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Chapter 286: 286

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Chapter 286: The Woman Who Was Discarded By The Crown Prince

Long Yang was a reserved and dignified man, he would be sure to give in to her every need and never argue with her after they got married.

This was probably an advantage of marrying someone much older than she was.

Lu Liangwei’s troubled heart finally lifted quite a bit at this thought.

She should not have been so distraught over this.

There was no doubt at all that Long Yang was a good man. At the very least, she had not yet met any men better than Long Yang besides her father and brother.

As long as he treated her well, she would not mind much if he had groups of beautiful concubines.

This was the olden times, after all, and he was the Emperor.

She could not expect him to only have her by his side for his entire life. That would be impractical.

Although, just to make sure they were on the same page, she would never give him her heart. Both of them could just be a nice husband and wife pair who respected and honored each other.

The fog clouding Lu Liangwei’s heart dissipated more as she thought about this.

Since she was not able to get out of this situation, she might as well put in some effort into being a good Empress. She would not break any rules and would not be petty. She should be able to live her life in peace this way.

Lu Liangwei felt suddenly suffused with joy as she smiled at Zhu Yu and said, “What you’ve told me might be right.”

Zhu Yu smiled in delight when she heard this. She nodded vigorously. “I’ll always stay by Miss’ side. If there comes a day when His Majesty bullies you, I’ll protect you even if it means sacrificing my own life.”

Lu Liangwei did not know whether to laugh or cry as she stared at Zhu Yu’s petite frame, but she was quite touched by her words nonetheless.

“Alright, I’ll remember what you said. When the time comes, you must have the courage to dash in front of me and shield me.”

Zhu Yu pulled back. “I just said that for fun. I don’t actually have such courage.”

Lu Liangwei stopped teasing her and stood up. “Okay, let’s go to bed.”

“Let me serve you until you lay down, and I’ll go to sleep after.”

News of the Emperor betrothing Second Miss Lu of the Grand Duke Family as the Empress spread through the entire imperial capital as if the news itself had sprouted wings.

People were unsure about how to react when they first got word of the news.

What? The Emperor was marrying Second Miss Lu?

What kind of joke was this?!

Was Second Miss Lu not already discarded by the Crown Prince? Why would His Majesty want her?

That could not be right. The Grand Duke family had set up an arena over the last few days to choose a bridegroom for Lu Liangwei. How did this turn into His Majesty marrying her?

What exactly had happened?

Question after question exploded in everyone’s minds.

Some were disbelieving, some were incredulous, others were jealous and filled with contempt, while there were some who were fearful.

They had not offended Second Miss Lu before, did they? They had not, had they?

Since news of Lu Liangwei hanging herself to attempt suicide had spread, many looked down upon her. They were of the opinion that a woman such as this would probably find it difficult to get married for her entire life. Even if someone was willing to marry her, it would likely not be a man of quality.

That was why not many were surprised when the Grand Duke Family had set up that arena to select her a husband.

After all, she was the woman discarded by the Crown Prince. Who would be willing to pick up leftovers he did not want?

So what if the Grand Duke Family had immense power? So what if Lu Liangwei was absolutely gorgeous? They would rather marry a woman of virtue and honor from a small family.

While secret laughter about how Lu Liangwei would only be able to get herself a useless husband for the rest of her life went on, this shocking piece of news was heard.

They had heard that all the officials from the Ministry of Rites were brought along by the Emperor to the Grand Duke Mansion for a marriage negotiation.

His Majesty was the ruler of the kingdom. Was it even necessary for him to personally handle the betrothal?

Regardless, he did head there personally. Rumor had it that the betrothal gifts for the future Empress were so abundant that they could not fit on the front courtyard of the Grand Duke Mansion. The servants were said to be still busy conducting a stock check for all the gifts.

This showed just how much His Majesty valued the marriage.

Everyone could only react in shock or incredulity over this.

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