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Chapter 218: 218

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Chapter 218: He Looked Like He Was Here As Per Someone’s Wishes

A period of five days was set for the matches in the arena. The final winner would need to go through a test of character. After passing the test, Second Miss Lu would look him over.

If Second Miss was happy with him, the matches would end. If Second Miss was not happy with the winner, the matches would continue to the next round until someone who was able to satisfy Second Miss was chosen.

Previously, Lu Liangwei had only seen an arena set up for choosing a bridegroom on television. Now that she was actually experiencing it in person, it did not feel exciting at all. This was probably because the matter involved her, so she was not very enthusiastic about it.

The match to choose a groom was in full swing at present.

Lu Liangwei sat behind the arena stage. She showed no reaction even when she heard yet another person being soundly defeated and forced off the stage again.

Wang He approached her at that moment, eyeing her thoughtfully before murmuring, “Second Miss, news has come from the Minister’s Mansion. Miss Lin committed suicide at midnight yesterday.”

Lu Liangwei lifted her eyes and glanced at him when she heard this.

When Wang He noticed how calm her gaze was, a touch of uncertainty arose in his heart.

He had originally suspected that Second Miss might have had a hand in this matter. After all, this was too much of a coincidence—just after he had sent the medicine to Lin Qingyuan, she had died.

Was Lin Qingyuan really dead? Did this have anything to do with Second Miss?

“I see. Very well.” Lu Liangwei nodded. She did not say anything else, but something occurred to her, and she added, “I might need your help in a few days.”

Wang He was slightly surprised at her mysterious reply but did not pursue the matter further.

Lu Liangwei had just decided to leave and return to the mansion when surprised cheers were heard from outside. The next thing she knew, someone else was forced off the stage once more.

Lu Liangwei cocked her head and glanced outside just as she was about to leave.

When she saw the person standing on the arena stage, her lips twitched.

What was Chu Yi doing here?

Had he come to join the excitement?

However, once she considered who Chu Yi’s master was, things became slightly clearer. From the looks of it, Chu Yi was here as per someone’s wishes.

Since this someone could not break the rules and could not use any underhand tactics in private, he had openly sent Chu Yi over.

With Chu Yi’s capabilities, what chance would all these other people have?

If nothing unexpected happened, the winner after five days would undoubtedly be Chu Yi.

Lu Liangwei stood where she was and watched for a little while.

She suddenly felt that Chu Yi was not a bad prospect at all. If he was willing to be her bridegroom, that would be a good thing.

The caveat was that Chu Yi needed to have the boldness to face death and stand up to his master as well.

However, this was impossible.

Lu Liangwei felt that it was quite a pity.

A few more people went up on the arena stage after that. Without exception, every single one of them was effortlessly forced off the stage by Chu Yi.

The commoners below the stage were a little reluctant to take part when they saw how invincible Chu Yi was.

Lu Liangwei pondered for a moment, then turned to Wang He. “Big Brother Wang, do you think you could defeat that fellow on the stage?”

Wang He had never met Chu Yi before, so he had no idea who Chu Yi was.

However, he stood on the sidelines and observed for a while. Naturally, he noticed that Chu Yi defeated all the participants without the slightest effort.

He shook his head without hesitation. “This subordinate is too clumsy and is no match for that man.”

He paused. “From what this subordinate can see, that man is not bad-looking at all, and he is extremely skilled. Are you not satisfied with him, Second Miss?”

In Wang He’s opinion, this man who had suddenly appeared out of the blue was much more powerful than all the other previous participants.

Not only was he a good fighter, but he was also much better-looking than the rest.

If this man could defeat all the other participants, he would make quite a good adopted son-in-law for the Grand Duke Family.

Even though the man’s looks were not on par with Second Miss, he was skilled in martial arts and would be able to protect Second Miss in the future.

Lu Liangwei had no idea what Wang He was thinking. When she heard him readily admit without hesitation that he was no match for Chu Yi, she was dumbfounded.

Sometimes, Chu Yi did not seem very reliable, but he had proved to be very capable when killing that python on Sacred Hillock Peak.

When she considered this, Lu Liangwei did not say anything more and left with Zhu Yu.

The news of the Grand Duke Family setting up an arena to choose a bridegroom had already spread throughout the whole of the imperial capital.

By the time the news reached the Eastern Palace, Lu Yunshuang was already feigning civility with the newly-inducted beauties.

Hong Xiu approached Lu Yunshuang with a strange look on her face and whispered something next to Lu Yunshuang’s ear.

Lu Yunshuang’s expression underwent a slight change when she heard what Hong Xiu said. With an angry flick of her sleeves, she left, not bothering to pay attention to these silly buffoons any longer.

Chen Qiyu, the Duke Chen Family’s young Miss and leader of the Crown Prince’s beauties, sneered slightly and gave a cold laugh.

“All of us hail from similar backgrounds. What’s there for Lu Yunshuang to be all snobbish about?”

They did not lower their voices, and their manner was rather impudent. Lu Yunshuang, who had not yet gone very far, heard what they said and was so infuriated her face turned livid with rage.

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