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Chapter 2163: 2163

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Chapter 2163 Great Dao’s Lake, Great Dao’s Mountain, Who Dares to Hurt My People From the Pan Gu Universe

In the Great Dao Spirit World, nine rivers of fortune pierced even the horizon.

All the explorers were searching for the Great Dao Source along the rivers.

Chu Kuangren and the Heavenly Grand Master had collected more than a dozen Great Dao Sources.

“I wonder what’s at the end of the rivers of fortune,” the Heavenly Grandmaster asked curiously.

“We’ll find out when we reach the end.” Chu Kuangren was rather curious as well.

In fact, they were not the only ones. All the cultivators who entered the Great Dao Spirit World were curious about what lay beyond the nine rivers of fortune.

Time flew.

Chu Kuangren and the Heavenly Grandmaster spent months moving along the river.

At the end, where all the rivers converged, they reached a massive lake consisting of fortune energy.

Countless mystical Daoist laws gathered in the lake, and inside the lake were glimmers from the Great Dao Source.

At first glance, there were at least thousands of Great Dao Sources in the lake, and it was on the surface.

There must be more deep inside the lake.

It was a lake of Great Dao!

“This place where the nine rivers of fortune converge is indeed amazing,” Chu Kuangren said in awe.

The creation of the Great Hongmeng Universe was indeed amazing.

“My goodness! There are a lot of Great Dao Sources here!”

“Is this the real treasured land?”

“Don’t lay your hands on them! They’re all mine!”

Other than Chu Kuangren and the Heavenly Grandmaster, more and more cultivators arrived at the lake.

They went mad when they saw the seemingly endless Great Dao Source. A huge fight broke out as they tried to seize the Great Dao Source for themselves.

The blood they spilled dyed the lake red.

Chu Kuangren noticed that when the blood was spilled into the lake, they were sucked to the center by a mysterious force.

“It seems like there is something else in the center of the lake,” Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He exchanged a quick glance with the Heavenly Grandmaster and decided to find out the truth. Instead of joining the fight, they headed to the center of the lake after transforming into two streams of light.

In the center of the Great Dao’s Lake was a massive and towering mountain, accompanied by other smaller mountains floating above the lake’s surface.

The mountains were surrounded by golden glimmers, the reflection from all the Great Dao Sources it contained. It was a mountain of Great Dao Source!

It was even more amazing than what the lake held inside.

All the cultivators who saw the mountains were in awe, and it fueled their frenzy even more.

“If we can take the mountain back with us, we can easily ascend to the Grand Dao Realm!” said one of the cultivators while drooling.

“Yeah! We don’t need to fight. There’s a lot here for us!” someone said, afraid that the fight would exacerbate.

With that, the group started to excavate the mountain’s resources.

When the excavation started, everything was peaceful. There was an abundance of Great Dao Source, so many that everyone could grab a bunch with their hands.

Gradually, they realized the difference in quality. Some mountains had better quality and more Great Dao Sources than others.

Collecting lower-quality Great Dao Sources would only be a waste of time, and they would lose out on the better ones.

With that, jealousy overtook their sanity again.

“Why don’t you share your mountain with me?”

“Go away! Go bug someone else!”

“How dare you speak to me like that? Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are!”


In order to secure the mountain with better-quality Great Dao Sources, the group broke the fragile peace and fought each other again.

“Hmph. A bunch of fools,” Elder Dragon Chengtao said with a cold grunt.

His eyes glowed golden. Mystical runes swirled in his eyes as he started to scan the mountains and the Great Dao Sources they held.

“Compared to the Great Dao Sources, the most precious treasure in this Spirit World is the Great Dao Heart. It’s definitely hiding in one of the mountains! My draconic eyes can see through all things. I must find it before anyone else!”

Other than Elder Dragon Chengtao, other powerful Prodigies also joined the search.

To them, the Great Dao Sources might be useful, but it was not as useful as the Great Dao Heart, which would allow one to ascend directly.

“I’m getting my hands on the Great Dao Heart!” Tianshen Chang thought to himself.

He, too, was using his own way to search for the Great Dao Heart.

As for the others, they were still fighting to secure the mountains with better quality Great Dao Sources.

Amidst the fierce fight, a man and woman tried their best to avoid all conflicts.

Anyone from the Pan Gu Universe would recognize the two of them.

They were the two Human Emperors from ancient times, Wahuang and Fuxi.

“Senior, let’s take this mountain.”

Wahuang stood in front of a mountain. Compared to the other mountains, that one looked a lot worse, hence less conflict happening around it.

It was also the reason why Wahuang chose it — so that they could avoid unnecessary fights.

Wahuang and Fuxi were not exactly powerful in the Great Hongmeng Universe. Moreover, they had no reliable support, so they had to be careful.

Other than that, Wahuang also sensed a connection from the mountain.

Her Primordial Creation Dao was resonating with something inside.

“Your call.”

Fuxi nodded.

He drew his sword and started to excavate the mountain, revealing the resources inside.

As the excavation went on, Wahuang sensed a stronger connection in her.


A mystical energy fluctuation erupted.

From the excavation path, a blast of Hongmeng spiritual qi erupted with violet light swirling around. Then, a colorful crystal flew out from the mountain.

The clear crystal released a surge of Creation Dao energy fluctuation, and it instantly captured everyone’s attention.

“That’s… a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure!”

“That inconspicuous mountain has a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure! What the hell? Those two are so lucky!”

Everyone was jealous of Wahuang and Fuxi.

They had to fight for better quality Great Dao Sources, yet those two randomly picked a mountain and got a Hongmeng Supreme Treasure.

It made them feel embarrassed.

“Sister, take the treasure and leave!”

Fuxi knew exactly what the others were going to do.

Hence, he told Wahuang to take the treasure and leave immediately.

Wahuang did not try to argue either. She kept the crystal and wanted to leave, but when she traveled a certain distance, she realized Fuxi did not keep up.

Her brother wanted to secure her escape.

“Brother, no!”

Wahuang’s expression shifted.

Fuxi’s cultivation was weaker than her. How could he face so many elites alone?

“Leave!” Fuxi shouted.

Then, with a step forward, a massive Bagua diagram expanded from his feet and blanketed the area.

The moment the Bagua diagram appeared, some cultivators were trapped.

They could not break free immediately.

“He’s quite capable.”

The pursuers were rather surprised.

Then, one of them unleashed a terrifying Primordial aura that formed the image of a golden behemoth in the void.

“It’s Bigu from the Beastman Tribe!”

Someone recognized the man and was astonished.

Bigu was fifth on the Primordial Leaderboard.

Originating from the Beastman Tribe, the behemoths were the oldest beastmen.

“Neither of you can escape!”

Bigu grunted, and the golden behemoth threw a punch downward, easily crushing Fuxi’s Bagua diagram.

Having been locked by the fist energy, Fuxi could not escape.

“Brother!” Wahuang screamed.

Suddenly, a sword qi flew in from further away.


The image of the golden behemoth was instantly destroyed, and Bigu was blasted away, crashing through a few mountains.

“Who dares hurt my people from the Pan Gu Universe?”

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