dao Purple Emperor Spear. The Purple Emperor Spear is his soul. The two cannot be separated. His talent is powerful. He reached the Grand Unity Earth Immortal Realm in less than 300 years and awakened the Purple Emperor Star Dao Fruit.] Reincarnated Zenith Heaven?

So awesome?


Heavenly Court’s Four Extreme Emperors? Han Jue frowned. Could it be the Heavenly Emperor’s arrangement?

After the Heavenly Dao Token calmed down, Han Jue picked it up and started to contact the Heavenly Emperor.

“The Four Extreme Emperors? Why are you suddenly asking about them?” The Heavenly Emperor asked curiously.

Han Jue didn’t hide anything and told him about the reincarnation of the Purple Emperor Star to the Reroll World.

The Heavenly Emperor fell silent.

After a long while…

The Heavenly Emperor said softly, “The Four Extreme Emperors are actually on the same level as me in the Heavenly Court. It’s just that I’m in charge. Among them, the Purple Star Emperor is the most ambitious and has never been convinced by me. Although he came to support me once, I haven’t seen him since that time. I didn’t expect him to have already died and reincarnated into your mortal world. He was probably attracted by the providence of the Reroll World during his reincarnation.”

The current Reroll World was ranked extremely high on the Heavenly Dao Tablet. It could already be ranked in the top hundred in the mortal worlds below the Heavenly Dao!

It was indeed possible that the Purple Star Emperor had chosen the Reroll World by chance.

Han Jue asked, “How should I face him?”

“Let nature take its course. You can’t suppress him in advance. Otherwise, it will stimulate the Zenith Heaven Dao Fruit hidden in the depths of his soul. A Zenith Heaven powerhouse can only perish in the calamity or be killed by a sage. If you offend him, you will definitely die.”


Han Jue didn’t expect Lu Huaxu to be so fierce.



Is this a Zenith Heaven?

I must reach it!

Han Jue changed the topic and asked, “How’s the Heavenly Court recently? The Buddhist Sect didn’t betray you, right?”

The Heavenly Emperor said, “The conflict has always been there, but there’s no great danger. The Buddhist Sect is now controlled by the Divine Might Buddha and is still working with the Heavenly Court. However, the Heavenly Dao Buddha has become fiendish. Not long ago, he broke through the Buddhist Sect’s suppression and began to act recklessly in the Immortal World. The Heavenly Court, the Demon Court, the Divine Palace, and even the Buddhist Sect were attacked by him. Sigh, the mighty Buddha actually ended up in such a state. What a pity. That damned Dark Forbidden Lord is intolerable under the Heavenly Dao!”

Han Jue almost vomited blood.


Your Majesty, I did this for you!

Everyone in the world can scold me, but you can’t!

Han Jue cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to tell the truth. He could only accompany the Heavenly Emperor and scold the Dark Forbidden Lord as well.

“Speaking of the Dark Forbidden Lord, he’s gaining more and more believers. They have even gathered in the Immortal World to form the Darkness Sect, preparing to fight for the providence together and curry favor with the Dark Forbidden Lord. Among them, the most powerful is the Asura Race. They’ve Zenith Heaven existences. They were born after the first Immeasurable Calamity of the Heavenly Dao. Although they were never powerful, they have always been alive,” the Heavenly Emperor continued.

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