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Chapter 1420

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The mountain collapsed, and the smoke and dust dispersed.

Both Qing Shi Jian Xian and Jie Kong Jian Seng were wounded and their clothes were stained with blood.

After the catastrophe, both of them have a feeling of being separated from each other.

And when Cui Zheng from the Burial Spirit Immortal Sect was defeated, a shock appeared on the brows of the two.

Unexpectedly, the earth dog from the side of the Hongyun real person can suppress a fairy-level dead spirit with one paw!

Monk Kongzhao, Lao Wei and others were also relieved.

The earth dog stood on the ground, his eyes were cold, and he said, "Where should this seat be sacred, it turned out to be just a small ghost."

The voice was full of disdain.

Cui Zheng got up from the ground and frowned: "Who is Your Excellency?"

"You're not qualified to know."

The dog's tone is casual.

Saying that, it glanced at the monk Kongzhao in the distance and said, "Little bald man, did the appearance of this seat scare you?"

Monk Kongzhao shivered all over, with a flattering smile on his face, and said, "Senior is like a divine soldier descending from the sky, and it's too late for the junior to be happy, how can you be scared?"

As he said that, he raised his thumb and exclaimed sincerely: "How can the prestige of the predecessors be so fierce?"

Everyone: "..."

Like Jiekong Sword Monk and the others, they still remember the last time when Kongzhao monk saw the local dog, he also shouted that the dog has become a fine thing.

Now that's fine, let's just start flattering.

The local dog couldn't help grinning, this little bald man is much more pleasing to the eye than the last time!

At this time, Su Yi was already walking towards this side.


Tugou was stunned for a moment, opened his eyes wide, stared at Su Yi's figure, and said with a puzzled face, "Why don't you have Taoism on you?"

At this time, Qing Shi Jianxian and the others also noticed that after a month of seclusion, Su Yi seemed to have completely changed!

In the past, his breath was indifferent, but after all, he had a cultivation base.

But now, he doesn't have any fluctuations in his cultivation, he is no different from ordinary ordinary people!

This gives a very unreal feeling.

It's like seeing an exiled immortal suddenly demoted to a mortal overnight!

At the same time, Cui Zheng also noticed Su Yi, and was equally astonished.

"I have practiced the Taoism, and now I... do not have the realm of cultivation."

Su Yi said casually.

Everyone: "???"

I almost couldn't believe my ears.

After refining one's Taoism, there is no cultivation base?

Is Su Yi crazy! ?

"What is the cultivation base, I am afraid that the road to proving the path to ascension has failed, right?"

Cui Zheng's eyes flickered and he spoke coldly.

He is an immortal figure. At a glance, he can see that the aura on Su Yi's body is not right.

Everyone's heart was tight, and they were unsure.

"Even if it is a mortal body, it can be compared to a god."

Su Yi spoke lightly.

As he spoke, he walked towards Cui Zhengxing, "Don't interfere, let me weigh the so-called dead spirits of immortals."

The dog couldn't help but say, "Are you sure?"

It was really suspicious, and some couldn't see through Su Yi's state at the moment.

Su Yi glanced at the local dog and said, "You can't tell if you just look at it?"

There was an imperceptible look of joy between Cui Zheng's brows.

He was extremely afraid of that dog who couldn't see the depth.

But if you face Su Yi, you will have no fear at all!

In addition, he had other ideas, thinking that if he could take advantage of this opportunity and capture Su Yi in one fell swoop, it would be enough.

Treat him as a hostage and get out of trouble!

However, Cui Zheng said coldly: "Are you sure you want to fight one-on-one with this seat?"

Su Yi laughed and said, "Don't worry, no one else will interfere, including that dog."

Dog: "..."

How does it listen and how does it feel like it has been scolded...

Cui Zheng couldn't help laughing again, his eyes flickered with a frightening fairy light, he raised his finger, ticked at Su Yi, and said, "Come on, this seat will give you a defeat!"

The sound goes all over the place.

The local dog bared his teeth for a while, this old boy can pretend!

Before it could recover, Su Yi had already attacked.

He slowly stepped into the void, and with his bare hands, he punched lightly.

In the eyes of everyone, this is like a warrior among the mortals pulling the handle and punching, with no power at all.

Cui Zheng couldn't help laughing.

However, out of a fighting instinct, he did not underestimate it, and also punched.


This fist, the immortal light is brilliant, the fist is like the sky, it has the power to fill the void and crush the mountains and rivers.

The so-called immortals perform martial arts, so be it!

Even if you look at it from a distance, the existences such as Qing Shi Jian Xian and Jie Kong Jian Monk can't help but suffocate, and suffer from terrifying oppression both physically and mentally!

That is a kind of power that belongs to the Immortal Dao level, which is above the Ascension Realm, and it is terrifying.

Unexpectedly, Su Yi's punch, which was as light as a vulgar martial artist, defeated Cui Zheng's punch like a destructive force.

boom! !

Immortal light splattered in the sky.

Cui Zheng's figure was shaken for a while, and the whole body was churning with immortal light.

His eyes narrowed.

Su Yi's punch, when it really burst out, was like an ancient divine mountain slamming over, and there was an invincible terrifying power.

