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Chapter 1419

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Outside the gate of Mojia Mountain.

A black-robed old man with white beard and white hair stood there, shouldering a wordless tombstone.

Burial Spirit Immortal Sect, carved tablet slave, Yue Qi!

"What are you doing here?"

Mo Qingchou walked out of the mountain gate with cold eyes.

"The old man was ordered by the headmaster to send a letter."

Yue Qi took out a jade slip and handed it over in the air, "After Fairy Mo has read it, please give a clear answer."

As he spoke, he pointed to the tombstone on his shoulder, and said with a blank face: "The attitude of the Mo family is related to whether this 'burial monument' needs to be inscribed with an epitaph."

"You wait!"

Mo Qingchou snorted coldly and walked into the mountain gate with the jade slip.


"The Burial Spirit Immortal Sect is too deceiving!"

In the Mo family's clan hall, the atmosphere was depressing, and the faces of the great figures were gloomy.

They have all seen the contents of the jade slip.

the reason is simple.

Feng Jinghai, the headmaster of the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect, has joined forces with the Hong clan of the Heavenly Demons, the immortal forces Fu family, the Huanjianxianlou, Shenxuanjianzhai and other major forces, claiming to integrate all the forces in the Feixian restricted area. , to deal with Su Yi together!

This time, Feng Jinghai sent Yue Qi, the slave engraved on the tablet, to deliver the letter. The purpose was to let the Mo family cut off the relationship with Su Yi and choose to join forces with the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect.

If the Mo family refuses, they will be regarded as the public enemy of the Feixian restricted area!

"It's just a spirit burial fairy sect, it is too rampant to dare to threaten us!"

Someone was outraged.

"If it's just the Spirit Burial Immortal Sect, it's easy to deal with. The problem now is that those big forces that hate fellow Daoist Su have all joined forces with the Spirit Burial Immortal Sect, looking at the entire Feixian forbidden area, who would dare to oppose them?"

Some people are worried.

"I really didn't expect that the old thing Feng Jinghai was still alive..."

Someone looked serious.

Feng Jinghai, the headmaster of the Burial Immortal Sect, is a real ghost immortal!

Like those ancient Taoist traditions, most of them are cultivation forces in the human world. But the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect is different, they come from the Immortal World.

In terms of background, it is not inferior to their Mo family!

And its headmaster Feng Jinghai, as early as the ancient times, was already a well-known ghost immortal in the world, known as the top giant in the ghost cultivation lineage.

Among the immortal-level dead spirits in this Feixian forbidden area, it is also second to none!

"In the immortal world, Feng Jinghai has nothing to say at all, but in this human world, his strength already represents the top level among immortals."

Mo Xinglin frowned, "Not to mention, if he joins forces with other immortals, there is no one who can fight in this restricted area of ​​flying immortals."

A word that made everyone's heart sink.

"Ancestor, what should we do then?"

Mo Qingchou couldn't help asking.

Mo Xinglin rubbed his eyebrows and fell silent.

The hearts of everyone in the Mo family were stunned.

Everyone knows that this decision is very important and will determine whether their Mo family will become the public enemy of this Feixian restricted area!

After a while, Mo Xinglin took a deep breath, his eyes flashed with determination, and said: "Qingshou, you use the fairy treasure 'Yu Tianzhou', bring all the clansmen, immediately leave the Feixian restricted area, go to Qingyue Mountain and Fellow Daoist Su reunites."

Everyone was startled and realized that Mo Xinglin's decision meant that he was going to completely tear his face with the great forces such as the Buried Spirit Sect!

"Since our Mo family chooses to stand on Su Daoyou's side, we must not be capricious. Otherwise, how will the world view our Mo family?"

Mo Xinglin said solemnly, "As for me... just stay in this Feixian restricted area and play with those old things!"

Mo Qingchou was nervous and said, "Ancestor, isn't this too dangerous?"

Mo Xinglin couldn't help laughing and said: "Girl, in your eyes, is the ancestor so easy to bully?"

So proud!

His eyes were deep, and he said, "Don't worry,

I won't fight them recklessly. If I stay, I will choose to dormant and act as Daoist Su's inner responder. When the time comes, I won't kill a few old people. It's hard to understand the hatred in my heart! "

There was coldness in his voice.

A spirit-burying immortal sect dared to unite with other forces to threaten their Mo family, which completely angered Mo Xinglin.

"Just do this, I'll go see the so-called stele slave."

With that said, Mo Xinglin's figure disappeared out of thin air.

Outside the mountain gate.

With white hair and white beard, Yue Qi, the engraved slave in a black robe, was still waiting.


Mo Xinglin's figure appeared out of thin air.

Yue Qi's eyes narrowed, and he cupped his hands: "Old..."


Mo Xinglin slapped it with a backhand, making Yue Qi's cheeks red and swollen, his teeth peeled off, and his whole body flew out.


Yue Qi's face changed greatly.

"Don't worry, this seat doesn't bother to kill ants like you."

Mo Xinglin grabbed his hand, and the wordless tombstone fell into his hand.

His parallel fingers were like knives, and he carved them on the tombstone.

Then, he threw the tombstone over and said, "Take this thing, go back and let Feng Jinghai open his eyes and take a look."

Yue Qi looked up at the tombstone and saw four words written on it:

"Never die!"


On that day, the strong attitude of the Mo family spread all over the Feixian restricted area, causing an uproar.

"Is the Mo family crazy?"

"It's better to be the public enemy of Feixian restricted area, but also to stand on Su Yi's side, stupid is this?"

Many trembled beyond belief.

In the past two weeks, the situation in the Feixian restricted area has already undergone earth-shaking changes.

