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Chapter 169

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Bai Hua Fairy seemed to completely ignore Wu Xing Wen’s cries of pain.

She glanced at the Great Monk of Sorrow and Xuanyuan Tianzun, smiled and asked: “Shall I?”

The Great Monk of Sorrow: “Amitabha, then we’ll trouble you, benefactor Xie”

Xuanyuan Tianzun also nodded.

Xie Dao Ling stood up, walked to the platform then declared to the cultivators below: “This battle’s victory is attributed entirely to a single person’s plan. Since we have yet to mention his due Merit and rewards, that is what I shall announce right now”

Hearing that, all the cultivators had the same thought

Just how exactly did this campaign’s victory come to be?

It was completely shrouded in mystery, one that no one here could lift.

Before the decisive battle, the three Saints suddenly arrived and declared they were able to track the traitor of humanity.

After that, everyone went into the General’s tent one by one.

All they remembered is that they went inside, felt disoriented, then arrived at a subspace.

There, Xuanyuan Tianzun and the Great Monk of Sorrow arranged the roles and tactics they had to follow, saying that they must be ready to fight as soon as they leave this subspace.

And when they left, they were already near Demon Clouds River.

On a battlefield not too far from there, the demons and spirit beast had nearly all died out.

Everyone was shocked, but didn’t have time to think too much about it, only followed the three Saint’s orders and quickly prepared to fight.

---------after that, the Three Saints themselves entered a hard battle with the Tianma, and the demon beasts surrendered.

Everyone only managed to control the large-scale attack formations to attack a Beast Saint a few times, stood and watched the intense fight between the Saints and the Tianma, then the battle was suddenly won.

No one got hurt, no one died, they simply won.

Everyone was still in disbelief.

It wasn’t until after the campaign was over that it was widely known that the spirit beasts had betrayed them.

Everyone gasped.

If while they were on the battlefield, fully concentrated on killing the demons and suddenly got attacked from behind by the spirit beasts, the results would’ve been frightening.

Just who found out about this unbelievable truth?

Without this crucial piece of information, humanity would’ve been caught in a pincer attack between the demons and spirit beasts and lost without any doubt.

And then, how did the Saints manage to win?

Quite a few people here know that there are a total of 13 Beast Saints.

Their number has been the biggest reason why they are able to keep the three Saints at a stalemate; just how did that suddenly get resolved?

So many matters were shrouded in mystery, every cultivator was extremely curious about it, they wanted to know.

But no one dared to openly questioned the three Saints about it.

And now, Bai Hua Fairy is finally going to reveal the truth behind it all.

Facing the anticipation of everyone, Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling smiled, then spoke.

“One person found out the truth about the spirit beasts’ betrayal after infiltrating the demon’s territory”

The entire area started to become rowdy from the sound of discussion.

Sure enough, it was about this matter!

Bai Hua Fairy continued: “This person had suggested their own tactic for this decisive battle”
“Through much discussion by myself, Xuanyuan Tianzun and the Great Monk of Sorrow, we had concluded that this tactic was a brilliant battle plan”
“Regarding the results of that plan, you can all see with your own eyes”
“Six Beast Saints had left for another world, unable to ever return”
“Tens of thousands of spirit beasts, as well as over 100,000 demons were ambushed by us and nearly all died out, the few of them that remains can no longer fight against humanity”

At this point, Bai Hua Fairy stopped a bit before continuing: “But when I arrived at the frontline, I found that he was framed for abusing power to bully the weak, to kill an innocent, and was isolated by all”

Many gasps of surprise came from the cultivators below.

Quite a few quick-witted cultivators had noticed who Bai Hua Fairy was talking about.

But they still couldn’t believe it.

Then, Bai Hua Fairy declared: “Xiao Qi Chaplain, Gu Qing Shan”


In front of everyone, Gu Qing Shan once again stood out.

“You found out the truth about the spirit beasts’ betrayal, preventing the loss of life of many cultivators here, a great contribution”
“You suggested a brilliant tactic that prevented the three of us from being taken to unknown lands, using the demon beasts’ preparations against themselves, eliminating 6 Beast Saints in the process, a great contribution”
“In this battle, your many contributions had proven that you are a talented General”
“The merit gained from your contributions had exceeded the amount that’s required for the Chaplain rank”

Bai Hua Fairy stopped again and looked at her disciple with extreme satisfaction.

She declared: “After discussion between the three of us, you are now promoted to the rank of You Ji General”


“Men, present him with the golden armor and change his badge”

“Thank you, Saints”

Following Bai Hua Fairy and Gu Qing Shan’s conversation, the entire army went into an uproar.

It was him!
So all of this was done by him!

Thinking about it carefully, they realized ------------no wonder the spirit beasts badmouthed him, it’s very possible that the Tianma had found out that he might have already noticed the truth!

Unfortunately, Wu Xing Wen knew nothing about this and even helped the spirit beasts to try and push him down.

If Gu Qing Shan had not been able to report the spirit beasts’ betrayal to the Saints…

Many people unconsciously reached for their waist, imagining the scene of their own spirit beast suddenly jumping out and attacked them.

Everyone shivered in fear!

Just like that, they all owe him a great favor.

Many people were still in disbelief, looking at the other two Saints for confirmation.

The Great Monk of Sorrow and Xuanyuan Tianzun were both smiling and nodding in praise.

They were no longer in disbelief.

If the other two Saints also reacted like this, then this matter really isn’t just something the master and disciple pair of Bai Hua sect orchestrated by themselves.

The way cultivators looked at Gu Qing Shan had changed.

A few were of admiration, a few were of shame, but most of them were thinking about how to apologize to him.

A main point of cultivation is to cultivate the mind, even though they were fooled, the fact that they had coldly rained him with jeers still put them in the wrong.

If they don’t do anything, their Dao heart wouldn’t be able to settle down, which is detrimental to themselves.

While the painful cries of Wu Xing Wen’s punishment still continued, the few people who were discussing in empathy of him has now all stopped and no longer bothered with him.

It was like they had ignored both his existence and his screams.

“Very well, next, I have two things to announce” Bai Hua Fairy spoke.
“The first, from now on, all spirit beasts must swear on their inner demons before they are allowed to serve humanity”
“A spirit beast that doesn’t want to swear on their inner demon is not allowed to interact with humans”
“Anyone that violates this rule shall be killed without question”

Hearing that, everyone went solemn, but no one dared to say anything back.

No extraneous explanations, no mincing words, simply declaring that they shall be killed.

This was Bai Hua Fairy Xie Dao Ling’s style.

“The second, everyone shall stay in place and began preparations, three days from now ------“

She stopped for a bit for everyone to become silent.

A few cultivators gulped anxiously, others only stared at her without making a sound.

The entire camp very quickly went silent, no one made a sound, no one even dared to move.

A complete silence.

Xie Dao Ling glanced over the entire camp as her voice raised and declared: “We shall attack Shen We world!”

The cultivators suddenly burst into a blasting response and continued on for a while after.

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