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Chapter 1278: 1278 There, Reflected In The Lake, Was A Gorgeous Couple

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1278 There, Reflected In The Lake, Was A Gorgeous Couple

“I’ll take her with me when I leave in two days,” said Ling Lihua.

“All right. It’s not appropriate for a young lady to stay here, after all.” Lu Hetian nodded.

“Miss Ji, why have you come out? You should go back inside, you’re still too weak.” Ling Lihua went up to Ji Lingxiu.

“Thank you for saving me, Madam.” Biting her lip, Ji Lingxiu curtsied to her.

“No trouble at all.” Ling Lihua wanted to clarify that it was Chu Jiu who had saved her in the restaurant the day before, but eventually changed her mind. Jiu did not ask for repayment anyway, and she was still unsure of what this young woman was thinking.

Straightening up, Ji Lingxiu mustered her courage before asking, “Madam, is Big Bro Tingchen not in the camp?”

“Big Bro Tingchen” – the term of address sounded a warning alarm in Ling Lihua’s head.

Wasn’t it a little too affectionate?

She turned and glanced at Lu Hetian behind her.

Lu Hetian was also taken aback. Just then, he recalled how Ji Qingyuan and his family had visited them on the first day of the first lunar month that year to pay them a New Year’s call.

Had Ji Qingyuan proposed marriage at that time because his daughter had already fallen in love with Tingchen long ago?

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Moreover, had this girl traveled all the way to the frontier alone for Tingchen’s sake?

His forehead creased at the possibility.

Ling Lihua remembered that New Year incident too, which gave her an inkling of Ji Lingxiu’s purpose here, and she replied cordially, “Chen? He’s handling military affairs. Is there something you need to tell him?”

Ji Lingxiu bowed her head shyly.

Ling Lihua’s stomach sank when she saw her reaction – her guess was right.

This young lady had feelings for Lu Tingchen.

After leaving the camp, Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu kept heading east.

Soon, a natural lake appeared before their eyes.

Lu Tingchen halted his horse and said to Chu Jiu, “We’re there.”

He got off his horse first, then walked over to Chu Jiu’s horse and extended a hand to help her down.

Chu Jiu did not, in fact, need his help, but staring at the outstretched palm before her, she stopped herself from jumping down and placed her hand in his.

Holding onto her hand, Lu Tingchen helped her down from her horse. However, he did not let go after that and started toward the lake with a relaxed gait.

Lu Tingchen was not wearing his armor today, and coincidentally, his robes were light blue too.

Chu Jiu had already noticed it a while ago. At this moment, a breeze rustled the hem of their clothes, making them overlap each other and enhancing the visual impact.

As their sleeves intertwined, a feeling of tenderness and intimacy started to permeate the air.

A blush crept over Chu Jiu’s face.

Oblivious to her reaction, Lu Tingchen led her by the hand to the lakefront.

They stood on the shore, their figures reflected clearly in the water.

“Look, Jiu.” Pointing at their reflections, Lu Tingchen turned and urged Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu glanced over to where he was pointing.

There, reflected in the lake, were the azure sky, white clouds… and a gorgeous couple.

Her mouth fell open slightly in astonishment.

The crystal-clear lake water was like a mirror etched into the ground.

Next to the strapping, handsome man, was a young woman in a light blue dress.

She had a full forehead and eyebrows shaped like crescent moons; her figure was sylphlike, and her facial features were both well-proportioned and full of charm. She was, undoubtedly, a beauty too.

Chu Jiu knew she was not unattractive, but the feminine grace she exhibited in female clothes made it hard for her to believe her eyes.

There was a mirror – a gift from the Duchess – in her tent, but it was too small and could only reflect her face.

Right now, standing by the lake and gazing at the reflection of her slender figure in the water, she discovered how radiant she was in female clothes for the first time.

“I didn’t lie to you, did I?” Lu Tingchen had moved behind her at some point. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder, his voice clear and alluring. “You’re beautiful in women’s clothes.”


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