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Chapter 58: Hold Her Close To His Heart

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When Lu Hetian heard this, his doubts were cleared a considerable amount.

However, he knew deep inside that his son was still hiding something from him.

Nevertheless, although Lu Hetian had seen through his son, he did not inquire further.

Both their loyalties lay with the court, but Lu Tingchen was different from him.

Lu Tingchen worked directly under the Emperor. The Emperor regarded him highly, and he let him take charge of not only the palace cavalry, but also the entire imperial city, including the Emperor’s life and assets.

Such trust was not only a supreme glory but also a sign of the Emperor’s confidence in Lu Tingchen’s character.

Lu Hetian understood his son’s concerns, so he did not say anything more.

Lu Tingchen breathed a sigh of relief. Before leaving, he thought of something and voiced out a reminder, “The reason Weiwei was caught in the limelight today is all thanks to Aunt Zheng. How could Weiwei have possibly prepared any birthday presents? If not for her quick wit, what would have happened to her? I’m sure you understand this well, Father.”

With that, Lu Tingchen strode off without caring to look at Lu Hetian’s expression.

His father was well-rounded in almost all aspects, except when it came to discerning another’s character.

Lu Tingchen could not understand how a wise man like his father could keep a woman like Aunt Zheng beside him.

All she knew was to cause trouble for Weiwei every day.

If not for his father, he would have dealt with Aunt Zheng a long time ago instead of letting her continue to fool around in the Grand Duke Mansion.

After being reminded by Lu Tingchen, Lu Hetian recalled what had happened.

His expression immediately turned grim, and he headed off to Aunt Zheng’s Truffle Court.

In the palace.

The Virtuous Consort was stopped outside Hidden Dragon Palace, her face purple with rage.

“It’s the Emperor’s birthday today, and I just want to wish His Majesty a happy birthday in person. Does Butler Zhao intend to stop me from even seeing His Majesty?”

Zhao Qian was fairly fed up with the situation, but he had no choice but to gather himself to face her.

“I don’t intend to stop you, but His Majesty is really exhausted tonight and does not wish to see anyone, so I’ll convey your wishes to him. It’s already late; please go back and rest as soon as possible, Your Highness.”

The Virtuous Consort clenched the handkerchief in her hand tightly. She looked past Zhao Qian and saw that the Emperor’s sleeping quarters behind him were still brightly lit, indicating that the Emperor had not yet gone to sleep.

Irritation filled her heart, along with a trace of anxiety.

She had always been calm and clever and was usually not a competitive person.

This was because she was confident that, in time, she would be the only one by the Emperor’s side.

However, the appearance of Lu Liangwei at the birthday banquet today had broken her calmness and confidence.

That girl was so youthful and fresh. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that she possessed the beauty to overthrow the country.

She had actually met Lu Liangwei before, but her opinion then was that the girl was just the Duke’s spoiled daughter who had nothing going for her but her beauty.

However, after seeing her again today, she felt that Lu Liangwei was different from before. Her face was as beautiful as before, but there was a brighter radiance to it.

A mere glance was enough to captivate people’s hearts.

Moreover, the Emperor’s various uncharacteristic actions had sounded the alarm in her and sparked her sense of danger.

The Emperor kept his composure throughout the banquet, but the way he had rewarded Lu Liangwei twice was certainly unusual.

She was afraid that the Emperor would take a fancy to Lu Liangwei.

If that was the case, would her efforts of waiting so many years go to waste?

She loved the Emperor, so she refrained from doing anything that displeased him.

This was in the hopes that one day the Emperor would recognize her goodness and hold her close to his heart, but now…

She desperately wanted to see the Emperor so she could be at ease.

However, this lowly servant Zhao Qian was stopping her from seeing him…

The Virtuous Consort dug her nails into her flesh, but she did not feel any pain.

She stood there for a long time, but seeing that Zhao Qian was unmoved, she eventually walked away in resentment.

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