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Chapter 628: 628

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Chapter 628: Lu Tingchen Being Pulled Off The Horse By Chu Jiu

Chu Jiu was about to walk back through the city gates when she noticed the sound of whiplash in the air.

She quickly ducked to evade whatever it was.

However, the reins were like an agile snake, which had already wrapped itself around her waist.

She felt something tighten about her waist and her expression changed. When she turned to see who was controlling the reins, anger appeared on her face. A chilling light shone from between her fingers. She was about to slice off the reins that entangled her when Lu Tingchen quickly pulled her toward himself from the other end of the reins.

“Tomboy, I haven’t even relayed my message. What’s the rush?” He was wearing silver armor which made him look like some sort of deity as he sat on his horse with his back against the sun. He looked at the woman he had dragged toward him from high up on his seat.

Chu Jiu’s eyes narrowed when she heard this. She threw a punch at him. “Nothing good ever comes out from your mouth!”

Lu Tingchen was prepared for this. He moved to the side, avoiding the punch, and used the opening to grab the fist that was flying at him. He sized up the fist in his hand and critiqued with a sly smile on his face. “All bark and no bite.”

Before Chu Jiu could launch another attack on him, he quickly continued, “I’m about to leave for our conquest. I’ve no time to play games with you. All you need to do is relay my message.”

Chu Jiu sneered, but said nothing.

Lu Tingchen turned back to glance at Lu Liangwei standing on the city gates. He pulled on the reins and dragged Chu Jiu closer. He bent down right next to her ear. “Chu Jiu, tell Weiwei that I have no idea when I’ll be back now that I’m leaving for the frontier. I promised to give her gold some time ago, but I have been constantly delayed. I’ve hidden some gold in my room. Tell her to collect it when she’s free.”

The man’s cold breath came at her without warning, causing Chu Jiu to stiffen on the spot and forget what she was supposed to do. All she felt was a tickling sensation on her ear, which was beginning to burn.

Lu Tingchen straightened up when he was done talking. He released the reins that were wrapped around her waist. He gave her a casual glance and noticed her ears were beet red. This astonished him greatly. “Tomboy, why are your ears so red…”

He did not manage to finish his sentence as a strong attack came at him. In one brief moment, the world whirled about him and he had already fallen from his horse.


A loud noise was heard, which shocked the soldiers around him.

Chu Jiu looked coldly at the man lying on the ground. She stopped herself from stomping on him and turned to run away.

Lu Tingchen quickly stood up. He clenched his teeth as he watched the woman run to the city gates. If not for the fact that he had to leave soon, he would have gone after her and given her a good beating.

He had never met such a boorish woman who was also strong enough to pull him down from his horse.

Was she even really a woman?

Wait a minute… He suddenly remembered something.

On the night before Weiwei’s wedding, both he and Weiwei had gotten drunk. He had vaguely felt himself being carried onto the bed.

He had thought it was his imagination back then. Now that he thought about it, the person who had carried him onto the bed was clearly that tomboy, Chu Jiu!

Now that he was realizing this, a dark look appeared on his face.

Damn that tomboy!

Lu Hetian had steered his horse over when he heard the commotion. He was relieved when he saw that Lu Tingchen was not hurt. However, it was still a disgrace for Lu Tingchen to fall off the horse like this in public. This would hurt the troops’ morale. So, Lu Hetian ordered grimly, “Men! Vanguard Lu has behaved disgracefully in front of the soldiers. Take him away and give him ten beatings of the army rod!”

Lu Tingchen did not protest. He immediately gave a fist and palm salute to reply, “Yes, sir!”

With that, he went off with the soldiers executing the order.

Lu Hetian breathed a sigh of relief. He should not act biased in the eyes of the public.

He turned to look in the direction of the city gates and felt somewhat disappointed. In the end, he lifted his head to glance at his daughter on the city gates and nodded at her. Then he yanked his reins and led his troops away.

Lu Liangwei had also seen Lu Tingchen being pulled off the horse by Chu Jiu from the city gates.

She could not help but worry when she saw her big brother being taken away by the soldiers for punishment.

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