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Chapter 55: Episode 55

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It has been about a month since I started to go hunting in the middle of November. Since then I have been hunting every six days.

When I was in elementary school, the only game was on Sundays. Hunting once a week reminds me of those days. It's a mystery to me now.

It's past 9:00 p.m. and Allen is inside the armory.

"Hey, what's this for, whatever it is, how does it work?

The owner of an arms store will give you a ball-shaped object. About the size of a baseball. Pick it up.

Oh! Thank you! Do you want 60 pieces of silver?

Because that's what the story was about, says the shopkeeper. I give him money and receive three iron balls.

(That's nice, that'll do for a rock.)

I put the ball I bought into storage and went home. After work today I went to the armorer to buy the iron ball I had asked him to buy for me.

Since then, I've had four holidays. Of course I spent those four days hunting, and my level has gone up from 9 to 12. That's good for my status, but there was one problem.

The stones started to break when I threw them. I didn't get a chance to use Bug G's Provocation, so I switched that card to Beast E. That's part of the reason I did it. This increases the attack power, and the stone can no longer withstand its power. The stones shatter when they hit the goblins. I lost the stones I brought from the village of Krena.

I asked the armorer to create an iron ball to replace it. They said that since lumps of iron are pounded into weapons, it won't take much effort to make an iron ball. I was told that it would cost me 20 pieces of silver and I ordered 3 of them.

(But there are a lot of things I want, like armor, flaming tools, iron balls, and I want to have about 10 iron balls, and then weapons. (Weapons are the last thing I want, since I have a summoner.

Organize the wish list in the notes in the grimoire. The flaming mages cost three gold coins. The armor also varies from one to the next, but the expensive ones require gold coins. Weapons are the same kind of thing.

(I feel like I'm in my first city and I'm getting all my equipment!

I'm running out of money, but I'm excited about it. I remember when I was Kenichi, when the game allowed me to go to a new city, I wasn't sure where to start getting my equipment.

Hunting monsters, gaining experience, earning money and improving your equipment. That's just the high road. (The money is a fixed salary for some reason.

You get paid at the end of the month as a servant. At the end of November I received 50 pieces of silver.

Allen's salary is 50 pieces of silver a month, or six pieces of gold a year. And there is no per capita tax.

Since he's only eight years old, it's apparently half the price of a regular servant. A regular servant is from the age of 12.

The main salaries of each class (monthly wages)

Butler gold coins 5 pieces

2 gold coins

1 gold coin for the servant

The servant chief Rikker who taught me is paid one gold and 50 silver (150 silver). Rikker is a caring man and he'll tell you everything. He can tell you things you didn't know, like the steward's pay.

I could make some more money if the Adventurer's Guild paid me for my killings. Well, it's not like we're desperate for money. And it's far from the mansion.

In fighting the goblins, I have never been attacked, because the summonses have served as a shield. I need money, but I'm hoping it will grow slowly.

I'm going back to the inn. It's late, and as I'm trying to sleep, I lock eyes with Rikker.

Hey, Allen.

Yes, Mr. Rickel. Good evening.

I'm approached by Rickel.

What did you do? The butler wants to see you?


I don't know if you did something called. But if you were called, you have to go. Tell Rickel that you understand, and go to the butler's room.

Con con con.

"Excuse me. This is Allen.

Enter .......

It's late at night, but it looks like I can come in. Go in and sit on the couch and be told to sit down.

You wanted to see me?


I came because I was called, but they said "hmmm" and wouldn't talk to me. For now, wait for the conversation to start.

"This is Allen. Your work is very good. I've heard from your servants that you work very hard.

A little while later the butler speaks up. It seems to me that he is choosing his words.

"Oh, thank you,

"But we Granvels are always seen by people. Regular behavior is very important.

(Hmm? What are you talking about? (nitpicking?)

"Yes, yes

"What do you do on your days off?

The butler looks straight at Allen and asks, "What?


