What If I Can’t Die? - Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: 175 Killing the Spider Emperor and Refining Gu

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175 Killing the Spider Emperor and Refining Gu
The Spider Emperor spat out blood, leaving a pool of liquid on the cave wall.

His decapitated body fell to the ground. He did not struggle much and then stopped moving.

The Spider Emperor’s soul had already been destroyed by Song Shi’s sword qi and was dead.

“Nice kill!”

The chains binding the Spider Emperor quickly loosened. Lu Jiu flew in in a flash. As he retrieved the chains and Dharma treasures, he smiled and nodded at Song Shi, as if he did not care that Song Shi had taken advantage of the chaos to run in.

In this ruin, the Spider Emperor was more of a hindrance that prevented them from continuing to explore deeper. Therefore, they had to kill him as soon as possible.

However, this thing was a powerful demon beast after all. Other than its abdomen, its other parts were very firm. Its spider legs were even stronger than ordinary Dharma treasures. The spider web was powerful and restrictive. It also had many children and grandchildren. If Song Shi did not kill it, they would probably need to waste more effort passing through his lair.

“It’s nothing much.”

Song Shi smiled. He suddenly attacked not to show off in front of everyone, but purely to snatch the kill.

No, it was more like snatching the opportunity to kill.

Now that it was getting more and more difficult to obtain a lucky draw opportunity, he naturally could not miss it.

“Damn it, he’s being pretentious again!”

Lu Youyou roared in her heart, as she was a demon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

She scoffed. “At least you have some self-awareness. Without my father and Grandpa Mountain Mover seriously injuring this spider emperor, would you have a chance?”

“You can’t even kill him, why are you making these sarcastic remarks?”

Song Shi’s words almost made Lu Youyou choke.

She could only twist her words. “When I reach the Golden Core Formation stage, I will be able to kill him.”

“When I form my Nascent Soul, I can kill it alone without anyone’s help.”

Song Shi pursed his lips.


Lu Youyou was so angry that she took a deep breath and could only change the topic. “Father, he snatched my Numinous artifact, the Black Ice Token.”

Ghostly shadows swayed as Ghost Butcher and Shi Tianya entered. The former frowned. “This beast also has Numinous artifacts?”

“No wonder it ran back. It probably wants to use the power of the Numinous artifacts to turn the battle around and attack us.”

“Yes, I obtained the Numinous artifact, but it was cheated away by him.”

Lu Youyou was about to cry. She pointed at Song Shi with an aggrieved expression, “This person is so bad. He even lies to little girls.”

“You’re a little girl?”

Song Shi sized up Lu Youyou, who was no longer small, and said angrily, “You were the one who was so frightened by the Spider Emperor that you threw out the Numinous artifact in your hands and begged me to help me shoulder its killing intent. Now, you’re distorting the truth?”

“I didn’t beg you!”

Lu Youyou hurriedly looked over, “Grandpa Nightmare, what you saw just now was him tricking me into giving up the Black Ice Token.”

Old Man Nightmare was dealing with the spider web. When he heard the Miss call him out, he said helplessly, “Indeed, she was not begging.”

“Right? He’s the one who fooled me. Hurry up and take out the Black Ice Token. It’s more suitable for it to be with me.”

Lu Youyou stretched out her fair hand.

Lu Jiu did not speak. He had indeed felt an icy aura just now. It should be the Black Ice Token that his daughter had mentioned. If it was a Numinous artifact, it was indeed quite precious.

At this moment, Shi Tianya said, “Blood-robed Elder, since it’s your fault and it doesn’t match your attributes, it’s better to return it to Youyou.”

“That’s right. Why are you, a man, trying to fool a little girl?”

Fang Gang agreed. He would definitely stand on Lu Youyou’s side.

Song Shi crossed his arms and his expression turned cold, “Shut up. You both are not qualified to get involved in this matter.”

Shi Tianya and Fang Gang’s expressions darkened. This fellow was too arrogant. Why was he still acting like this in front of so many people?

Mountain Moving Daoist walked in tiredly. When he saw that the atmosphere was not right, he looked at Lu Jiu. “What’s going on? Aren’t you going to collect the spoils of war?”

