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Chapter 11

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In modern times, he would be described as the type of man who could make women shriek and weak in the knees.

Men like him oozed a classy and mature air from his entire body that just so happened to be the type that Lu Liangwei fancied.

However, the mere thought of his identity, as well as his viciousness, made Lu Liangwei lose any sort of admiration she might have felt for the man.

Long Yang ignored Lu Tingchen’s pleas. His gaze was impassive as he darted a look at Lu Liangwei, saying pointedly, “Second Miss Lu, what do you have to say?”.

Standing behind him, Zhao Qian let cold sweat drip from his forehead, not daring to raise a hand to wipe it.

Not long ago, the master had suddenly stopped breathing. Zhao Qian hastened to obey Second Miss Lu and laid the master flat on the floor. However, he had no idea that Second Miss Lu would suddenly strike the master hard in the chest and even lock lips with him after that…


Kissing the master?

Zhao Qian felt his liver and gallbladder split open (TN: a saying that means one had suffered great shock).

The master, who had always been fussy about cleanliness, would normally not even let concubines take half a step toward him, let alone kiss him…


In the past, there had been a maidservant who served the imperial court for many years. She had accidentally brushed the master’s hand when she was serving tea. She was dragged out and executed on the spot.


With the way she violated the master, Second Miss Lu’s fate could only be worse still.

No matter how trusted and well-regarded Prince Lu was to the master, it would matter little.

The master absolutely would not let this slide.

Zhao Qian stole a glance at the young lady beside Lu Tingchen and pitied her a little.

She was so young, and her appearance was rather attractive. Her death would be a great shame indeed.

Upon hearing the emperor’s words, Lu Tingchen’s heart shook. He gripped his fists tightly.

He had been by the emperor’s side for a long time. He could easily identify the murderous intent and displeasure layered in the emperor’s seemingly indifferent tone.

His gaze turned to his little sister. Just what did Weiwei, this damned girl, do?

She had somehow made the emperor furious!

Lu Liangwei understood what the emperor was implying. If her explanation did not satisfy him, even with Lu Tingchen here, she might not walk out of this room ever again.

Although the man was severely ill and did not have much time left to live, his presence still struck fear into people’s hearts.

Just hearing tales of his drastic actions, whether open or covert, taught people to fear this man.

After thinking it over, Lu Liangwei opened her mouth and spoke, “Your Majesty, if I told you I was saving your life just now, would you believe me?”

Long Yang did not reply. His dark, intense gaze pierced into her.

He simply sat there, but there was an invisible aura of power over him that was suffocating.

Lu Liangwei’s heart pounded, and cold sweat dripped down her back. She clenched her fists and pressed on, “At the time, Your Majesty’s heart had suddenly stopped, and you had stopped breathing. The situation was life-threatening, so I acted without thought. If I have offended you with my actions, I beg you to forgive me.”

Stopped breathing?

Long Yang knew he had lost consciousness earlier, but for his heart and breathing to suddenly stop?

His gaze turned to Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian nodded, drenched in cold sweat. “Your condition was indeed perilous, Master. I was powerless…” For letting Second Miss Lu take advantage of the situation and have her way with the master, he was undoubtedly responsible for this as well. “I beg you to forgive me.”

Long Yang digested the words. It seemed Lu Liangwei was not lying.

“What do your actions have anything to do with my heart stopping?” Long Yang’s unreadable eyes looked expressionlessly at Lu Liangwei.

However, the memory of the moment he woke up flashed in his mind. The first thing he saw was a girl’s soft lips plastered tightly to his…

Rage and ice-cold hostility flitted within his eyes.

Lu Liangwei said earnestly, “I struck your heart to resuscitate your heart and lungs. As for the artificial respiration, you had already stopped breathing then. I administered artificial respiration to inject oxygen and release the carbon dioxide in your body.”


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