This Necromancer Just Wants to Plant Trees

This Necromancer Just Wants to Plant Trees
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Transcending into a World of Magic Matthew found himself in a game world, but it seemed... Read more Transcending into a World of MagicMatthew found himself in a game world, but it seemed like his system had a little hiccup.[Class: Necromancer][Mission: Plant Trees][Objective: 1000 trees][Rewards: Summon ‘Bone Dragon’ & a ton of EXP.]And just like that, a Necromancer who revered balance more than any Druid was born. Collapse Alternate World, Bloodlines, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Farming, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Ghosts, Goblins, Gods, Herbalist, Magic, Magic Beasts, Magic Formations, Magical Technology, Necromancer, Polite Protagonist, Reincarnated in a Game World, Reincarnated in Another World, Skill Assimilation, Skill Books, Skill Creation, Summoning Magic, Sword And Magic, Transformation Ability, Transmigration, Transported into a Game World, Transported to Another World, Calm Protagonist, Druids, Evil Gods, Fantasy Magic, Male ProtagonistПараша. Если не драка то про секс и пошлости с гг. Автор девственник и он вымещает свою злость здесь?#panic# there are 500+ chaps on webnovel already and we are at 268 only please update.And please tell me what is going on recently most of the novels are lagging behind by hundreds of chapters????????????Я на 89 главе. Если у гг будет романтика, я приеду к писателю домой , чтобы он получил щаслуженые побоиKill to get farming skills. Farm to get killing skills. Concept isn't new, as many games use exactly that system to balance out their activities, but seeing it implemented into a litRPG is ridiculous(in a good way). Read 20 chapters now, will update when read till ongoing.Alright. 1st problem. There really wasn't any need to start from the middle. We have a character with established bonds, skills, equipment. Well, everything else. If someone dies, something breaks, skill doesn't work, reader won't feel anything. Because we know nothing about them and really do not care about that stuff. That makes a dissonance with main character as he cares for his friends, relies on his skills and army and is attached to things.The stories that start from the middle are quite popular in Korea but they often are different. There are some tricks to avoid this issue:1. Regression (FFF class trashero as an example but there are many others) - reestablish bonds anew, describe what MC thinks about a character from the previous regression. His previous experience, etc. And everything repeats itself again since it's a regression so plenty of time to make a bond again.2. Time skip away from people (The player who returned 10000 years later, The return of the disaster class hero) - 1st is easy since the guy was sent to hell for super long time and had no connections on Earth before returning. As for 2nd, he had bonds, yes but many things changed in 20 years. Also, MC is eccentric so his care for the bonds is kinda unique. The start from the middle is even used for some juicy flashbacks at the end of the novel and some side stories. In conclusion, this novel barely did anything to access this issue unlike most others do.The first 80 chapters are good and interesting, but after them Chinese nonsense and stupid clichés begin.The story is pretty good. Mathew found himself in a new world and is no using a full [System]. He is a little lost, but making due and starts getting power by farming.But the world is about to fall into chaos, because reasons. Also so many wth the emojis are so weird its funnyRank B+ good concept mc gain power of necromancer doing druid shit and gain power of druid doing necromancer shit.Good pacing and well writtingRank B-(I didn't like certain "sexual innuendos")Were these innuendos gay?!????????I normally dislike comments like these but the f#cking emojis????????I know, I know! ???? looks like giving head to ShrekThis feels like it is missing the harem genre… do not really recommend, go at your own risk… 

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