Getting Warhammered [WH 40k Fanfic]

Getting Warhammered [WH 40k Fanfic]
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A bioweapon that has long been forgotten along with the Dark Age of Technology that birthed it during mankind's golden age.
A Soul collected from the higher dimensional universe that birthed this one.
And a dark ritual that has made it all possible. To combine the two and bring Chaos to the grimdark future of the 41st millennium.
Or will it?
That entirely depends on the soul that suddenly finds itself resurrected, maybe reincarnated into an eldritch body on a planet that no longer falls under the light of the Astronomican filled only with corpses.
What will it do when they come for the bioweapon making up its body? When they search for the ones responsible for the Ritual that birthed it?

Extra Tags or something:
-English is not my 1st language but I try.
-This is entirely for fun and practice so I can learn how to write better before trying my hand at an original.
-MC is technically a female soul but the body is genderless if anyone is interested.
-Its first person perspective but she considers herself a woman still.
-I have no idea where this is going I haven't planned anything beyond the premise.
-It starts right after the fall of Cadia and the opening of the Great Rift, I will try to remain lore accurate and such but I have not read all of the books nor am I a WH lore expert I just enjoy the setting and the few books I have read.
-Some tags are just there to give me creative freedom should I want to include stuff like that. Primarily the romance and stuff like that, I don't feel too confident writing that.

*Warhammer 40,000 is an IP owned by Games Workshop. All assets contained within this web novel are the property of their respective owners. I only own Original Characters.

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