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Chapter 456: 456

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Chapter 456: As Long As She Was Not Still Harboring Feelings For Him

Lu Liangwei darted a look at the girl beside her and said indifferently, “That was because Lin Qingyuan used to be blind.”

She paused. “Although, no matter how blinded she was, she was never as stupid as you. Not only is your stupidity incurable, but you’ve also lost every last shred of your conscience. First you helped Lu Yunshuang kill Lin Qingyuan, then you helped push your stepsister into harm’s way.”

“What did Lin Qingyuan do to you to deserve this? You’ve even wanted to silence her with death because of Lu Yunshuang. I believe Chen Qiyu didn’t do anything to you either, did she? Yet, you’re able to stand by and watch while Lu Yunshuang threw her into that brothel.”

As she ended her words, Aunt Liu lunged toward the prison bars hysterically.

“Chen Xuping, you inhumane bastard. You were the one who did this to Yu’er, weren’t you? No wonder we couldn’t find her anywhere. She got into trouble because of you two. Oh, my Yu’er….”

The roof of the prison almost collapsed from Aunt Liu’s mournful wail.

Duke Chen’s expression turned even darker. He pulled Chen Xuping up and slapped him. “Bastard, you bastard!”

Some emotion finally appeared on Chen Xuping’s face.

Lu Liangwei felt there was no need to continue. Chen Xuping was left with the comeuppance of being forsaken by his friends and family. Moreover, the death sentence was awaiting him.

“Let’s go,” Lu Liangwei did not bother to give Chen Xuping another look as she pulled Lin Qingyuan along to leave.

However, Lin Qingyuan stood obstinately where she was. She suddenly pulled off the veil from her face and roared at Chen Xuping, “Chen Xuping, take a look and see who I am.”

Chen Xuping had been flung listlessly to the ground by Duke Chen.

The sudden voice of the roar seemed to hit him like a thunderstrike. He was stunned and it took quite a while before he slowly turned his head.

When he saw that familiar face standing outside the prison cell, the look in his eyes went blank, then he sneered, “So you didn’t really die!”

Lin Qingyuan replied coldly, “Are you surprised I didn’t die? For someone like you who’d do anything for Lu Yunshuang, I really want to know how you will react when you realize she might not be who you think she is.”

With that, she did not spare him another glance and turned to Lu Liangwei to say, “Death is too good for him. Do you think we can make him live a life worse than death, forcing him to live the remainder of his days in shame and regret?”

Lu Liangwei looked at her thoughtfully. “Lin Qingyuan, do you know what you’re saying? The crimes he has committed are enough for him to be sentenced to death a hundred times. Are you aware of what he has done for Lu Yunshuang? He is her hired thug. He has killed for Lu Yunshuang, kidnapped and snatched innocent girls for Lu Yunshuang. Do you know how many of those brothels exist out there? Or how many innocent girls were in those brothels? Yes, death is too good for him. I think he should be burned to dust.”

The Duke Chen Family looked at Chen Xuping in alarm when they heard this.

They knew that Chen Xuping had committed a terrible crime. The imperial edict had mentioned that he engaged in factional activities for personal gain, bribed court officials, entrapped innocent girls, but they were not clear on everything Chen Xuping had done.

They finally realized just how many terrible crimes Chen Xuping had committed after hearing Lu Liangwei’s words.

Duke Chen became tearful. He could not understand how the Duke Chen Family was able to produce such an unfilial child.

Lin Qingyuan knew Lu Liangwei had misunderstood her request and quickly explained. “I know, I know all about them. I just don’t want to see him die such a quick and easy death. At the very least, we should allow him to be thoroughly disappointed with Lu Yunshuang before he is executed and let him die with shame and regret.”

Lu Liangwei was relieved. As long as she was not still harboring feelings for Chen Xuping.

If Lin Qingyuan could still manage to feel some pity for such a scumbag, it would be incredibly stupid of her.

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