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Chapter 770: 770

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Chapter 770: It’s Time To Give Them Back

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‘When Ling Lihua noticed her gaze, she immediately knew what she was thinking and said sarcastically, “Well, am I sorry for staying alive and disappointing the Empress Dowager! She’s really pulled out all the stops, hasn’t she? She thought that I was dead, but then I came back alive, so she sent her
henchmen to assassinate me again and again because she was afraid that I’d cure His Majesty, but little did she know that he’d already been cured before I even came back. And she was arrogantly waiting for the poison to take full effect too. How hilarious!”

Matron Chen was horrified – so the Emperor had already been cured of the poison long before Madam Ling’s return? Before this, the Empress Dowager had been so confident that the Emperor would not live until the end of the year, but she never expected that while she was conspiring against him, her
plan had already fallen apart.

No wonder the Emperor was so ruthless this time.
First, the Crown Prince was deposed, and then the Empress Dowager

A chill ran down Matron Chen’s spine.

However, if it was not Madam Ling who had cured the Emperor, who else could it be?

Thinking, she blurted out, “If you didn’t cure His Majesty, then who else…”

Ling Lihua’s lips curled into a smile as she looked toward Lu Liangwei.

However, at that moment, fear suddenly crept into her heart. How was Weiwei able to deal with a poison as difficult as Frostbite?

To accomplish that, not only would she need exceptional medical skills but also a thorough understanding of poisons.

However, considering Weiwei’s age

Most importantly, how did Weiwei acquire such outstanding detoxification skills?

Was it only through the books on medicine that she had left behind?

She would not be so surprised if Weiwei had only acquired ordinary medical skills, but Frostbite was an extremely challenging poison to counter.
Not only would the physician need to be highly skilled in medicine, but they would also need a good knowledge of poisons.

When Lu Liangwei met her mother’s doubtful gaze, her heart skipped a beat, and she quickly changed the subject. “His Majesty’s a good man, so he naturally has the Buddha’s blessing. But you – Matron Chen, on the other hand, have been helping the Empress Dowager commit all kinds of evil deeds. Tell
me, what should I do with you?”

A smile flickered in Long Yang’s eyes at her words.
The Buddha?

Was this girl talking about herself?

Well, this girl was indeed his lucky star.

Terror colored Matron Chen’s features and she broke out in a cold sweat. She kowtowed to Lu Liangwei in panic. “Please go easy on me, Your Highness. I’m willing to turn over a new leaf.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at Long Yang, and seeing that he did not object, said, “Since you’re willing to change for the better, from today onward, you shall work in the Palace Laundry Service. I’ll send someone to supervise you, and if you ever go astray again, I will not give you another chance.”
Matron Chen’s heart thumped, but at the same time, she was also relieved.

Although the work in the Palace Laundry Service was not easy, she would at least still be alive to do it.

It was better to live a miserable life than to die a quick death; she would do anything to stay alive.

She knocked her forehead to the floor. “Thank you for your grace, Your Highness.”

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While Matron Chen was quivering with fear, Lu Yunshuang was equally appalled.

Had the Emperor already been cured of the poison long before Madam Ling’s return?

That was way before what the Crown Prince and Empress Dowager had guessed.

She dug her fingernails into her palms to suppress her alarm.

Moreover, now that Matron Chen had revealed everything, what would happen to the Crown Prince and Empress Dowager.

Just when she was panicking inside, she suddenly heard Lu Liangwei say, “Lu Yunshuang, you took a few things from my mother’s study room before. Don’t you think you should give them back to her now?”

Lu Yunshuang’s heart jolted, not expecting that she would bring this up, but she replied in feigned confusion, “I think you remembered wrong… When did I take anything from your mother’s study room?”

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