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Chapter 697: 697

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Chapter 697: It’s Such An Eyesore
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Lin Qingyuan said contemptuously, “I finally see you for who you truly are today—an unloyal friend. You’re no better than Chu Jiu.”

Lu Liangwei shrugged, not at all irritated. Instead, she grinned and said, “You can only blame yourself for being slow and only realizing it now.”

Speechless, Lin Qingyuan turned her back on her and followed Chu Jiu swiftly into the trees.

Lu Liangwei stood by and waited. Not long after, she heard an agonizing scream coming from inside.

Shocked and thinking that Chu Jiu and Lin Qingyuan had been assaulted, she called out anxiously to the guards who were not far off, “Guards, guards!”

After shouting, she grasped a couple of silver needles between her fingers and raced toward the source of the sound.

However, she had just reached the entrance of the woods when she saw Chu Jiu and Lin Qingyuan walk out.

There were suspicious blushes on both of their faces.

Startled, she rushed up to them. “What’s wrong? Are you injured?”

Chu Jiu opened her mouth to speak, but Lin Qingyuan started babbling an unintelligible string of words, “T—the Crown Prince is in there… It’s s—so small; how can it be so small? Are all men that small? Why is it nothing like what I imagined?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Chu Jiu, “…”

“… And that Beauty Lin, isn’t her chest a little too big?” As Lin Qingyuan spoke, she gestured to the front of her body. She had calmed down somewhat, and her speech was more coherent. “I’m not exaggerating when I say those melons must be ten pounds each. Wait, am I going to get a stye? Argh, if I’d known that they were naked, I wouldn’t have gone in. I’m going to be scarred for life, ahh—”

The guards dashed over just in time to catch what Lin Qingyuan said and paused abruptly in their footsteps. Unsure if they should rush into the trees, all of them turned toward Lu Liangwei for further instruction. “Your Highness, is the Crown Prince in there? Please give us instructions on what to do next.”

Lu Liangwei could not care less about that sleazy Crown Prince Long Chi, but she had nothing against Beauty Lin. If the guards burst in there and saw her naked body, she would probably be unable to remain in the Eastern Palace after waking up. It would be no different from sentencing her to death.

She whispered to Lin Qingyuan, “You’re the one who started all this, so shouldn’t you do something about Beauty Lin?”

Lin Qingyuan stamped her foot. “But I don’t want to see the Crown Prince’s fiddle again. It’s such an eyesore.”

“That’s easy.” Lu Liangwei took out a handkerchief. “Cover your eyes with this, then make your way inside and help dress Beauty Lin.” She stuffed the handkerchief into her hands and muttered a few more words to her.

Lin Qingyuan was reluctant to yield. “Why isn’t Chu Jiu the one going in?”

“I told you, you’re the one who started all this. Besides, if it’s such an eyesore for you, don’t you think it’d be the same for Jiu too?”

After watching the Empress exchange whispers with Lin Qingyuan instead of giving orders, the guards could not help feeling anxious for the Crown Prince.

What if a beast came?!

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A while later, Lin Qingyuan blindfolded herself with the handkerchief and walked into the trees under Chu Jiu’s guidance.

Fortunately, Beauty Lin had fainted near the entrance, and it did not take long for Lin Qingyuan to reach her. After carelessly wrapping the clothes scattered on the ground around her and kicking the Crown Prince’s clothes further away, she ran back out, tore the handkerchief off her face, and said to the guards, “You can go in now.”

Meanwhile, the guard who hurried back to the temporary imperial residence had already reported the incident in the woods to Long Yang.

Right now, he was rushing to the woods with the Empress Dowager and all the court officials in tow..

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