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Chapter 743: Solidified Long Chi’s Crime Of Rebellion

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Long Chi, who was fending off the black-clad assailants, sensed at this moment that something was wrong.

Given Royal Uncle’s skill in martial arts, he would still find a way to escape the carriage no matter how fast it was traveling.

According to his plan, the moment Royal Uncle leaped out of the carriage, the assassins he had stationed in the dark would immediately fire their arrows at him. In such a scenario, Royal Uncle would not survive no matter how impressive his abilities were.

However, the current situation was different from what he had expected.

The carriage was already approaching the cliff, but there was still no movement inside, not to mention any sign of Royal Uncle.

When he saw Zhao Qian and the imperial guards slashing everyone in their path regardless of their allegiance, he felt that something was indeed odd.

However, the place was now in utter chaos. Everyone seemed to have descended into a killing frenzy, and even a few of Long Chi’s subordinates had been slashed.

He was now in a dilemma.

If he stopped moving, he would be struck by the imperial guards.

Just then, another group of black-clad assassins emerged from another side and rushed toward Long Chi, shouting anxiously, “Run, Your Highness! The person in the carriage is not the Emperor. He’s seen through our plan to assassinate him!”

Appalled, Long Chi swung his saber at the assassins. “Get away from me! I don’t know you!”

The assassin seemed to come to a sudden realization and hurriedly backed away.

Zhao Qian pointed his saber at Long Chi and roared, “His Majesty has always treated you well, but how dare you plot against him?”

“Watch your tongue, Zhao Qian! I have nothing to do with this. Our top priority now is to rescue Royal Uncle.” Despite Long Chi’s internal panic, he continued to feign righteousness.

However, the moment he finished speaking, there came a thundering crash. The Emperor’s carriage was hauled off the cliff by the deranged horses, producing an ear-splitting screech.

Disorder turned abruptly into dead silence as everyone stared in the direction where the carriage fell off.

“His Majesty – ”

Someone suddenly let out an anguished cry.

Zhao Qian was the first to recover his senses and shouted, “Your Highness, are you still going to defend yourself in the face of such conclusive evidence?”

Long Chi’s blood ran cold, and with a twist of his wrist, he cut down an imperial guard suddenly sprinting toward him.

“The Crown Prince is starting a rebellion!” Seeing this, Zhao Qian bellowed, “Avenge the Emperor!”

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In response to his order, all the guards swarmed toward Long Chi.

The two groups of black-clad assailants stood guard by Long Chi and confronted the imperial guards fearlessly.

The court officials and their family members standing in the back watched the melee unfold before their eyes, their faces paling with horror.

The Crown Prince wanted to assassinate the Emperor?!

The court officials who had planned to support the Crown Prince shuddered as they racked their brains for countermeasures to clear their names.

The triumph on Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s face had now been replaced by defeat.

If Long Chi had noticed that something was wrong, she naturally had, too.

The person in the carriage that had fallen off the cliff was not the Emperor at all.

Moreover, the words of the assassins, who had suddenly appeared afterward, further solidified Long Chi’s crime of conspiring against the Emperor.

With so many eyes watching him, he could no longer defend himself.

More importantly, if the person in the carriage was not the Emperor, where was he now?

Could it be that the Emperor had already discovered their plot to set up an ambush here and assassinate him?

Also, under whose orders were the second group of assailants?

Dread surged within the Empress Dowager’s heart, and she twisted the Buddhist prayer beads in her hands rapidly, trying her best to come up with a solution.

However, before she could find one, a solemn voice came from outside her carriage, sounding as overbearing as ever.

“What’s going on?”

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