On the day off, you go out before the sun comes up. And very fast. And I'd come home after 9:00 p.m. This has gone on for a month. It was the butler who would talk about his misbehavior, obviously.


(What do I do?)

Thinking about what to say or do. As you think about it, the butler adds more words.

"You're not going to leave this room until I tell you.

(Okay, well, I guess you'll just have to say it. You didn't need to know that.

I thought that would be exposed in time. I am hunting around the city of Granville. I try not to see them, but there may be adventurers. Word might get out that a dark-haired boy is outside the city. It might even reach the mansion.

So the question of stopping the hunt would be impossible.

"On my day off, I hunt monsters outside the city.

"Well, a Hexenbiest?

"Well, a Hexenbiest?

That's right. On my days off, I spend my mornings outside the city of Granville hunting for Hexenbiests.

The butler, who was told by an eight-year-old boy that he was hunting a magical beast outdoors, was no longer surprised at the age of nearly sixty, but Allen's words widened his eyes, wondering if there were still things that could surprise him. The insanity seems to have appeared in front of you in the form of a boy.

...... hexenbiest. Come to think of it, you were asking Rickel about the Shiro Dragon Mountains and the Adventurer's Guild in order to hunt a magical beast?

(Hmm, Rickel confessed? (Well, is it natural to ask the mentor about his behavior?

I thought for a moment that I would blame Rickel, but then I changed my mind.


"You took a day off to hunt. Why the hunt?

That's because I'm Rodin's son in the Boa Hunt. I want to be as good as my father.


Somehow the words came out naturally. I thought it was natural.

So you're my father's son who wanted to be a hunter. I love hunting. Then again, we're father and son.

Convinced by their words.

It's a commonality of parents and children that I notice apart. That's a great deal of commonality. We had the same purpose in life. Even the fact that they were reincarnated under Rodin's roof feels like God's will.

"On my days off, I live to hunt.

"A purpose in life. Is that it? No, it's still Rodin's.

A butler who feels that there is something about him that makes sense. He must have been brought up strongly under the influence of Rodin. The son of a village hero assures me that hunting is his life's work. If I hadn't changed it to a day off when I was asked for advice before, I really would have quit as a squire. I remember seeing that much determination in his eyes.

I see. Well, as long as you don't make a nuisance of yourself like the head chef, life's worth living is important.

(Hmm? The head chef? (Yeah, sometimes you get into trouble)

The head chef loves to cook. That's a good thing, but he buys more ingredients than he has budgeted for and studies them. Maybe because he is old enough to be a butler, he doesn't flinch at all from his superior's butler.

I've seen the battle between the butler, who wants to protect the budget, and the head chef, who wants more delicious food, many times since coming to this house.

Yes, I'll make sure it doesn't interfere with my work.

"Mm, Allen. I want you to live and breathe the work of this house. Like I do.

"Yes, yes

(It may be difficult. I don't want to come to another world and work for someone else, that I don't.

I'll just answer for now. The butler sighs with relief as his face tightens.

What's going on with that horn rabbit you killed?


It's a butler who thought the horned rabbit was hunting near the city. I can't imagine that you are hunting goblins that are a day's walk from the city.

"There's no need to hide them. You sell them to the butcher for some extra cash, don't you?

(Okay, so this is where the story falls.)


Let's talk about secretly selling horned rabbit meat at the butcher shop.

Hmm, not a very good way for a Granver family to make a little money. It could be the talk of the town.


Do your best to give a sense of remorse.

But I didn't take it to the butcher. If I take this to the butcher shop, I will have to go to the butcher shop and return to the mansion, which will slow down the time considerably. I've left everything but the magic stone behind. Experience is more important than spending money.

But it's the meat we have. The meat will be bought by House Granvell.


(No, thank you for this.)

The meat that was thrown away becomes gold.

"Hmm? Well, I can't give you that much. Well, it's more like a silver piece each.

I think that's all you need to know. This is how some of the things that Allen was hunting outside were exposed.

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