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Chapter 1418

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The brand was suspended in front of Su Yi.

The voice of the sixth generation sounded again, "This is a completely different path to ascension. Since the contract of the gods appeared in the heavens, no one has been able to set foot on this road, whether it is in the fairy world or the human world."

"This road also has three major realms, but the wonderful truth of cultivation in each realm is completely different."

"These three realms can be called Mortal Transformation, True Transformation, and Empty Transformation!"

"Huafan corresponds to the realm of the god infant. The so-called Huafan is not to cut off one's Taoism and turn it into a common man, but to refine all his own Taoism into his own divine infant."

"In this way, the divine infant is like a chaotic motherland within one's own body.

"When I reach this state, all my qi and motives are close to nothing. Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, I am like a mortal, and my body is comparable to a fairy!"

Su Yi couldn't help but be surprised.

The Divine Infant Realm takes the Taoist body as the root, the divine soul as the stem, and the Taoist power as the source. The higher the tempered Divine Infant's appearance, the stronger the background.

Reaching this state, the Dongyu world in the body will give birth to the life spirit, giving the Dongyu world a real Dao vitality.

With this vitality, the world of caves in the body will produce various changes, such as the change of mountains and rivers, the cycle of the sun, the moon and the stars, the alternation of the latitude and longitude of the sky, the changes of the four seasons...

This natal spirit is the 'Sacred Baby'.

God, the soul of God. Babies, the source of spirituality.

Once the divine baby is completed, the feather becomes a reality.

This is the origin of the name 'Yu Hua Zhenren'.

And in the elaboration of the sixth generation, this completely different path of ascension, although it also concluded the divine baby, it shattered the world of the inner body, turned it into a chaotic motherland, and merged into the divine infant!

Instead of concluding a divine baby in the world of Dongyu.

Both are completely different!

"I have never experienced the wonderful truth in it, but I know that only by using the divine infant to accommodate all of my own ways can I build the most primitive root of heaven and earth for my own path of ascension!"

The sixth generation said, "Before breaking the realm, what you have to do is to thoroughly refine the cave world in your body. Only in this way will you have the opportunity to form a chaotic baby when you set foot on the path of ascension. This will replace the cave world."

"This is breaking and then standing."

Su Yi's eyes narrowed.

Refine the inner world of caves?

This is no different from self-destruction!

If someone else dared to say so, Su Yi definitely doubted that the other party was harboring evil intentions.

But since the sixth generation has done this, I am afraid that there is really another hidden mystery in this one!

"In that brand, there are all the mysteries that I deduced at the beginning. After you seriously comprehend it, combined with my experience and insights on the road to ascension, you will naturally know how to break through."

The sixth continued, "You must remember that once you try to set foot on this road, when you pass the tribulation and prove the Tao, it will inevitably attract the blow of the contract of the gods."

"However, you are in charge of reincarnation, and the Nine Prison Sword is there, which is enough to make this 'dead end' come alive."

Su Yi pondered for a moment and said, "According to what you said, I feel that the experience of stepping into the Mortal Transformation Realm is similar to the profound meaning of Xuanxu."

The sixth generation was startled and said, "Really?"

Before, he had heard that the first generation taught Su Yi a great avenue called Xuanxu, which could break karma and forbid fate!

But I didn't expect that such profound meanings of the Great Dao were similar to the cultivation in the Mortal Transformation Realm.

"You'll know just by looking at it."

Su Yi's mind moved, and a wisp of Dao's breath emerged from his fingertips.

This avenue is as dazzling as the dawn of dawn, as vast as the Milky Way of the Nine Heavens, and as chaotic as the wilderness.

as primitive.

And its color, like a touch of cyan in the depths of the sky in early spring, is clear and ethereal, without any trace of impurities.

When you go to sense it, you can feel a mysterious and mysterious charm that robs you of creation.

This is the breath of Xuanxu Avenue!

The sixth generation sensed for a long time, and then murmured:

"Turns away from the vanity, and returns to the divine infant, it seems to belong to the ten thousand ways. And these great powers are like the origin of all changes, the belonging of all mysteries..."

"Like, it's too similar!"

"I'm sure, if after breaking the realm, building a foundation with such profound meanings of the Great Dao is destined to have an incredible effect!"

Speaking of this, the sixth generation's tone became complicated, "How do I feel that as early as when you obtained the profound meaning of the Xuanxu from the first generation, he had already predicted that there would be today and paved the way for you in advance?"

Su Yi was startled.

He could clearly hear that there was a hint of envy and bitterness in the sixth generation's tone!

"It's also a reincarnation, but he breaks karma and forbids fate for you... and pave the way for you to set foot on the path of ascension... Is this... fair!?"

The sixth generation was clearly resentful.

Su Yi couldn't help laughing, and said, "It's all my own people, you seem to be too degraded, and you don't have the style of the overlord of the Immortal Dao at all."

"This seat has become the power of Taoism, and it has also been suppressed under the Nine Prisons Sword, and it has the demeanor of an immortal overlord!"

The sixth generation was so angry that he uttered foul language.

Undoubtedly, knowing what the first generation did for Su Yi, the sixth generation was greatly stimulated and completely lost his temper.

