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Chapter 216: 216

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Chapter 216: They Were Burning Up Terribly As Expected

There was no way Long Yang could not perform. From the sensation she had felt in her hands, it was working frighteningly well.

“Miss, why is your face so red?” Zhu Yu’s questioning voice pulled her back from her thoughts.

Lu Liangwei lifted her hands to touch her cheeks. They were burning up terribly as expected. “No…nothing’s wrong. It’s getting late. You should go sleep.”

At the Palace’s imperial garden, the Prudence Consort was lifted away by the servants.

She had stood on the artificial hill for an entire day in the cold wind. Her body had stiffened as a result.

The next day, the Grand Duke Family had set up an arena quite early on Heavenly Street.

The news about Second Miss Lu setting up an arena to choose a groom had already spread quickly through the imperial capital.

Many were secretly waiting for some drama.

After all, Lu Liangwei had done quite some embarrassing things when she was wooing the Crown Prince.

In their eyes, Lu Liangwei was nothing but a shameless woman with no virtue. Regardless of how beautiful such a woman was, no one would dare want her.

That was why it would be impossible for her to get married properly, and the Grand Duke Family had no choice but to come up with such a plan.

However, nobody would want to be the adopted son-in-law when Lu Liangwei had such characteristics.

Many had reserved tables at the restaurant opposite the arena, so they could wait and watch a good show.

The arena was surrounded quite early in the day by commoners wishing to take part in the excitement. They whispered among themselves as they look at the arena.

“I heard that the Grand Duke Family had set up this arena to get Second Miss Lu a husband willing to marry into the family.”

Some had sneered at this, some were disdained, while others were gearing to try their luck.

“It would be a shortcut to a prestigious life if I could become the adopted son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family. There would be no worry for food and clothes for my entire life.”

“If you become their adopted son-in-law, you might never need to worry about food and clothes, but you will never be able to stand upright and be a man your entire life too.”

“What’s the use of such dignity? Just give me money and prestige and I’d be more than willing to be a lowly man.”

“Do you think Second Miss Lu will heed you any attention by the looks of you?” Someone laughed out loud.

That man was indignant. “What’s wrong with the way I look? What if Second Miss Lu happens to like someone like me?”

“Stop with your daydreaming. I’ve heard that although Second Miss Lu’s temperament is nothing great, that face of hers is like an angel from heaven. It’s fair to say that she has a face beautiful enough to launch a thousand ships.”

“Is she that beautiful?” Someone started drooling.

“Yes, she is. I’ve seen Second Miss Lu’s beauty once. She was sitting in the carriage and accidentally pulled open the curtain. No one knew she was Second Miss Lu then, yet it was enough to get everyone chasing after her,” someone said with a sigh.

Such beauty was truly unforgettable.

If one did not take in her terrible temperament, she was indeed a rare beauty.

As everyone was busy gossiping, Steward Wang from the Grand Duke Mansion walked out.

“Everyone, this is an auspicious day for the Grand Duke Family as we have set up an arena to choose a groom. Regardless of your status or where you come from, as long as you are not of bad character and have not committed any crimes before, you are welcome to try the arena.”

Hearing what he said, a huge commotion broke out from below the stage.

If one were to become the adopted son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family, they would be in-laws with the Crown Prince.

Not only that, but one’s status would also quickly grow as the son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family, and he would get to enjoy unlimited luxury.

This was much too tempting.

The people below the arena got pumped up in an instant. Everyone was eager to give it a go.

Steward Wang was quite happy to see everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement. He continued in a booming voice, “The fights on this arena will be held for five days. There will be one winner chosen each day, and he will be challenged for the top spot by the participants on the next day. This will continue until the fifth day and the final winner of the last round will go through a character test. If his character passes the test and our Second Miss is happy with him, he will marry our second Miss and become the adopted son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family.”

“Those who are interested to get up into the arena can register with me right here. The number of participants is limited each day and this is on a first-come first-served basis. After registering, you can head up directly into the arena.”

Steward Wang finished explaining the rules and regulations in one breath.

“I’ll sign up, I’ll sign up.”

Someone immediately shouted as soon as Steward Wang was done with his words.

Even though five days was a little long and they might be taken down on the very first day, but the criteria to participate was quite low and many were enticed by it.

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