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Chapter 1335: 1335

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1335 We’re In The Public Eye, Let’s Be Careful

“What’s going on?” Lin Qingyuan was befuddled. “Didn’t you say she was busy and can’t leave the Palace?” Despite that, who else could be the one who had just come in while holding on to His Majesty?

“I have no idea either.” Long Xuan was astonished as well. However, he quickly reacted and got up to welcome the Emperor and Empress.

“Uncle… What are you doing here?”

Lin Qingyuan followed behind him and looked at Lu Liangwei, who was dressed up like a man. She asked curiously, “Long Xuan said something had come up with you and you couldn’t come. Why are you here now?”

“Obviously, I’ve finished what I had to do. I’m here since I’m free now.” Lu Liangwei was not surprised to see them. She winked as she gave the half-truthful reply. When she had gotten Long Xuan to attend the event on her behalf, she had not planned to leave the Palace.

However, the three children had fallen asleep earlier than usual tonight and she had nothing else to do. In addition to that, she had not gone out on a date with His Majesty for a long time. On a whim, she convinced Long Yang to take her out of the Palace for some fun.

When they were on the street, they heard many people talking about how it was going to be a fun night at Peony Pavilion.

This reminded her of what Lin Qingyuan had talked about earlier and she insisted on coming here with Long Yang.

Long Yang did not want to visit such a place at all, but could not resist her soft begging.

When Lin Qingyuan heard this, she felt like she had just been tricked by Lu Liangwei.

The corner of Lin Qingyuan’s mouth twitched, but there was nothing she could say about it.

What could she do when the other person was the Empress? She held the highest position here and her word was law.

There was nothing Lin Qingyuan could do about it.

“There’s a seat over there. You can sit there.” Long Xuan staved off his curiosity and gestured respectfully to them as he pointed the way.

Long Yang tried to hold Lu Liangwei’s hand, but she avoided it.

She pointed at the clothes on her and reminded in a low voice, “We’re in the public eye. Let’s be careful.”

With that, she flipped the fan in her hands shut and strode in a dapper manner to her seat along with Long Yang.

Long Yang looked at the woman’s graceful back and frowned. He somehow felt he had been tricked by her.

The girl might have planned to come here from the very beginning. Otherwise, why would she have gone out of her way to dress up in men’s attire?

He had not thought much of it at the start. He merely assumed that it was more convenient to be in men’s clothes while they were outside, and quickly dismissed it.

The seat Long Xuan had picked was at the corner and was perfect for staying hidden. They could also see the entire hall clearly from that spot and miss nothing.

However, Long Xuan felt a little uncomfortable—he still felt it was not appropriate for his Royal Uncle and Royal Aunt to be sitting there.

“Take a seat for now, Royal Uncle. I’ll get someone to prepare us a private room,” he said as he made to get up.

“No need for the trouble. Let’s stay here,” Long Yang said with indifference. He did not mind where they sat.

Judging by how busy Peony Pavilion was today, it would not be easy to get someone to give up their private room unless Long Xuan pressured them with his authority.

It was just a seat. There was no need for a huge fuss.

Besides, the guests here tonight included many officials from the imperial court. He did not want his subordinates to spot him visiting a brothel.

He did not mind what they thought of it, but they also knew Weiwei and he did not want them gossiping about her.

Lu Liangwei said, “That’s right. There’s no need for trouble. We’ll just sit here and watch quietly.”

Long Xuan had no choice but to return to his seat.

The waiter at Peony Pavilion took special effort to serve them high-quality tea and snacks as instructed by the brothel madam.

It was not long before two beautiful, seductive women came walking toward them gracefully.

“Allow us to serve you, Young Masters…”

Long Xuan quickly prevented the girls, who had come unannounced, from moving forward lest it upset his Royal Uncle.

“We don’t need any girls to accompany us. Please leave us.”

The two girls wanted to stay, but when they saw how insistent Long Xuan was—not to mention how their group looked like people who should not be offended—they left with a wave of their handkerchiefs.

“Why put up a pretense like that? Anyone who comes here would want girls accompanying them, unless they have some issues!”

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