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Chapter 11

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Show Of Affection With Mr. Pei?

Seeing this, Xie Wen did not know what emotions to express. She went forward to pick up her daughter. Little Shenshen’s eyes were red from crying, and her hands were clenched into fists. After being carried by Xie Wen, she continued to cry.

“Is the meal ready?” Zheng Yuehua sat up and asked. Such an attitude was more condescending than the boss and more self-righteous than her own mother.

Xie Wen coaxed the crying Shenshen and replied, “Almost done.”

“The meal isn’t ready yet. What are you doing here?” After saying that, Zheng Yuehua lay back down and raised her phone to continue the video call. “My daughter-in-law came in and I thought that she was calling me to eat. Enjoy? Enjoy what? It’s almost seven o’clock and the meal isn’t ready yet. Do you want this blessing? The bed in this hotel is too soft. Ouch, my back hurts from sleeping…”

Xie Wen’s helpless gaze turned calm. She was probably used to this kind of life after being pregnant for ten months. She couldn’t express how angry she was. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been hysterical before, but later on, she became calm.

Shenshen finally settled in her arms. She swung her arms gently, trying to make her daughter sleep more comfortably. After she was done, she turned to ask Zheng Yuehua, “How much milk powder did Shenshen drink just now?”

Zheng Yuehua did not hear her.

Xie Wen shouted, “Mom.”

Zheng Yuehua glanced at Xie Wen. “What?” She sounded a little impatient.

Xie Wen asked, “How much milk powder did Shenshen drink just now?”

“Twenty milliliters or thirty milliliters. I forgot. There’s no difference. I just fed her on time.” After saying that, Zheng Yuehua continued to chat with her friend on the phone.

Zheng Yuehua indeed had two faces. As a celebrity mother, she knew a lot about being on camera. In front of the camera, she acted like she cared about her granddaughter. The water temperature of the milk powder had to be precise.

Where the camera wasn’t there, she revealed her true nature. She favored boys over girls. She was lazy and bossy.

Xie Wen forcefully held back her tears and silently hugged her daughter to coax her for a while. When her daughter completely stopped crying, she placed her daughter back on the bed. “The soup in the pot is about to boil. Watch over Shenshen. We’ll eat in ten minutes.”

“Another ten minutes?” Zheng Yuehua was very dissatisfied. “Why are you so wishy-washy today?”

Xie Wen explained, “It can’t be helped. Filming a show isn’t like usual. You need cameras to cook.”

Zheng Yuehua waved her hand like an empress dowager. “Go, go.”

Xie Wen came out of the bedroom and quickly entered a recording state. She took her phone and returned to the kitchen. While looking at the pot, she called Chi Xu, who was filming on set. When he answered, she pressed the speaker button.

This was the script’s request. When she called her husband at night, she had to put him on speakerphone. She had to ask him about his work routine and show off their love.

“Honey.” Chi Xu’s gentle voice came from the phone.

Xie Wen, who had been exhausted all day, was comforted when she heard Chi Xu called her gently. She set the phone down beside her, her other hand busy stirring the soup in the pot. “Did you call it a day?”

“There are two more scenes, about an hour or so.” Then, Chi Xu asked her, “Is Shenshen obedient today?”

Xie Wen’s face was filled with a ‘happy’ smile. “How old is Shenshen? She cries when she’s hungry and sleeps when she’s full. We’ll have to wait until she’s two or three years old to see if she’s obedient.”

“I’m not afraid that she’ll disturb you too much.” Chi Xu was very considerate. “Fortunately, with our mother around, you can relax a little.”

Xie Wen nodded.

Chi Xu asked her again, “What do you want to eat? I’ll bring it back for you.”

Xie Wen said, “Juewei’s duck neck. I’ll eat it while I watch dramas after Shenshen sleeps.”

“Alright, I’ll buy more then.”

The couple talked like that. The soup in the pot gurgled and steam rose everywhere.

[Xie Wen and her husband get along so sweetly.]

[No wonder Xie Wen insisted on getting married and having children. She married a good husband.]

[Besides, Xie Wen’s mother-in-law is also very good. Just now, Shenshen kept crying non-stop, making Xie Wen’s heart clench. Her mother-in-law didn’t carry Shenshen out to look for Xie Wen. Moreover, she let Xie Wen record the show first. If it were my mother-in-law, she would have rushed out and stuffed the child to me.]

[She has a caring husband and a good mother-in-law who helps take care of her children. Xie Wen is indeed doing well.]

[Those who say that it was a pity, I think that since Xie Wen chose this path, everyone should wish her well.]

[Emmmmm, I don’t think it’s that sweet. I think it’s more of a pity. Xie Wen, the most beautiful little princess in the entertainment industry in the past, Xie Wen, who doesn’t have any experience, is now at home taking care of her husband and children…]

The Inn From Beyond.

There was only one shared kitchen, but there were three or four stoves. Min Hanrong’s group had already started preparing for dinner tonight.

Min Hanrong knew how to make two or three simple dishes. Tao Jing’s hands were used to play the piano. Min Hanrong could not bear for her to get wet, so she only let Tao Jing stand by the side and chat with her. Min Hanrong cooked personally.

Stir-fried pumpkin shreds, stir-fried bean sprouts, and boiled white tofu.

These three dishes were already Min Hanrong’s specialty. Tao Jing kept praising her mother-in-law’s culinary skills. Min Hanrong’s face was full of smiles. “The weather in the capital has become drier and drier since autumn. We’ve been wandering outside for too long in the afternoon and haven’t drunk much water. Eat more vegetables at night to reduce the autumn heat.”

With that, Min Hanrong reminded Tao Jing, “Call Ah Cheng.”

After Min Hanrong’s reminder, Tao Jing remembered that her only mission today was to talk to her husband during dinner, so she took out her phone. The atmosphere of the first group was very harmonious, be it cooking or completing missions.

Han Qianye and Li Xiwu were completely different.

Han Qianye was a noble lady at home. She had never cooked since she got married. Recently, in order to participate in this daughter-in-law variety show, she had learned some superficial knowledge and barely learned to stir-fry vegetables. Now she stared at the kitchen counter in front of her, momentarily forgetting how to use it.

Fire first. How hot must the pot be before she pour the oil? Will this pot splash when the oil is poured? Is this pot heavy? Could the dishes in this pot taste the same as the ones she cooked at home?

Han Qianye couldn’t be sure. She glanced at the first group from time to time.

Li Xiwu stood in front of the sink and quietly washed the mushrooms. She casually tore open each mushroom. The size was especially uniform. Not only was she familiar with it, but she was also efficient.

Noticing that Han Qianye was standing in front of the kitchen counter, she asked, “Do you need help?”

Han Qianye immediately retracted her gaze and felt guilty for being caught. She pretended to be calm. “No, you can just wash the vegetables. I can’t bear to let you cook.”

Li Xiwu smiled tightly. “Ask me if there’s anything you’re not sure about.”

Han Qianye asked, “Do you know how to cook?”

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