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Chapter 376: She Would Be Angry

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Chapter 376: She Would Be Angry

Chu Jiu was agile and Zhu Yu could not snatch it back no matter what she did.

Lu Liangwei could not help bursting into laughter as she watched them messing about to snatch a piece of stinky tofu.

“Both of you should quiet down. It would be bad news if grandmother returned and saw your antics.”

Chu Jiu immediately passed the stinky tofu back to Zhu Yu when she heard this.

Zhu Yu was delighted, but when she took the waxed paper bag, she realized that only one very small piece of stinky tofu was left.

Zhu Yu was angry. “Chu Jiu, why haven’t I notice you have a big appetite? Who would have enough of such a small piece left?”

Chu Jiu darted a casual look at her. “If you don’t want it, give it to me.”

Zhu Yu quickly popped the stinky tofu into her mouth.

Chu Jiu, “…”

Who was the one who had a big appetite?

It was not long before the Dowager Duchess returned. She immediately headed to Lu Liangwei’s room.

She smelt something strange the moment she stepped into the room.

“What is that smell?”

A look flashed in Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she stepped forward to hug the Dowager Duchess’ arm. She cleverly changed the topic. “Grandmother, you must be tired after listening to the chanting at Tianzhu Temple for the entire day. Let me massage your shoulders.”

The Dowager Duchess was not too bothered with the issue. Besides, the smell seemed to have dissipated now that she took another whiff. It was hardly there now.

She benevolently patted Lu Liangwei’s hand when she heard her granddaughter’s concerned words. She smiled and said, “Don’t you underestimate your grandmother. I’ve only been sitting there for half a day and that’s not enough to tire me. Moreover, Master Qingzhen’s Buddhist chant was ingenious. Even if I have to sit for an entire day, I would never feel tired.”

Lu Liangwei thought that her grandmother must be a fan of Master Qingzhen.

“I know Grandmother is the best. You should take a seat now.” Lu Liangwei helped her to the chair and lifted her hands to massage her shoulders.

However, the moment her hands lifted, the Phoenix Jade Bangle became partly exposed.

She quickly pulled down her sleeve to cover the jade bangle.

She should have taken the bangle off if she knew this would happen.

Although she did not really do anything, she still felt guilty.

It was because her grandmother did not really like Long Yang. If she were to find out that Lu Liangwei had gone out with him for half the day, she would be angry.

Her eyes lowered at this thought. She felt a little guilty toward her grandmother.

Aunt Lan entered the room with a cup of ginseng tea and spotted Lu Liangwei pulling on her sleeve.

However, she said nothing.

Second Miss was about to get married. There was nothing wrong for her to have her own little secret.

“Have you been bored silly from staying in the courtyard for an entire day?” The Dowager Duchess did not notice Lu Liangwei’s subtle movement. She picked up the cup of ginseng tea passed to her by Aunt Lan, taking a sip as she asked in concern.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I wasn’t bored. Time passes quickly when I read books on medicine.”

Lu Liangwei felt a little guilty again as she replied.

She did have books on medicine with her, which would have helped her pass the time the entire day. Unfortunately, this was the day that she had not read a single word, and had even gone off gallivanting for half the day.

The Palace.

Ji Linghui sat in the corridor as she played with a gray pigeon in a cage.

She looked quite carefree, but in reality, one could tell that she was feeling quite anxious by the frown on her face.

It was not long before a snow-white pigeon came flying toward her from outside. It was as if it could recognize its master as it expertly landed on Ji Linghui’s shoulder.

Ji Linghui reached out to caress its soft feathers. After a while, she removed a piece of note from the tube on its leg.

A terribly upset and disbelief expression appeared on her face when she opened and read the note.

Failed. They actually failed?!

That person was not able to be killed even when assassins from the House of Swallow Snow had been dispatched.

This was ridiculous!

She was nothing but a girl who happened to be pretty. Yet, even the assassins from the House of Swallow Snow had failed. What sort of ability did she possess?

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