“The greatest spoil of war is on him. It’s a Numinous artifact. This blood-robed elder seems to want to keep it for himself.”

Another elder replied sarcastically.

“Oh, I thought that the most valuable things were the Spider Emperor’s body and demon cores. I didn’t expect there to be Numinous artifacts. Everyone took down this place together, yet you want to monopolize it?”

Mountain Moving Daoist was very displeased. He was the main attacker and had contributed the most. He definitely did not want to see this person take away the most precious Numinous artifact.

“If I take it all for myself, will you kill me?”

Song Shi chuckled. His words made the atmosphere turn solemn.

“Elder Blood Robes, don’t joke around. This joke isn’t good.”

Ghost Butcher said coldly.

At that moment, Song Shi really thought of provoking these guys to kill him. In the end, he gave up because doing so was indeed a little immoral.

He said indifferently, “This thing is naturally everyone’s common spoils of war, but before taking it out, I still have to make it clear. Firstly, I’ve encountered this jade token first. Secondly, this thing should at most be shared by everyone. At most, I’ll give it to the Sect Master. She’s not qualified to own it.”

“You’re not qualified!”

Lu Youyou hated it when people looked down on her. She almost scratched Song Shi’s face.

“Heh heh, it’s good that the blood-robed elder knows his limits. You did indeed contribute by killing the Spider Emperor, but it’s not to the extent of directly being awarded a Numinous artifact.”

Lu Jiu squeezed out a smile, “Besides, these Numinous artifacts aren’t very suitable for you. How about you give me one of the Spider Emperor’s spider legs? This is also a good refining material. If you encounter suitable Numinous artifacts in the future, I’ll give them to you first. How about that?”


He did not force Song Shi to take it out just now. It was too humiliating for Song Shi and could easily cause internal strife. Now that Song Shi did not act recklessly, he was naturally overjoyed.
“Lu Youyou, learn more. Otherwise, what right do you have to take over your father’s position?”

Song Shi threw out the token and walked over to cut off the largest spider leg before leaving.

Such top-grade artifact refinement materials were indeed quite precious. They were qualified to be used to refine top-grade Dharma treasures and even Numinous artifacts. They were worth more than ten thousand spirit stones. He could use the materials he had drawn previously to refine a Dharma treasure along with this spider leg.

Lu Youyou did not feel the thrill of victory when she saw Song Shi leave leisurely.

Although she had successfully gotten Song Shi to take out the Black Ice Token, she had not gained any benefits.

“Youyou, you have to know how to be kind. Don’t bicker with your own people all day.”

Lu Jiu shook his head helplessly at his daughter, “I’ll keep this token first. We’ll discuss it before deciding who it belongs to.”

He raised his hand and his Nomological power transformed into chains. He wrapped them around the token and took it over to check.

“These are ancient characters. They look like some kind of identity token. Why are they here?”

Ghost Butcher leaned over and took a few looks, “Could this be the key to some place? For example, to enter that space?”

“I don’t think so. Who would leave the key to enter their house outside?”

Mountain Moving Daoist did not agree.

“This Numinous artifact is quite special. Let’s study them carefully. As for the others, deal with the battlefield. After resting for a while, we’ll move to the next point.”

After Lu Jiu made the arrangements, he began to observe the Black Ice Token with Ghost Butcher, Mountain Moving Daoist, and the others.

Song Shi walked out of the hole and was not unhappy about having to give away the token.

Everyone had a share of this. If Lu Youyou hadn’t seen it, he would have monopolized it, but since she had, he was too embarrassed to take it all for himself.

“Why did the alms bowl heat up when I encountered the token just now?”

Song Shi thought of the reaction of the Dharma artifacts alms bowl on him and was a little puzzled.

The alms bowl was only a Dharma artifact. Why would it react to the Numinous artifact? Could there be some special connection between both?

The image of how similar the ruins were to the alms bowl suddenly appeared in front of him.

That alms bowl was used to refine Gu, could it be that this ruin had a similar effect and that they were the Gu?

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