Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities
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Gu Yang, who had just inherited hundreds of millions, transmigrated into a novel. She became the fake young lady who occupied the nest and suffered in the end.

In the beginning, she framed the real young lady, and forced the villain into becoming her blood bank. She offended both the good and the evil.

In order to make it to the end, Gu Yang decided to set boundaries with the Gu family. She apologized to the female lead, gave blood back to the villain, and did her best to stay alive.



“Gu Yang is our daughter no matter what! She will always have a share of the Gu Group!” Her parents exclaimed.

“I only have one older sister, and that’s Gu Yang! Gu Yang, you can have everything in the Gu family!” Gu Pei, her younger brother, exclaimed.

“The Gu family is nothing. I can give you ten times what they can give you,” Gu Jin, the female lead, said.

“My blood, my body, and everything I own belongs to you,” Feng Jue, the villain, said.
“Everyone in the Gu family is stupid. They treat the fake young lady like a treasure,” all the wealthy families in Jincheng said.

One day, the Gu family became the richest family in Jincheng. They were the leader in the industry.

Everyone was jealous.

There were rumors that Gu Yang spent most of her time with a mentally ill person. “Is she mentally ill too?” Netizens asked sarcastically.

“I’m her patient,” bigshots from different backgrounds stepped forward and said.

“That’s our president,” the Huaguo Psychiatric Association and Psychological Association claimed.

Everyone on the internet went crazy.
Gu Yang thought the main villain in the novel was good-looking and was in a pitiful situation. She decided to treat him better and compensate him more.

One day, he pressed her against a wall. “Did you hypnotize me? All I can think about is you.”

Later, she found out that she’d been exploring the world while he’d been waiting for her.

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