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Chapter 1210: Long Yang Did Not Hide His Intentions

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Lu Liangwei detected the meaning behind his words. If they were together, she would not have had any opportunity to sleep.

She quickly shook her head at this thought. “I’d rather not.” She attempted to dart into her room as she said this, but he swiftly grabbed her wrist.

Lu Liangwei was about to ask him what was the matter when he abruptly drew himself closer to her. His deep, unfathomable eyes stared deeply into her as he whispered seductively into her ear, “Have a good rest. You might not be able to sleep tonight at all.”

Her face burned upon realizing what he meant. Lu Liangwei pulled her hand away and said in a fit of coy anger, “I’m not talking to you anymore.” With that, she hurriedly slipped into the room.

Long Yang did not make love with her the night before out of concern for her wellbeing. Judging by his latest words, however, he was not planning on letting her rest tonight.

Lu Liangwei felt a chill run through her body. She actually hoped she could sleep all the way until the next morning.

After watching her return into the room, Long Yang called Long Xuan and the old beggar over to instruct them on a few matters.

Lu Liangwei slept quite soundly following that.

Most likely, Long Yang’s presence made her not need to fret or worry about anything.

The sun had set by the time she woke up, or rather, Long Yang had ‘woken’ her up.

While she was dreaming, Lu Liangwei found herself unable to breathe properly and there was a strange sensation moving about in her mouth, which forced her to wake up.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the magnified face of a handsome man.

Her eyes bulged when she realized what he was doing.

Long Yang’s lips finally left hers when he saw she was awake. He smiled and said, “You’re finally up.”

Lu Liangwei felt numbness on her lips and was quite embarrassed when her eyes met his smiling gaze.

She had been kissed out of her sleep by His Majesty.

When he saw the dazed look on her face, Long Yang said pointedly, “If you don’t wake up, I’ll need to do something more.”

Lu Liangwei quickly flung her blanket off when she heard this and attempted to jump off the bed.

Long Yang immediately carried her in his arms and said adoringly, “Be good and let’s have dinner first.”

Lu Liangwei saw that it was already dark outside. Her fingers could not help hooking onto the threads of his collar. “I can’t believe I slept for so long.”

“Well, the sky is already dark. If I don’t kiss you awake, you’ll probably sleep all the way until tomorrow.” Long Yang looked at her and teased.

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” Lu Liangwei complained.

“I wanted you to get more rest so that you’ll have more energy to accompany me at night.” Long Yang did not hide his intentions.

Lu Liangwei could feel her calves trembling slightly.

She knew that he was physically stronger than most men and she had experienced the deed quite a number of times before getting pregnant. Long Yang had cut back a lot since she was pregnant, but now that she had given birth, would he stop holding back?

She looked at him, not knowing what to say.

Lu Liangwei wanted to persuade him not to act too wildly, but she knew that if she did, it would only encourage him further, so she gave up on the idea.

After they were done with dinner, Long Yang planned to take a bath with Lu Liangwei. However, the facilities in the coaching inn did not allow him to do so. Moreover, as Weiwei was someone who got shy easily, he decided not to go on with it.

Nevertheless, he gave the excuse of wanting to serve her while she was bathing and resolutely remained in the room.

After she was done with her bath, Lu Liangwei felt weak all over as Long Yang carried her directly to bed.

Lu Liangwei quickly wrapped herself up in her blanket.

When Long Yang saw her this way, he laughed as he stood by the bed and the look in his eyes deepened.

She was still wrapped up in the blanket when he came back after finishing his own bath, so he embraced her over the blanket.

Long Yang was not planning to hold back tonight, but he was not in a hurry either. He enjoyed teasing this girl.

Chu Jiu stood in the courtyard and once again heard the intimate sounds. She quickly flitted to the rooftop farthest from the main room.

Only at daybreak did the sounds finally die down.

Chu Jiu could not help but wonder how Her Highness managed to bear so much strain with her fragile body.

His Majesty had always treated Her Highness with so much care, but when it came to activities in bed, why did he never let her off no matter how much she cried?

Chu Jiu could tell that Her Highness had cried herself hoarse.

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