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Chapter 1728

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Su Yi nodded slightly.

Indeed, in the golden animal hide, he once saw a scene related to Luo Changning.

It was also at that time that he let him know that the gods once wanted to suppress Luo Changning and stop him from exploring the path to becoming a god.

Even, to take down Changning as a god slave.

This was regarded as a great shame by Luo Changning!

But it can also be seen from the side that the gods can stare at them and jointly suppress them. It is conceivable how powerful Luo Changning's cultivation in Taijing is.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Yi said, "However, you have also broken arms with the gods. In terms of strength, you should not be inferior to Changning."

This Black Mist Great Abyss is actually an ancient battlefield!

As early as the Taihuang period, there was an earth-shattering war here.

At that time, the old ape with a sword and a group of fellow figures once faced a group of divine envoys who served the gods here.

And at the last moment, the power of the gods came to the world to suppress the old apes with swords!

In the end, except for the old ape with the sword, most of his comrades died here, and the battle situation was tragic.

Although the old ape with a sword survived, he was punished by God and was invaded by a taboo-like force.


The Sword-Bearing Old Ape shook his head and said, "On the road of swordsmanship, Emperor Changning is my senior. Perhaps the strength is almost the same, but in terms of heritage and prestige, I will be slightly inferior."

As he said that, he seemed to remember something, and his eyes became strange, "The most important thing is that the reason why I was able to prove the Dao Realm back then was inseparable from the master of Changning Sword Emperor."

Su Yi was surprised and said curiously, "Let's hear it."

The sword-carrying old ape revealed a look of reminiscence and said, "That was a long time ago. In the middle of the Great Wilderness Era, four peerless swordsmen appeared in the world one after another."

"They are Changning Sword Emperor, Howling Wind Sword Emperor, Ningxiu Sword Emperor and Dongxuan Sword Emperor."

"These four peerless sword emperors, each leading the way, can all be called the top existences in the Taijing, just like the scorching sun, shining on the sky of the fairyland."

"But almost no one in the world knows that the four of them are from the same family!"

When he heard this, Su Yi couldn't help but be surprised.

What kind of Dao lineage should it be to successively walk out of the four peerless swordsman emperors?

Simply incredible!

Wang Ye did not create a line of Taoism, but in his life, he has given advice to many people and helped them to reach the Taijing.

Among these people, there are only a few people in Taijing who can really be called "peerless".

For example, Yu Linyuan, the first head teacher of the Yongye Academy, and Nanxuan Emperor, the seventh head of the Central Immortal Court, can be called peerless.

However, these emperors are not the descendants of Wang Ye, and Su Yi has only helped them.

In contrast, a Taoist lineage can actually cultivate four peerless sword emperors one after another, and this kind of background is too terrifying.

"Which line do they come from?"

Su Yi couldn't help but said.

The sword-carrying old ape shook his head and said, "They are not descendants of any Taoist tradition, but they all have a common mentor."

Su Yi became more and more surprised and said, "Who?"

The eyes of the sword-carrying old ape showed respect and admiration, and said softly: "Li Fuyou, the most mysterious and detached sword immortal in the Taihuang era."

"Floating is the ancestor of all things, and things are not things!"

"In the Taihuang era, ordinary immortal people didn't know the name Li Fuyou at all, just like the name of the road."

"But in the eyes of the Emperor Taijing, Senior Li Fuyou is definitely an insurmountable existence!"

"He is regarded as a fairy in the sky, a ferryman on the avenue. He once left a 'floating boat' on the bank of the East China Sea. No matter who he is, as long as he is approved by the floating boat, he can take this boat and go to his place of retreat.' Lingxu Mountain's practice."

"On Lingxu Mountain, there is a library of scriptures left by senior Li Fuyou, which is regarded as the first treasure house in the world!"

Speaking of this, the old ape with swords sighed, "The legendary deeds of Senior Li Fuyou can't be said for three days and three nights. The floating senior is the only one who is above the Taijing!"

Su Yi raised his eyebrows and said, "So, he has become a god?"

The sword-carrying old ape shook his head and said: "I don't know, as early as the era when the Changning Sword Emperor rose, Senior Li Fuyou disappeared from the world for a long time. It is rumored that he has already gone to the top of the Era River to pursue the more lofty swordsmanship. , In those long years, no one in the world has ever heard of him again."

Su Yi said softly: "A four-sword emperor can still be so admired by you people in Taijing, this Li Fuyou is really incredible!"

The sword-carrying old ape showed a nostalgic look, and said, "In those days, although I never met Senior Li Fuyou, I was fortunate enough to be recognized by the 'floating boat' on the shore of the East China Sea. It took more than a year to study and understand the Taoist scriptures in the Sutra Collection Pavilion left by the floating seniors.”

"It is this experience that has completely built my kendo path, allowing me to prove the great realm of the Dao in the years to come and soar!"

Having said that, the old ape with the sword was overwhelmed with sighs.

Only then did Su Yi understand the origin of the old ape with the sword and the sword emperor Changning.