At the moment when he was oppressed by the power of this punch, Cui Zheng even had an unreal illusion, as if he was facing, not a mortal warrior-like character, but a human martial god, whose strength was overwhelming!


The native dog couldn't help rubbing his eyes with his paws.

It has been paying attention to this battle, but to its surprise, from the beginning to the end, it could not see the power accumulated by Su Yi's punch!

Sword Immortal Qingshi, Sword Monk Jiekong, and the others were also shocked, and they were all dumbfounded.

They have completely refined their own Taoism, and without the realm of cultivation, can they still fight against an immortal-level dead spirit?

At this time, Su Yi had already jumped up, and his palms were like swords, slashing towards Cui Zheng's throat.

Cui Zheng snorted coldly, used all his means, squeezed his fist into a seal, like swinging a cannon hammer, and smashed down in anger.


The world was suddenly turbulent, and the void burst and collapsed.

A terrifying force of destruction burst out from between the two and swept across ten directions.

Cui Zheng's figure was shaken again.

His face changed.

How is this possible?

Obviously the opponent's fist strength is loose and vain, and there is no trace of strength, but when it is really hard to fight with it, it is like fighting against an unparalleled Martial God.

The strange feeling made Cui Zhengdu tremble and it was difficult to understand.


Su Yi didn't stop at all, he stepped forward and threw his fists to kill.

In his gestures, he was unremarkable, light and without any strength, but under his offensive, Cui Zheng, the immortal-level dead spirit, was killed frequently and frustrated!

In the blink of an eye, Cui Zheng was oppressed to the point of retreating dozens of feet! All his robes were shaken to the point of showing signs of shattering, his hair was disheveled, and he was quite embarrassed.

On the other hand, Su Yi was like a rainbow.

It's like a man in the world, crushing the immortals in the sky!

This scene, indescribably absurd, is also exceptionally


Qingshi Sword Immortal and Jie Kong Sword Monk were completely stunned.

I can't imagine what kind of power Su Yi used, and why it was so incredible.

Only Tugou vaguely understood it, and his heart could not help trembling.

Shattered the inherent Taoism, and completely refined all the power into the body?

Otherwise, why would there be no sign of any power flow?

What kind of way should this be?

Aren't you afraid of dying just like this?

It should be noted that for any cultivator in the world, there is no difference between breaking the Tao and abolishing one's own cultivation.

But Su Yi is different. He seems to have embarked on a very special path, shattering the inherent realm, and embarking on a mysterious path that is almost impossible to see in the world!

This is undoubtedly incredible.

Tugou has followed the real person Hongyun to travel around the immortal world, and he has also seen countless amazing powers, but he has never seen it before, who would dare to have a special power like Su Yi while breaking his whole body. .

"This guy, I'm afraid he is trying to find an unprecedented path to ascension!"

The dog sucked in a breath of cold air and trembled.

Although it speculates and sees some clues, it still feels incredible, full of doubts and puzzles.

No way, it can't figure out the real mystery at all!


The battle on the field intensified.

Compared to Tugou, Cui Zheng was almost stunned, full of confusion and incomprehension.

It seems that he has no cultivation level, but when he is fighting, the horror is unimaginable, and he is almost unstoppable when killed!

During his lifetime, he was an existence on the Immortal Realm, overlooking the human world, and has gone through countless wars and battles.

The only thing is that he has never met an opponent like today.

But he didn't have time to think about it.

Being suppressed by Su Yi step by step, made him angry and suffocated, why would he think so much?

But let him fight back, still in vain!

Su Yitai was domineering, his offensive was like wind, dense like rain, and it only took a moment, so he cut open Cui Zheng's defense, and punched Cui Zheng to stagger out, coughing blood from his lips!

Cui Zheng's expression changed, and he didn't dare to hesitate any longer, and sacrificed the treasure.


A silver short spear rose from the sky, immortal light soaring to the sky, full of destructive power.

This is undoubtedly an extremely powerful fairy treasure.

"No promise."

The dog sneered.

Su Yi is still bare-handed, he stretches out his figure, the offensive is the same as before, pressing step by step.

With every punch, the short spear made a buzzing sound, and the fairy light splashed, causing the whole world to tremble violently.

Everyone was amazed.

After not seeing him for a month, he looked like Su Yi who had fallen into the mundane, but he was clearly far more terrifying than before.

It should be noted that the piece of Cui Zheng is subject to the rules of heaven and earth, and can only display about 20% of the Taoism, but that kind of power is far more terrifying than the will of the immortals!

But now, even though the immortal deceased spirit was using the immortal treasure, it was still defeated by Su Yi, which was dwarfed by comparison!

In the end, with an earth-shattering explosion, Su Yi punched out, and Cui Zheng's silver short spear flew away.

His wrists were split open and blood spurted out.

The whole person was shot backwards, and the energy all over his body was almost exploded!

boom! !

When Cui Zheng fell to the ground, Su Yi stepped on his chest, wearing a green robe and hunting in the wind.

That scene was like a mortal warrior, stepping on a heavenly immortal into the dust!


"I#! So fierce!?"

The local dog couldn't help but swear, and was shocked.

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