A group of major forces headed by the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect, the Hong Clan, the Fu Clan, and the Huanjian Immortal Building established an alliance and made a clear statement that they would kill Su Yi and seek the power of reincarnation for the dead souls of the world.

Under such circumstances, in the entire Feixian restricted area, almost no forces dared to oppose it.

Because of this, it is bound to become a public enemy!

But the Mo family did it!

Who is not surprised by this?

"This is the human world, not the fairy world! If the Mo family does this, they are seeking their own death!"

Burial Spirit Immortal Sect, headmaster Feng Jinghai smiled nonchalantly.

It is true that the Mo family is an aristocratic family in the Immortal Realm.

But that is already the old yellow calendar!

Not to mention the catastrophe that happened in the immortal world, but in today's human world, the power possessed by the Mo family is nothing in front of the great forces of their alliance!

"Since the Mo family is going to commit suicide, then fulfill them!"

Feng Jinghai made a decision.

On the same day, he summoned a group of immortal-level dead spirits from other forces to attack the Mo family's territory.

But he was stunned to find that the Mo family was already empty!

"Escape? Hahaha, are you planning to wait forever with me?"

Feng Jinghai couldn't help laughing.

On the same day, the news about the escape of the Mo family spread like wildfire.

The entire Feixian restricted area was followed by a great storm.

All of this also set off the arrogance of the alliance forces such as the Buried Spirit Immortal Sect, how monstrous.

Some originally neutral forces could not bear the oppression under such circumstances, and chose to cooperate with the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect.


When the Mo family was evacuating from the Feixian restricted area.

In front of Qingyue Mountain.

A middle-aged man in black robe walked slowly from the twilight.

"Where is Su Yi?"

The middle-aged man in black robe opened his mouth indifferently, his voice was like a grand bell, and the forbidden formation covering Qingyue Mountain fluctuated violently.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Sword Immortal Qingshi and Sword Monk Jiekong appeared out of thin air, looking solemnly at the black man in the distance.

middle-aged robe.

The breath on the other side is obscure and mysterious, unfathomable, and heart palpitating.

"My name is Cui Zheng and I come from the Spirit Burial Immortal Sect. I'm here to meet Su Yi."

The middle-aged Heipao said lightly, "Time is precious, let him come to see him quickly."

Spirit Burial Immortal Sect!

Sword Immortal Qingshi and Sword Monk Jiekong both turned pale. This ghost cultivator force from the immortal world actually still exists in the world?

"If you have anything, you can just tell me."

Qing Shi Jianxian said solemnly.


The black-robed middle-aged man who claimed to be Cui Zheng had a look of disdain in his eyes, "In ten breaths, if Su Yi doesn't come out to meet him, don't blame me for stepping on this place!"

Incomparably strong!

Sword Immortal Qingshi and Sword Monk Jiekong looked at each other and sacrificed their treasures.

Now that Su Yi is still in seclusion, he must not let outsiders interfere!

Seeing this, Cui Zheng couldn't help snorting coldly: "Do you want to do it? This seat will fulfill you!"

His sleeve robe vibrated, and a long black whip broke into the air and whipped away.


The void is like paper paste, and it is directly smashed.

The black long whip was unparalleled, and with one blow, even if Qing Shi Jianxian and Jiekong Jianseng joined forces, they couldn't stop it and were smashed out.

"It's not the cultivation of the Xiaxia Realm, the other party... is very likely to be an immortal-level dead spirit!"

Qing Shi Jianxian coughed up blood and his face was ugly.

The fairy is dead! !

Jiekong Sword Monk's heart sank, how could he not understand that the middle-aged man in black robe named Cui Zheng borrowed some kind of secret treasure to cover the backlash of Zhou Tian's rules, so that he could walk in the world?


Heaven and earth trembled, Cui Zheng stepped into the sky, holding a long black whip, with one blow, the forbidden formations up and down Qingyue Mountain collapsed and shattered.

"If it weren't for the suppression of Zhou Tian's rules, I could only exert 20% of my power. With just this blow, why couldn't this place be erased from the world?"

Cui Zheng sighed lightly, looked up at the sky, and seemed a little dissatisfied.

He shook his hand as he spoke.


The black whip was like a black dragon with a length of 10,000 feet, slaughtering it down.

The entire Qingyue Mountain was torn apart.

Buildings collapsed and smoke spread.

In the Jiekong Temple located in the forbidden area of ​​the back mountain, the monk Kongzhao, Lao Wei, Qingtang, Weishan and others were all disturbed, and they were all nervous.

Is there an enemy coming to the door?


Jiekong Swordsman and Qingshi Swordsman attacked with all their strength.

The two were desperately trying to stop them.

Su Yi was in retreat, and Monk Kongzhao and others were destined to be unable to help. Under such circumstances, how could the two of them just watch the enemy come in?

Even if you die, you must do your best to stop it!

"It's ridiculous that moths fly into flames."

Cui Zheng showed a sarcastic expression, "Then... send you to death first!"

The black whip in his hand shook.


The terrifying black fairy light burst out like a tide, crushing the offensive of Jiekong Swordsman and Qingshi Swordsman in one fell swoop.


"not good!"

Kongzhao monk and the others were shocked.

Seeing the terrifying aftermath, it will hit Jiekong Swordsman and Qingshi Swordsman,

A cold hum sounded suddenly.


The terrifying black fairy light shattered and disappeared like a bubble in front of the two of them.

At the same time, a furry dog ​​paw patted Cui Zheng's body.


Cui Zheng's figure staggered and smashed to the ground like a meteorite, smashing his head into ashes, and the smoke and dust splashed everywhere.

A local dog appeared in the position where Cui Zheng had stood before, his eyes were cold and full of disdain.

In Jiekong Temple, Su Yi's figure appeared in front of the door at an unknown time.

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