It is no wonder that the old ape with the sword was afraid to compare it with the Changning Sword Emperor.

This Li Fuyou is also equivalent to a little kindness to the old ape with the sword, and Emperor Changning is a disciple of Li Fuyou, how can the old ape be disrespectful?

Not to mention, the time of Emperor Changning's proving the Dao Taijing was far before the sword-carrying old ape.

"It's really a pity that such a person can't meet because of the different times."

Su Yi took a sip of wine.

The sword-carrying old ape said with a smile: "Before the age of immortals, you were the only one in the immortal world, and you created many legendary deeds that can be called ancient times, but you are not inferior to the ancients like Changning Sword Emperor. Compared with senior Li Fuyou, What is lacking is nothing more than a further path of quest on the great road."

After a pause, his eyes were subtle, "Not to mention, you are the only one who has been in charge of reincarnation in the past."

Su Yi couldn't help laughing and said, "That's true, I don't hate the ancients, I don't see them, I hate the ancients for not seeing my crazy ears!"

Next, Su Yi flipped his palm, a bronze token appeared, and suddenly turned into a soul battle puppet Lei Ze.

"Can Daoist recognize his origin?"

Su Yi asked.

The old ape with the sword was stunned for a moment, and then his pupils shrank quietly. He couldn't sit still any longer, he suddenly stood up, and said in disbelief, "Lei Ze!?"

Su Yi could see that the old ape with the sword was shocked!

"Fellow Daoist, where did you find Lei Ze?"

Negative sword old ape.

Su Yi patiently explained the experience of entering the wild and secret realm in the depths of Tianshou Demon Mountain.

The old ape with the sword was obviously more and more excited, and said: "There is also a Taoist enlightenment platform made of chaotic mother stone, and a six-inch sword coffin?"

Su Yi nodded and said, "The Taoist Enlightenment Platform has been shattered, and the six-inch sword coffin has fallen into my hands."

With that said, he took out the six-inch sword coffin.

When he was about to hand the six-inch sword coffin to the sword-bearing old ape, the object struggled violently, releasing an obscure wave of power, which stuck firmly to Su Yi's palm, making it impossible for Su Yi to hand it out.

Su Yi touched his nose and said, "This treasure seems to recognize only me."

The sword-bearing old ape didn't say a word.

He is very rude!

In other words, from seeing Lei Ze until seeing the six-inch sword coffin, the sword-carrying old ape was uncharacteristically, and his emotions became a little out of control!

This is of course abnormal.

However, because of this, Su Yi realized that the sword-bearing old ape might have already recognized the origin of the Liu-inch sword coffin and Lei Ze!

After a while, the sword-bearing old ape gradually calmed down.

However, when he looked at Su Yi again, it became subtle and complicated, and said, "Old man, if I hadn't known your origin earlier, I would have almost doubted whether you were Senior Li Fuyou!"

Su Yi: "???"

Before he could ask, the old ape with the sword had already said, "Lei Ze, the soul war puppet, has the combat power of the second-order Taixuan level of the Taijing. It is rumored that it was personally refined by a friend of Senior Li Fuyou's Accompanying Senior Li Fuyou like a servant, taking care of Senior Li Fuyou's food and clothing."

"This rumor has been responded to by Senior Li Fuyou's descendant, Sword Emperor Ningxiu, so it shouldn't be false."

"It's just, I didn't expect that after such a long time, Lei Ze would follow you."

The old ape with a negative sword looked strange, "This is too strange."

Su Yi kept his expression still, and said, "What about this six-inch sword coffin?"

The sword-carrying old ape said: "As you guessed, this thing was left by Senior Li Fuyou!"

Su Yi was silent for a while, and his heart was filled with turbulent waves.

Could it be that his fifth life is Li Fuyou! ?

He recalled the scene when Lei Ze first met him and called himself "The Lord".

I also remembered that when I first saw the six-inch sword coffin, on the Nine Prison Sword that had been silent for a long time in the sea of ​​​​knowledge, the chains representing the fifth generation of Taoism had changed!

It was also because of this change that the Six Inch Sword Coffin took the initiative to embrace him!

At that time, Su Yi speculated that the soul battle puppet Lei Ze and the six-inch sword coffin were most likely related to his fifth generation.

But he never expected that not long after talking about Li Fuyou with the old ape with a sword, he would get such an answer!

Li float!

The master of the four peerless sword emperors, one of the most mysterious and aloof legends in the Taihuang era, is suspected to be his fifth generation?

"is this real?"

Su Yi murmured in his heart, using his divine sense to sense the Nine Prison Sword in the sea.

But never got any response.

Su Yi couldn't calm down.

He had a hunch that this was most likely true!

At the same time, the sword-carrying old ape said to himself, "In the wild era, there has always been a rumor that when Senior Li Fuyou left the fairyland, he left behind a mysterious six-inch sword coffin."

"Whoever gets it will inherit everything that Senior Li Fuyou left in the Immortal Realm!"

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