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Chapter 1238: How Could She Have Weiwei All To Herself

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Chapter 1238: How Could She Have Weiwei All To Herself

Ling Lihua shooed all the men out of the tent right after arriving.

She had not seen her daughter for a long time, and so many things had happened to her during that time, too. As a worried mother, she wanted to catch up with her daughter properly and also examine her body.

Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen refused to leave. They had just reunited with Weiwei too; how could Lihua (Mother) have Weiwei all to herself?

However, they were obviously no match for Ling Lihua, and soon they left the main tent gloomily.

Lu Hetian paced about in front of the tent, refusing to leave any further.

So did Lu Tingchen.

All they could think of right now was Weiwei. As for the Emperor, they had already forgotten about him.

Minister Lin and Zhao Qian hurried over after learning that the Emperor had arrived at the military camp.

“Your Majesty.”


Both of them dropped to their knees.

“You may rise.” Long Yang figured that Weiwei and Ling Lihua’s conversation would carry on for some time, so he headed off to inspect the military camp with them.

Chu Jiu stood in front of the main tent. She felt a little dizzy, but she forced herself to ignore it.

As Lu Tingchen paced about before the tent, he saw Chu Jiu standing there, and his eyes narrowed. He had not forgotten how she had thrown him off his horse outside the city gates on the day of his expedition.

He strode up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, but before he could speak, the woman suddenly toppled toward him.

Startled and thinking that she was up to something again, Lu Tingchen instinctively got out of the way.


Chu Jiu collapsed to the ground heavily.

Lu Tingchen was dumbfounded.

He did not expect her to actually fall.

When she did not move from her spot on the ground after a while, he could not help prodding her in the back with his foot. “Hey, don’t think I’ll forgive you by pretending to faint. I still remember how you embarrassed me in front of the entire army. Now get up!”

The woman continued to lie motionlessly on the ground.

However, she had fallen on her side, so he could not see her face at all from where he was.

Lu Tingchen had no choice but to go around her and squat down in front of her.

He reached out and pushed her shoulder, but she did not respond.

Seeing her pale complexion, Lu Tingchen finally realized that she was not pretending. All feelings of animosity toward her did not matter anymore as he hastily scooped her into his arms.

Seeing this, Lu Hetian walked over and asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know either. All I did was touch her shoulder, and she collapsed.” Lu Tingchen was puzzled too. This woman was as strong as an ox, so why would she collapse just like that?

“Then hurry up and bring her inside so your mother can examine her.” Lu Hetian was frustrated by his son’s reaction.

How could he be so slow-witted?

Despite his annoyance, he reached out and lifted the flap of the tent.

Lu Tingchen carried Chu Jiu inside.

Ling Lihua and Weiwei, who were in the middle of a conversation, jumped when Lu Tingchen burst in with a person in his arms.

“Big Bro, what happened to Jiu?” Realizing that it was Chu Jiu he was carrying, Lu Liangwei shot up from her seat and rushed over to him.

“I have no idea. She just fainted all of a sudden.” Lu Tingchen dropped Chu Jiu onto a chair and stepped away.

“How could you be so rough? She’s still a lady.” Lu Liangwei frowned at his actions.

Nevertheless, her scolding did not slow her down from taking Chu Jiu’s pulse.

Lu Tingchen disagreed with her inwardly. Except for his grandmother, mother, and sister, all other women were considered men in his eyes.

Moreover, Chu Jiu was capable of carrying a grown man like him, which made her seem even manlier than a man.


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