Su Yi said: "..."

He suddenly felt that the picture in front of him was absurd, as if the sixth generation was fighting for jealousy, and he didn't pay attention at all...

After a while, the sixth generation sighed: "It was me who lost my temper, and I also know that the reason why the first generation did this was simply because you are the only person in all reincarnations who controls reincarnation by yourself, and because of this, Only then can we open a corner of destiny, meet the first life on the long river of destiny, and get such help."

Su Yi was silent for a while, and said, "Aside from these help, I never thought that anyone would pave the way for me. If you are unwilling, when I merge with your Taoism, you will compete with me on the battlefield of mood. ."

"As you said, let's see who can take their place in the end!"

Some words, magnanimous and calm, contemptuous and conceited.

The sixth generation only said one word: "Okay!"


For the next period of time, Su Yi has been cultivating in retreat.

Qingyue Mountain is calm.

In the outside world, the upheaval of heaven and earth has intensified.

Only half a month later, the power of the rules between heaven and earth can no longer restrain the dead spirits at the level of the sky.

And that complete path of feathering, then reappears in the Zhoutian rules.

This is half a month earlier than what Mo Qingchou said at the beginning!

The starry sky is shaking.

In the long years of the past, in the starry sky, I don't know how many cave realm kings stopped on the road.

But now, with the reappearance of the path of ascension, there are people all over the world who have broken through the realm and set foot on the path of ascension!

That waiting scene is as spectacular as mushrooms after a rain.

The situation of all circles in the starry sky has also become turbulent and turbulent.

"This is definitely a drastic change that has never happened in the era of the end of the law! It can be regarded as the advent of a golden age!"

"The world is changing, whether it is extremely peaceful, the silence and accumulation of the ages have erupted into such a vigorous and glorious change. The monks who were born in this era are undoubtedly lucky!"

"How can the real feathered real person be comparable to those dead spirits? As time goes by, the advantages of those ancient Taoist traditions will become a little less.

Dot disappear! "

"Unless, they can break the curse on them!"

"Oh, that also depends on whether the Lord Watcher agrees!"

... The world is in a commotion, and the Feixian restricted area can't be calm.

Because, the immortal-level dead spirits have come out one after another!

The existence of this level no longer needs to be dormant. Although it is impossible to go to the outside world, it is already able to walk in the Feixian restricted area!

Mo family.

The immortal-level dead spirit "Mo Xinglin" also broke through.

He was dressed in a silver robe and wore an E-Guan Bo belt. His face was like a crown of jade, straight like a young man. Only his eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of time.

"Qingchou, can there be news of breaking through the promotion from Fellow Daoist Su?"

In a hall, Mo Xinglin asked in a warm voice.

Mo Qingchou shook his head and said, "A few days ago, I went to Qingyue Mountain in person, and I learned that Daoyou Su had retreated as early as a month ago, and there is still no news."

Mo Xinglin frowned slightly and said, "There is not much time left for fellow Daoist Su."

Recently, immortal-level deceased spirits have walked out of this Feixian restricted area one after another, threatening to find Su Yi for liquidation in the future.

There was even news that those Taikoo forces that had been hostile to Su Yi had all secretly formed an alliance and were planning a revenge against Su Yi!

"Ancestor, doesn't it mean that there are still about two months before the immortal-level dead spirit can walk in the world?"

Mo Qingchou couldn't help but say.

"No, this is just a deduction. The speed of drastic changes in the world is accelerating. I suspect that it will not take two months for the immortal-level dead spirit to leave the Feixian restricted area."

Mo Xinglin had a worried look on his brows, "The most important thing is that now, with some secret treasures, it is enough to cover up the breath of immortal-level dead spirits, so that they can go to the outside world without fear of the backlash of the rules of heaven and earth!"

Mo Qingchou snorted in his heart.

She remembered that some time ago, those people who raised the sky were walking in the outside world with the help of secret treasures!

Undoubtedly, this method is also applicable to immortal-level dead spirits.

Although the strength will be severely suppressed, don't forget, that is the immortal-level dead spirit!

Far more terrifying than the will of a fairy!

"You send this message to Fellow Daoist Su, and tell him to be careful and don't be careless."

Mo Xinglin made a decision, "Those immortals are all cruel and ruthless. For revenge, they will do anything!"


Mo Qingchou took the lead and did not dare to neglect.

Just then, an old servant came hurriedly.

"Old Ancestor, a guy who calls himself a 'stele carving slave' came to visit and sent a wordless tombstone!"

The old servant's face was ugly.

Tombstone slave!

Mo Xinglin was immediately surprised and said in disbelief, "The people of the Burial Spirit Sect are still alive?!"

Mo Qingchou's star eyes shrank, and her pretty face changed suddenly.

Burial Spirit Immortal Sect.

A well-known ghost cultivator force related to the undead in the immortal world, with an extremely ancient background, the immortals in the sect are all ghost immortals!

The so-called "stele carving slave" is a kind of position of the Burial Spirit Sect, equivalent to a messenger of a sect.

According to the rules of the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect, as long as the engraved slaves are dispatched, it means that war will be declared!

Once the tombstone engraved with the war book is delivered to the door by the stele slave, it means that it will never die!


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