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Chapter 248: The Dowager Duchess Returned in Low Spirits

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Chapter 248: The Dowager Duchess Returned in Low Spirits

Long Yang fell into deep thoughts as he watched the Dowager Duchess walked further away. He pondered for a moment and summoned Chu Qi.

The Dowager Duchess was returning home low spirits. She doted on Weiwei, but regardless if the Dowager Duchess had believed him or not, she would be sure to punish Weiwei upon returning home after hearing such words from him.

He pursed his lips and instructed Chu Qi, “Bring Second Miss Lu into the Palace. Do not alarm anyone.”

Chu Qi was slightly surprised, but he took the order. “I’ll be on my way now.”

Long Yang watched him leaving and remembered his habit of carrying people over his shoulders. With that, Long Yang changed his mind. “It’s fine. I’ll go myself.”

Grand Duke Mansion, Dusklight Court.

Zhu Yu was watering the flowers in the courtyard when she suddenly felt a gush of wind passed by her ear. She turned to look but saw nothing.

Lu Liangwei was in her little medicinal room fiddling with her medicinal materials. Hearing footsteps, she thought it was Zhu Yu and said without lifting her head, “Zhu Yu, I’m thirsty. Please get me a cup of water.”

It was not long before a cup of water was held right at her lips.

Lu Liangwei smiled as she moved her head toward the cup and her petite lips pressed onto the side and took a sip. “Thank you.”

She was about to lower her head and continue working with her hands when her gaze suddenly fell upon the hand holding onto the cup, and her hands stop moving.

The hand was slender and was structured with balance. It was a good-looking hand but the fingertips had thin calluses. It was obviously not a woman’s hand.

She turned her head slowly and when she saw who it was, she frowned.

“What are you doing? You look so serious.” She did not even realize that it was not her maid that had entered.

Lu Liangwei was no longer surprised about how easy it was for him to sneak into her room.

However, she was still a little taken aback.

Was His Majesty acting a little casual about this?

She asked solemnly, “Is there anything the matter for Your Majesty to visit suddenly?”

She did not curtsy since he was not bothered about it.

Long Yang’s eyes were smiling. “Let me take you to a place.”

With that, he held her hand naturally and nonchalantly threw a sheet of paper onto the table.

Lu Liangwei pulled herself together quickly and pushed his hand away roughly. “I don’t want to go.”

“You’re really not coming?” Long Yang turned back and looked at her with gentleness in his dark, mysterious eyes.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

When Long Yang saw her silent, he knew he must have scared her. He lifted his hand and tousled her on the head. “If you don’t leave with me, you won’t be able to go anywhere once your grandmother returns.”

Lu Liangwei blinked a few times and suddenly had some idea of what was going on.

Grandmother had gone to the Palace today. Given that Long Yang was standing here now in such a carefree manner, it was not difficult to guess that her grandmother must have been angered by him.

She did not know what Long Yang had said to her grandmother, but as Long Yang had come looking for her, it would seem like her grandmother must have failed.

However, why would she not be able to leave once her grandmother returned? Would her grandmother place her under house arrest?

“Why?” She looked at him curiously with her beautiful, dark eyes.

The young girl stood there looking soft and fragile. Her skin was fair as snow and her petite lips were bright red. Her nose was elegantly straight while her eyes glittered. She was wide-eyed and had an adorable expression.

It moved Long Yang’s heart. He liked how she looked right now very much. He suddenly held her shoulders and could not help moving forward to kiss her on the forehead. “Do you want to know? Come with me and I’ll tell you.”

With that, he held her hand to leave without giving her a chance to say another word.

Lu Liangwei calmly raised her sleeve to wipe away the wetness on her forehead.

His Majesty was getting too much.

He not only held her hand but also kissed her!

The Dowager Duchess headed straight for Dusklight Court when she got back to the mansion.

Zhu Yu was still tending to the plants in the garden when she saw the Dowager Duchess entered in a grand huff. She quickly put down the tools and wiped her hands before rushing forward hurriedly to welcome the Dowager Duchess.

“Dowager Duchess.”

The Dowager Duchess pushed away Zhu Yu, who was blocking her way, and asked, “Where is your Miss?”

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