Zhanxian - Chapter 810

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Chapter 810

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Chapter 810: It’s Worthless


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Mrs. Fanghua’s words made Mao Qi’s extravagant hopes come to nothing. Originally, his misunderstanding seemed a bit lacking in confidence, but now that Mrs. Fanghua is running against him, he is even more speechless.

Representatives of the major sects around him looked at Mao Qi with a look that was almost hateful. Once upon a time, he, Hall Master Mao Qi, was treated like a distinguished guest in any sect. How could he be treated like this?

However, even if Mao Qi’s tongue blooms like a lotus, it cannot explain the fact that the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation is still absorbing the mortal world’s spiritual power.

Misunderstanding? Is the formation that took hundreds of years to lay out a misunderstanding? Or is it a misunderstanding that the formation that is still absorbing spiritual power up to this moment is a misunderstanding? The Greatest Heaven Sect wants to show sincerity, but at this moment it fails to show even the most basic respect. How can everyone believe it?

“It’s not that our sect didn’t try our best, it’s just that once the formation was started, it couldn’t be stopped.” At this moment, Mao Qi could only tell the truth in order to get the understanding of the representatives of the major sects. As long as these large sects have reached an agreement, other small sects can completely be ignored.

“You can’t stop it, is it true?” an elder of the monster race asked with a frown, as if he didn’t believe Mao Qi’s words at all.

“I swear by my inner demon, it is absolutely true!” Mao Qi immediately used the most direct method to gain trust. The inner demon’s oath is definitely a big issue for people in the dao sect. He believe that with this premise, the representatives present will definitely believe it.

“In other words, if this formation cannot be stopped, all the spiritual power in the mortal world will be used by the Greatest Heaven Sect. I don’t have to expect anything anymore, right?” The monster race elder forced a smile on his face that looked like a smiling expression, he stared at Mao Qi and confirmed: “I can’t stop, is that what you mean?”

It looks like a smile, but that was definitely the deformation of the cheek muscles caused by the teeth being bitten to the extreme. Especially the last sentence, it’s like being tortured by evil spirits from hell.

Mao Qi was also in a hurry and went to speak, he wanted to explain the misunderstanding clearly. It was not their intention to activate the formation continuously, but everything has two sides, and now he was using the heart demon oath to make everyone believe that the formation cannot be stopped after it is started. That also means that from now on, all the spiritual power in the mortal world belongs to the Greatest Heaven Sect, and nothing happens to other sects.

After hearing what the elder of the monster race asked later, Hall Master Mao’s heart sank directly to the bottom of the sea and could never come up again. This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect was definitely forced to a dead end. He is completely an enemy of all the cultivators in the mortal world.

“What our sect master Li and other elders mean is that since the formation cannot be stopped, it has also created a holy place for cultivation.” Mao Qi had to hand over the sect’s bottom line again: “Our sect is willing to open the demon-sealing formation, for people all over the mortal world to enter the mountain gate to cultivate.”

He believe that as long as you are a cultivator, you will definitely be attracted by such a holy land for spiritual cultivation. He has been in charge of the Greatest Heaven Sect for so many years. How could those core elders not understand that everything in this world, including the cultivators, is a dispute of interests. If enough benefits can be given, bad things can definitely be turned into good things.

Sure enough, as soon as these words were spoken, several sect representatives began to ponder and think about the pros and cons.

“What a plan!” Madam Fanghua suddenly sneered again: “I wonder who has the final say in this holy land of cultivation? How many people can be accommodated in such a big place? Are they fellow members of my demon sect? As long as once you enter, you don’t have to think about coming out again? It’s a good plan to be sent to your door to be exterminated!”

The people from the demon sect and the monster race would not join the Greatest Heaven Sect at all, and they would not agree to their proposal at all. If nothing else, let them live under someone else’s roof, or under the wings of the Greatest Heaven Sect, unless they are crazy. The most ferocious person in the mortal world who shouts to eliminate demons and defend the way is the Greatest Heaven Sect. Now that the army is pressing down on the Greatest Heaven Sect, if they are temporarily giving in. Who knows what they will do next?

Even the dao sects and rogue cultivators alliances are hesitant. It looks very beautiful, and cultivating in a holy place is definitely good for spiritual cultivation, but some questions are simply unanswerable.

One is what Mrs. Fanghua said, who has the final say. Are they willing to withdraw from the Greatest Heaven Sect territory on their own? The second problem is the number of people. All the cultivators in the world are crowded into this place with a radius of several thousand miles. Where can they fit in?

Some people can enter and others cannot, and there are going to be disputes. Even if someone comes forward to suppress it, doesn’t it mean that all sects will be forced to cultivate in one place and reintegrate into one large sect? Does this mean that the Greatest Heaven Sect will annex all the sects without any blood?

“Our Greatest Heaven Sect is willing to withdraw from the mountain gate from now on, and this place will be jointly managed by all the major sects!” Mao Qi saw that someone was starting to think, and immediately took the opportunity to tell the whole sect’s intentions: “In order to forgive our sins, our sect is willing to seal the mountain for a thousand years. Within a thousand years, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciples will never leave the mountain.”

For the Greatest Heaven Sect, it is a pity to lose the mountain gate left by the ancestors, but don’t forget that the Greatest Heaven Sect also has a spirit formation and a demon sealing formation. That place is very secretive, and it is hidden by a large-scale super maze, so outsiders will not find it at all.

The Greatest Heaven Sect moved its whole members to the place where the grand elders reside, but it can be left here to allow the major sects to fight within themselves. With a big piece of fat right in front of you, it would be strange if a group of wolves could coexist peacefully. When everyone’s fight gets out of hand, the Greatest Heaven Sect can come out to clean up the mess. Maybe it would not be impossible to lay the foundation of the Greatest Heaven Sect for eternity in one fell swoop.

Mao Qi lowered his stance to an extremely low level, and even the higher-ups acquiesced. As long as the sect could overcome this difficulty, they would agree to even the most outrageous requests. Even the plan to seal the mountain is a strategy. Now that the Greatest Heaven Sect is obviously the target of public criticism, disappearing from everyone’s sight may be a way to temporarily eliminate hatred and solve the difficulty.

“Seriously?” the elder of the Demon Sect suddenly asked. The Greatest Heaven Sect’s sealing of the mountain is a great thing for the Demon Sect. Being able to force the dao sect’s leader to seal their mountain is definitely the Demon Sect’s greatest achievement in the past tens of thousands of years.

“I swear by my inner demons. This is a unanimous decision made by the senior leaders of our sect. It is an apology to all my comrades!” Mao Qi’s face straightened, and he immediately took on the posture of swearing by his inner demons again. Anyway, the sect had already planned this and swore that it would not affect Mao Qi’s cultivation.

“In less than a moment, Hall Master Mao has sworn the great oath of the inner demon twice.” Mrs. Fanghua said softly, touching her forehead: “It seems that sect master Li also swore the oath of the inner demon not long ago. This inner demon oath seems a bit too worthless, doesn’t it?”

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