What If I Can’t Die? - Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: 177 Misunderstanding

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177 Misunderstanding

Seeing the various leaders and upper echelons of the various large factions display their divine powers, Song Shi fell into deep thought.

Even if these leaders were in the same realm as some riff-raff, the difference in strength was huge.

The worst cultivators were the lone cultivators who followed the Ye Family. At this moment, many of them had already been killed by the Heavenly Poison Sect cultivators.

“The difference in equipment is big indeed.”

Song Shi muttered.


Looking at the array formation of the Heavenly Ghost Sect attacking a hall, he shook his head secretly.
As a Grade Six Array Master second only to the Perfected Heavenly Star Lord, he could see that the grade of the array in the core area had not changed much, yet its defense had increased greatly.

It was already impossible to break it with the strength of just a sect.

“You’re slacking at the side again.”

Now that Lu Youyou had her eyes on Song Shi, she was very unhappy to see him looking around.

“Could it be that you like me?”

Song Shi found it strange. Why did this woman keep pestering him?

“Pfft, who would like you!”

Lu Youyou snorted. “You’re the one who didn’t follow the rules.”

“Haven’t I done enough?”

Song Shi crossed his arms. “I put in a lot of effort at the tea garden. I even killed the spider emperor. What’s wrong with taking a break?”

Lu Youyou moved her lips and realized that this fact was indeed not easy for her to refute.

“Don’t give me any more trouble, or I’ll make you pregnant.”

Song Shi said bluntly.

“You’re shameless!”

Lu Youyou didn’t know how to respond, and her face turned red.

“Watch your mouth!” Shi Tianya said darkly.

Lu Jiu’s face darkened too when he heard this. He turned around and said, “Elder Blood-robes, we still have to be more refined among fellow disciples.”

“Sect Master, I didn’t even curse. I’m already being elegant enough.

Song Shi shook his head. Those with bad tempers would probably already bring up Lu Jiu’s wife or his other deceased family members.

Lu Jiu frowned. When this Blood-Robed old ghost became famous back then, he was also known to be extremely temperamental. He burned, killed, plundered and committed all kinds of evil. He was really afraid that his daughter would suffer.

He turned around and said, “Do your own thing and ignore the others.”

Lu Youyou was depressed when she heard that. Her father was biased towards the old ghost again.

Song Shi sat on the path in front of the plaza and said meaningfully, “Don’t waste your energy. The fact that the two factions didn’t break through the Weapon Pavilion despite working together means that the ruins in the core area can’t be broken through by one faction alone.”

Just as he said this, the Scripture Depository rumbled and an entrance was opened by The Perfected Heavenly Star Lord.

The people from the Heaven Secret Office quickly entered. Then, the Array Formation closed and isolated them from the outside world again.

Lu Youyou chuckled, “Didn’t you say that no sect can break it alone?”

Song Shi was slightly embarrassed and did not answer. He only sized up Lu Youyou with ill intentions.

The latter could not help but think of what Song Shi had just said, and his expression became uncomfortable.

“Stop first.”

Lu Jiu gave the order. He also noticed this problem. The power of the array formation in the core area was much stronger than the outside. It was a little difficult to break it with brute force.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed beside him and a figure appeared. “Lu Jiu, are you interested in working together?”

In the air, a jade coffin descended from the sky and stabbed into the youth’s side with a bang.

This young man was dressed in an ancient long robe. His face was cold and hard, and his expression was domineering. His muscles and bones were like jade, and his entire body was fluorescent.

Song Shi was shocked. He could no longer tell whether the zombie was a dead person. This realm was indeed not simple.

“Ying Kun, I was also looking for you.”

When Lu Jiu saw the latter, he nodded slightly. “Which side do you want to break?”

“Wait a minute.”

Ying Kun looked at Song Shi, “Why do you have the Hiderigami bloodline contract on you?”

“How did you find out?”

Song Shi was shocked. His contract had been discovered. Wasn’t his original identity about to be exposed?

No, when he signed the contract, his identity wasn’t exposed. It shouldn’t be that bad.

“How can I not discover it?!”

Ying Kun was expressionless. “Since you have a contract, you are considered half a member of the Heavenly Corpse Sect. Lu Jiu, if he dies, remember to give us his corpse. You know, signing a contract means that his body is ours.”

“Oh? Blood-robed Elder, do you have an agreement with the Heavenly Corpse Sect?”

Lu Jiu was surprised.

“I signed it!”

A scarlet stone coffin flew over and landed on the ground with a bang.

A middle-aged man who looked like a scholar stood up and bowed to Ying Kun. “Emperor Kun, I met this person in the Thousand Poisons Mountain Range. I saw that his physical talent was very good, so I formed a contract with him.”

He introduced respectfully, “I’ve specially investigated him afterwards. This person’s original name is Song Shi. He’s the son of a concubine of a mortal family in Silken City. By chance, he became related to a disciple of the Yao Moon Palace and stepped onto the cultivation path. He’s even had affiliations with the Demon Slayers. Back then, he went to the Thousand Poisons Mountain Range on a mission and I bumped into him. Later on, he probably encountered the Blood-Robed old ghost and his body was possessed.”

The more Song Shi listened, the worse his expression became. Damn it, why was this fellow so diligent? He actually investigated his entire background.

“Yes, possession is nothing. We only need a physical body.”

Ying Kun nodded and sized up Song Shi, “Your physique is indeed not bad. You found a good seedling for the Crimson Emperor.”

“I didn’t expect the Blood-Robed old ghost to improve this body by so much. Remember, our contract is still the same. You can look for us before you die.”

Su Tian smiled.

At this moment, a purple light suddenly pressed down on Song Shi, and the Void suddenly became solemn.

Lu Jiu raised his head and shouted: “Fairy Zi Yue, what are you doing?”

Unknowingly, a voluptuous and beautiful young woman in palace attire had appeared beside them. She had a dignified aura and a mature charm. At this moment, her sparkling eyes were filled with coldness.

“Song Shi is an elder of the Yao Moon Palace, so I naturally have to ask you all some questions.”

Lu Youyou was speechless, “What other identities does this guy have? Why is he related to the three major forces?”

Lu Jiu frowned. Was the background of the person possessed by the Blood-Robed old ghost so complicated?

Zi Yue stared at Song Shi. “Show me your true colors!”

Song Shi didn;t know whether to cry or laugh. This was a little chaotic. Not only had his identity been exposed, but he had also been misunderstood.

At this point, he didn’t pretend anymore. He simply formed a seal with his hands and his muscles and bones began to squirm.

“Thousand Transformations!”

Zi Yue exclaimed, “Looks like Lu Yue is doomed. I don’t know if she was killed by you or him.”

Under her gaze, Song Shi turned into a handsome young man in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, he still looked like he had just come of age. He looked quite young and mature and was in his youth.

This stunned many people. Other than Lu Jiu and the other Nascent Soul cultivators who were used to it, the other disciples of the Heavenly Ghost Sect had interesting expressions.

“He was hiding under a pretense before. I actually couldn’t tell.”

“So this is who he really is.”

“He’s so young. He doesn’t look like he’s even twenty, right?”

Lu Youyou was quite shocked. She did not expect Song Shi to look like he was not much older than her.

“It’s really you!”

Zi Yue had a solemn expression and sighed. “Blood-Robed old ghost, you killed my benefactor. I will avenge him.”

Shi Tianya and the others immediately revealed gloating expressions. At the same time, they were a little curious. How could the person that this old ghost possessed be indebted to this newly advanced Nascent Soul realm cultivator from the Yao Moon Palace?

Zi Yue did not say anything else and they did not pay much attention to it. In any case, this Blood-Robed old ghost was unlucky. Since Zi Yue had said this in front of everyone, she would definitely not go easy on him.

Song Shi did not know what to say. This misunderstanding that he had caused was a little too big.

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